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Master of the Strings: Dark World Shaddoll Creator

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DefyGravity    11





A while back, I posted a thread on a Destiny Dark World Creator Turbo deck: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=161982

So...soul charge is down from 3 to 1. Shadow Mist isn't released in TCG yet but I want to play something in TCG... so I came up with this!


Deck list:


Monsters: 22


3 Grapha

3 Broww

3 Snoww


2 Fabled Raven


2 Shaddoll Beast

2 Shaddoll Dragon

1 Shaddoll Faclo

1 Shaddoll Hedgehog

1 Shaddoll Squamata


3 Dark Creator


Spells: 14

1 Allure of Darkness

3 Dark World Dealings

2 Shaddoll Fusion

3 The Gates of Dark World

2 Trade-In

3 Upstart Goblin


Traps: 4

1 Shaddoll Core

3 Sinister Shadow Games


Extra Deck: 15


2 El Shaddoll Construct

2 El Shaddoll Winda


1 Black Rose Dragon

1 Crimson Blader

1 Scrap Dragon

1 Stardust Spark Dragon


1 Alsei

2 Felgrand

2 Heliopolis

1 Zombiestein


Side deck: 15


3 Maxx "C"

2 Tragoedia

2 Ryko


2 Lance



2 Decree

2 Emptiness



Please disregard the current side deck, but I would greatly appreciate input as to what I can use to compose the side deck.


Card Choices:


0 Beiige: I originally included a single copy because it had some cool interactions with fabled raven and made instant Felgrands possible, but I felt that it was more of a "win more" card. I wanted to fit in 3 upstarts.


2 Shaddoll Beast: 3 seems to result in more dead hands, as if Dark World alone doesn't brick often enough. Ironically, Beast is probably one of the more important cards in the deck as drawing 2 and discard 1 as an EFFECT triggers Dark World cards too, resulting in a net +2. It also functions as a secondary broww since it activates from dealings.


2 Shaddoll Dragon: I don't maindeck MST or lance, so Shaddoll Dragon and Grapha are my only methods in getting rid of Vanity outside of the extra deck. It's cool how he triggers from dealings as well.


1 Falco: gets Shaddoll Beast on the board. Is scrap dragon fodder to recycle Beast.


1 Hedgehog: searches out Beast to tribute a fusion summoned monster and also resolves from dealings. 


2 Squamata: I don't like running 3, but he's essentially the searcher for the shaddolls when he gets discarded by dealings/raven/helio. I like how it can access any shaddoll in the deck when sent to the graveyard. Also, it plays an important role in searching Shaddoll Fusion (explained later).


3 Dark Creator: trade-in fodder. Graveyard fills up quickly from Shaddoll Fusion, Shaddoll Squamata, and Sinister Shadow Games.  Standard Dark Creator play: SS creator in DEF, use creator to SS Snoww, bounce to hand for Grapha, normal summon Snoww, bounce to hand for Grapha, attack with both Graphas, overlay for Felgrand. Spam Felgrand protection on Dark Creator's 3000 DEF wall and keep pumping out more rank 8s or spam Felgrand nukes. Alternatively, if the opponent has a clear field and you control gates, you can summon creator in ATK position and swing in with 2 Graphas for 8300 damage.


2 Shaddoll Fusion: I dislike drawing multiple copies of this card. I only use 2 because I can effectively search it from the deck using a combo described later.


2 El Shaddoll Construct - I won't be making her often since I essentially only run 2 lights, but she makes for some interesting interactions with pushing for OTKs and baiting traps before creator spamming. Also is the waifu of Grapha since they can make Rank 8s together.


3 Sinister Shadow Games: Gets DARKs in the grave and thins the deck, increasing the consistency of the deck. Dark World is fairly inconsistent and needs the extra consistency.


1 Shaddoll Core: Is a spare Shaddoll Fusion Material. Has cool interactions with a combo mentioned later.


2 Fabled Raven: is LIGHT, triggers Shaddolls, triggers Dark Worlds, is a fiend for gates, is a tuner that can manipulate its level to the appropriate level...this card is great in this deck, but is atrocious when drawing multiples.


One of the most interesting interactions I found in this deck was the ability to essentially search Shaddoll Fusion from the deck. Here's how you do it:


Send a Shaddoll Fusion to the graveyard from the deck via squamata/shadow games

Send a Shaddoll Core to the graveyard from the hand from DARK WORLD DEALINGS, FABLED RAVEN, or from the deck via squamata or shadow games.


Any advice, especially that of composing a side deck, would be greatly appreciated as I am not as experienced in this game as most of this forum's regulars. Thank you!


P.S.: Please note, that this deck is, not by any means, a fully competitive deck. It is just a very fun, consistent, and sacky deck that I would like to improve.







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┬╗Satchmo    3222

I would absolutely be playing Dragged Down in this

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