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New Goat Format War League

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There will be six rounds of swiss, followed by a cut to the top 8.  The rounds are open, you can play any player with the same record as you.  You can play rounds ahead if there is someone else with the same record as you.  If you are completely inactive, I reserve the right to drop you from the tourney at any time.  We do not need a handful of players slowing down the tournament. 


Player Records:



People at 4-0:

1. !Judge!


People at 3-0:
1. blackie3422

2. lika-boss

3. iddeha


People at 2-0:   

1. nickyR 

2. animal479


people at 5-1:

1. themadgician47


People at 3-1:

1. sunnyd2293

2. magicalyata


People at 2-1:

1. !CCK

2. arroganceclause

3. reshinov

4. exiled

5. dsdres58


People at 1-1:

1.. Kenzo28 

2. TheLux 

3. jazzDgz 

4. MrMcThrasher


People at 4-2:

1. Virtuoso

2. randomknight86


People at 3-2:

1. omgstephen

2. pokemonicecream1

3. Original_Pwnage


People at 2-2:

1. Dgz - Doctor Doom

2. plsnobully


People at 1-2:

1. scorpion404

2. Anonymous `

3. TheMuffin0fEvi1


People who have dropped:

1. Avalon

2. Taksunagi Takuto


4. 2birds1stone

5. spazzle

6. DGz-Draigun

7. Exiled Resurection

8. nippie

9. HyperXox

10. Dgz/Biki

11. danissgar

12. twilightbigge

13. cmchris

14. TTSnuff

15. wulvkaan

16. CalvinTahan

17. petqwe

18. TheListening

19. cyndaquil114

20. darthchocoboz

21. jayharris86

22. sengokusnake

23. Naimeo

24. IGotThatWork

25. Zshenlong1

26. LFN



Card Legality:

1. April 2005 TCG ban list.
2. Pre-CRV with Exarion Universe.
3. The following cards are banned:  1. Cyber Stein 2. Book of Taiyou 3. The Shallow Grave 4. Last Turn  5. Armed Samurai Ben-Kai 6. Rescue Cat
4. All matches are 2 of 3, except for the top 8 which will be 3 of 5.
5. If you use an illegal deck you lose your match.


Please take time to refresh yourself on card rulings for goats if you need to.  We will be playing with the rules in effect at the time of goats (after the May 2005) manual battle position ruling change. 
1. If you do have a ruling dispute, you can use the following as references:  1. jazz's ruling page:  http://formatlibrary.weebly.com/rulings or 2. pojo.biz rulings dated 2005 or earlier.
2. You do not get to check your opponent's deck for nobleman of crossout's effect, nor do they have to reveal any copies in hand.  We will just use the honor system for nobleman of crossout.  The reason being that if someone were to run 3 magician of faith and you noc 1, they remove one from deck, you wouldn't expect it if they had the third one in hand.  Revealing would take away from the element of surprise.  So basically, just don't cheat with noc.  

3.  A lot of people have common misconceptions regarding TER: Jazz's page explains the TER rulings, but to summarize:  Book of moon and ring of destruction will stop TER from equipping a monster, sangan will still get its effect when sent to the graveyard after being equipped by TER, and TER CAN equip goat tokens (they are not destroyed).
Match Procedures:


1. If you begin a match, then have to leave mid-match, you will receive a match loss.
2. Post the results of all matches in this thread.  Post the score of the match and not just if you won or lost.
3. If you disconnect during a game, you get a game loss.
4. You may use a different deck for each match (as long as it follows the restrictions above).

5. If game three of the match ends in a tie, you play a game 4 to see who wins.

1. DN: Original_Pwnage
2. DN: Danissgar
3. DN: Virtuoso
4. DN: !CCK
5. DN: cmchris
6. DN: wulvkaan
7. DN: LFN
8. DN: !Judge!
9. DN: randomknight86
10.DN: Twilightbigge
11. DN: Kenzo28
12. DN: Naimeo
13. DN: petqwe
14. DN: iddeha
15. DN: jazzDgz
16. DN: plsnobully
17. DN: sunnyd2293
18. DN: CalvinTahan
19. DN: dgz - doctor doom
20. DN: dgz/biki
21. DN: omgstephen
22. DN: Tatsunagi Takuto
23. DN: Animal479
24. DN: Avalon
25. DN: 2birds1stone
26. DN: sengokusnake
27. DN: nippie
28. DN: DarthChocoboz
29. DN: cyndaquil114
30. DN: ZShenlong1
31. DN: IGotThatWork
32. DN: TTSnuff
33. DN: lika-boss
34. DN: HyperXoX

35. DN: arroganceclause

36. DN: themadgician47

37. DN: nickyR

38. DN: TheListening

39. DN: MrMcThrasher


41. DN: magicalyata

42. DN: Exiled Resurection

43. DN: TheLux

44. DN: pokemonicecream1

45. DN: jayharris86

46. DN: exiled

47. DN: Anonymous `

48. DN: scorpion404

49. DN: TheMuffin0fEvi1

50. DN: reshinov

51. DN: DGz-Draigun

52. DN: blackie34

53. DN: spazzle

54. DN: dsdres58



Match Results Round 1:


sunnyd2293 2-1 Zshenlong1

Original_Pwnage 2-0 Exiled Resurection

Naimeo 2-1 Dgz - Doctor Doom

lika-boss 2-0 TheListening

nickyR 2-1 cyndaquil114

!CCK 2-0 TTSnuff

magicalyata 2-1 Danissgar

Tatsunagi Takuto 2-1 Virtuoso

omgstephen 2-1 jazzDgz

randomknight86 2-1 jayharris86

arroganceclause 2-1 MrMcThrasher

exiled 2-0 cmchris

iddeha 2-0 Avalon

!Judge! 2-1 wulvkaan

IGotThatWork 2-0 2birds1stone

Anonymous ` 2-0 DGz-Draigun

pokemonicream1 2-0 CalvinTahan

Twilightbigge 2-0 nippie

Kenzo28 2-1 plsnobully

Animal479 2-1 LFN

dsdres48 2-1 spazzle

blackie34 2-1-1 HyperXoX

reshinov 2-1 petqwe

sengokusnake 2-1 Dgz/biki

themadgidian47 2-0 TheMuffin0fEvi1

TheLux 2-0 LILB"THEBASEDGOD" (forfeit)

scorpion404 2-0 DarthChocoBoz (forfeit)



Match Results Round 2:


blackie34 2-1 Original_Pwnage

omgstephen 2-1 TheLux

LFN 2-0 TheListening

sunnyd2293 2-0 IGotThatWork

reshinov 2-1 Naimeo

Zshenlong1 2-0 2birds1stone

pokemonicecream1 2-1 Kenzo28

TTSnuff 2-1 Virtuoso

dsdres58 2-1 exiled

nickyR 2-0 scorpion404

DarthChocoBoz 2-0 cyndaquil114

!Judge! 2-0 Anonymous `

TheMuffin0fEvil beats Avalon (forfeit)

!CCK beats Taksunagi Takuto (forfeit)

Dgz - Doctor Doom 2-1 petqwe

plsnobully 2-0 CalvinTahan

Danissgar 2-1 randomknight86

lika-boss 2-1 magicalyata

jayharris86 2-0 Dgz/biki

HyperXoX 2-1 cmchris

jazzDgz beats LILB"THEBASEDGOD" (forfeit)

arroganceclause 2-1 themadgician47

iddeha 2-1 Twilightbigge

MrMcThrasher 2-1 wulvkaan

animal479 beats sengokusnake (forfeit)



Match Results Round 3:


IGotThatWork 2-1 HyperXoX

Virtuoso 2-1 2birds1stone

Original_Pwnage 2-1 TTSnuff

blackie34 2-0 omgstephen

danissgar 2-1-1 DarthChocoBoz

!Judge! 2-0 !CCK

sunnyd2293 2-1 pokemonicecream1

plsnobully 2-0 scorpion404

randomknight86 2-1 Dgz - Doctor Doom

jayharris86 2-1 Twilightbigge

wulvkaan 2-0 Dgz/Biki

CalvinTahan 2-0 cmchris

themadgician47 2-0 Anonymous `

magicalyata 2-0 themuffin0fevi1l

lika-boss 2-1 arroganceclause

iddeha 2-0 reshinov

exiled 2-1 dsdres58



Match Results Round 4:


DarthChocoBoz 2-1 HyperXoX

omgstephen 2-0 danissgar (danissgar scoops after game 1)

Virtuoso 2-0 Twilightbigge

wulvkaan 2-1 TTSnuff

randomknight86 2-1 Original_Pwnage

Dgz - Doctor Doom 2-1 CalvinTahan

pokemonicecream1 2-0 plsnobully

themadgicia47  2-1 IGotThatWork

!Judge! 2-1 sunnyd2293

magialyata 2-1 jayharris86



Match Results Round 5:


Virtuoso 2-1 wulvkaan

randomknight86 2-1 omgstephen

jayharris86 2-1 darthchocoboz

themadgician47 2-1 pokemonicecream1

Original_Pwnage 2-1 IGotThatWork



Match Results Round 6:


Virtuoso 2-1 jayharris86

themadgician47 2-0 randomknight86


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+ACP+    34064

I'm sure this tournament hosted by reputable DuelistGroundz user orinigal_pwnage will be quite exceptional.

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Jazz    4764
Sign me up: JazzDgz

I highly recommend doing best 2 of 3 matches. I think the previous league would have been more active if this were the case. Much easier for people with busy schedules to fit a match in.

I also kinda think we should make it a team tournament or something with a schedule, as pollutedxdelta suggested in the last thread. OP did you have any other ideas as far as structure?
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I'm open as far as the structure goes, only reason I was thinking 3 of 5 was due to a few of the people I talked to not wanting to ban anything.  So if you came up against some otk/ftk variant you would have less chance of some gay ass loss.  If it will get more people to play i'm fine with doing 2 of 3, but we will have to ban otk/ftk then.  Ideally I do not want to do heart point, it was always fun doing wars where you sent 1 guy in, and he played till he lost, and you had to run through the whole team.  But  I understand we will probably have to do heart point wars just because of activity.  Possibly we should have teams of 5 instead of 4, but still do 3 heart point, so there is a better chance of finishing wars.  This doesn't sound ideal, but it seemed in other league finishing a lot of the wars was an issue.  Also, maybe letting teams do a couple wars at once so you don't miss opportunity for game if someone from another team is available to play when you are.  I also like the idea of the golden goat you came up with Jazz, since it encourages people to play.    

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Jazz    4764
What if we just had a Swiss tournament instead? Either team or individual. And kicked people out for being inactive

Also time limits are a good incentive for people to play. The threat of an auto loss if you miss a deadline goes a long way

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I like the idea of an individual swiss tournament.  That way people won't be punished for teammates being inactive.  We could just have several rounds of swiss and a cut to the top 8.  Anyone else like this idea?  Also, what is everyone's thoughts on 3 of 5 matches with no bans or 2 of 3 matches with ftk/otk bans?

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So I have decided to make this an individual swiss tourney with a cut to the top 8.  Jazz, do you think a 1 week time limit for each round with loss if someone can show other person was inactive on dn/here is good?

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