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Top 16 ARG Seattle

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Trafguy    14

Ok so I'll start by saying i didn't really intend to go to this event. The new world of warcraft expansion has just come out and because of the ridiculous log in ques i haven't gotten to play all that much and i was wanting to use my saturday to play. However my friends wanted to go and i had said before that i would drive so i ended up going. 
I'll also say that this was one of the most competitive events i have ever been to despite the low turnout. I saw very few "bad" players or bad decks and most players there were people i recognized as good players from regionals or other event tops. I went in with the mind set of not really caring and expecting to go home around 3 cause me and my friends scrubbed out. That wasn't the case though.

I apologize if i get the rounds mixed up and that this isn't very detailed. I 2-0'd most of my matches but i don't remember exactly which ones so some of these might be guesses. I was a little tired going into it and i got a bit drunk after it

Round 1: Burning Abyss. this was one of the good players i recognized from OR so i figured this wouldn't last that long.

Game 1: I win dice roll and make him go first. He opens dante+ backrow. My turn i summon denko, play shaddoll fusion and otk with BLS+construct

Game 2: i open all dudes and no spells while he opens virgil, dante and backrow. i concede this game relatively quick.

Game 3: i get decree and setup turn one. Activate decree and turn 2 send wyvern and banish for dark armed, BLS and construct 


Round 2: Burning Abyss
Game 1: i open dark armed, bls, fusion. i send for math and wait till i have denko and then otk him

Game 2: Turn 2 i have Vanity's Fiend and Royal Decree on board and he has nothing


Round 3: Burning Abyss. At this point i'm like, really? 

Game 1: he goes first, puts dante+ backrow on board. I open denko and double fusion and win

Game 2: he mst's the first decree but i had the second and i put yazi on board. When he tried to summon tour guide i chain el shaddoll fusion to send 2 from hand and put winda on board so he can't make acid golem. 


Round 4: Satellarknights. Was not expecting this but the guy ended the tournament 6-0-2

Game 1: Denko+ double fusion is an otk 

Game 2: back and forth, he slowly out advantages me with shadow mirror and he crashes into denko and soul charges into a board i cant recover. Game lasts a long time

Game 3: we go into time. I'm ahead but attack into honest so i lose by 200 life points. 


Round 5: Evilswarm. guy from one of my locals. Good player, wasn't expecting this deck choice though

Game 1: he sets a hand and a backrow and passes. I attack into Fire Hand with dragon and pop his backrow. I don't really play backrow in my deck so icehand is useless and i never let him set up and eventually drop bls dark armed

Game 2: he gets ophion + backrow and has both chalices to negate my dragons

Game 3: i open nuts and he doesnt. i win by turn 3


Round 6: Chaos Shaddolls

Game 1: he opens set guy and backrow. I figure shaddolls. i otk him turn 2 with fusion, denko and envoy

Game 2: He bricks. Summons lyla and passes with one backrow. Got a draw from beast but i put a ton of damage on board turn 1 with serpents and i have the core + el shaddoll fusion in case he tries to do anything. 

5-1 at this point the realization hits me that i can probably top this event. I still look at it from a relaxed point of view cause i have lost on the bubble before and it isn't a big deal if i lose again and i am expecting to only play qliphorts at this point.

Round 7: Qliphorts. Yeah i expected this

Game 1 he opens broke, i go back and forth a bit but he disk combo's me and i otk's me

Game 2: he has scales, shadow mirror and Skill Drain. I stall with serpents and am able to recover with Fairy Wind after he didn't otk me and gave me life points with upstart to play it. i out bls+ construct on board and crash his disc and he can't do anything after i break his board

Game 3: i get Fairy Wind and mst and a little setup but he still manages to get a tool on board through my backrow and he otk's me

5-2 Figured as much. I was at table 5 before this round though so i could still pull off a top if i won the last round. 

Round 8: Shaddoll burning Abyss.

Game 1: He turn one dante+ backrow. I get Denko Construct but cant put enough damage on board to win that turn. His turn he plays shaddoll fusion and reality hits me that i'm in trouble. I grind out for awhile but he plays a beginning of the end and i end up scooping with 15 minutes left on the clock. 

Game 2: Really grindy. He gets beginning of the end to resolve again but i sack out of it by top decking envoy when i had denko and shaddoll fusion. This game ends with 30 seconds on the clock so i rush to side in ceasefires and i present my deck when time is called. 

Game 3: He ops to go second so he can get turn 5 for damage. I open with foolish to send lizard and hedgehog. Search falco to set and set shadow games and Royal Decree before passing. He summons dragon, attacks and i chain shadow games sending beast. I end phase decree him and draw for turn. After i draw i show him my hand of White dragon, BLS, Shaddoll Fusion and shaddoll beast and he scoops.

i end 14th place on day one so i gotta drag my ass back to seattle for day 2. In the player meeting i look at the other 15 players and decide there is only one person i do not want to play against in top 16. Of course i get paired against him right away. So i go home with my friends, we get donuts and i pick up some rum. I go to bed thinking i did great that i got the top 16 and i don't really care all that much about the outcome of my game tomorrow. I figure if i open denko i will win the match but if i don't i will probably lose. I don't prepare for it, just go into it treating it like a casual game since i'm playing against one of my friends and i feel it would be a bit better if he won since he could go further than me into the tournament because of his deck choice and what he would play against in top 8. 
The next day i wake kinda sick to my stomach and a little hung over. I go to pick up my friends and i start running late. One of them wont answer his phone or the door cause he sleeps like a brick and over slept so he wastes my time and gas and then the other doesnt want to go. So i'm running late and speeding to get back into seattle (normally a 40-50 minute drive, i do it in 25) I have to stop cause my stomach hates me for some reason and we get taken off of the live stream because i might have to get up mid match. 

Top 16 VS Chris Hentz
I'm not looking at this game as a super serious game. I go in looking at it like i got top 16. If i lose i lose if i win i win. The outcome doesn't mean to much to me and there is no shame in losing to him. 

Game 1: i brick. I draw all monsters, set dragon and pass. He goes dante virgil and 2 back row and knocks out 5k of my life points. Next turn i have the fusion, math and the set up to drop dark armed+ collapse and otk him. I send dragon and hit his mst. I drop my field and his backrow is wingblast so i'm 1500 points short of winning cause of it and next turn he makes nightmare shark and acid golem. 

Game 2: there isn't much to say about this game besides i got outskilled and out side decked. I didn't open to good but i didn't open that bad but he outplayed me the entire game. After the game he told me he was testing against my deck all night and realized he was in trouble cause my deck beats his if i get denko or decree. He decided it was best to side out all of his traps and leave me with dead cards and win off of the monsters summoning themselves and storm forth. It works, i have dead cards and he reads the denko in my hand and standby phase emptiness's me where as if he didnt i had denko, fusion and envoy and was going to break his board. I accept my defeat and wish him luck on top 8 while i go and collect my prize support.

I talk to jarrod who had been test playing against Chris with my deck and he tells me about how worried they were about the matchup and talks to me about a few different deck choices to make sure i get the otk more often. 
After i talk to him i get my prize support, talk to a few more friends who congratulate me and go home happy that i was able top another event.

Deck list:

1 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
2 White Dragon Wyverburster
1 Black Dragon collpaseserpent
1 Eclipse Wyvern
1 Glow-Up Bulb
3 Mathematician
3 Denko Sekka - Card is nuts. I've been testing it for months in ocg lists and it's one of my favorite cards
3 Shaddoll Beast
2 Shaddoll Falco
2 Shaddoll Squamata
2 Shaddoll Dragon
2 Shaddoll Hedgehog

2 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 El Shaddoll Fusion
3 Shaddoll Fusion
1 Allure
1 foolish
1 Raigeki
1 Super Poly

3 Sinister Shadow Games
1 Shaddoll Core

1 Star Eater
1 Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree
1 Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing
1 Goyo Guardian
1 Armades Keeper of Boundaries
1 Armory Arm
2 El Shaddoll winda
2 El Shaddoll Construct
2 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga
1 Lavalval Chain
1 Caringorgon
1 Exciton Knight - Card was completely useless. Never summoned it or had a position where it would help me


2 Vanity's Fiend
2 De-Fusion
3 Royal Decree
3 Fairy Wind
2 Trap Eater
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Ceasefire

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Virtuoso    104

lmao you are the drunk guy i read about? pretty funny to see things align like that


you play with bulb often? grats on success

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Trafguy    14

yeah and i didn't even drink a lot which was weird. just bought a small bottle to celebrate and went to bed right after. i hadn't eaten all day besides the donuts on the way back so i guess that helped it


The bulb was amazing. My matches weren't detailed but using it to go armades or sending for shek and using it later in the game to put pressure with serpents was great 

I can also go BLS+ armory arm otk really easy with it

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Hellviper    1189

Grats on topping Chris!

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eNtitY~    53

So you play x3 Sekka and x3 Decree vs BA? Besides the top 16 match when he was ready for it was it overkill? Do you like to take out x3 SSG for Decree?


Did you ever side Denko out? Especially vs Qliphort?

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Trafguy    14

yes i play all 6 vs burning abyss. It wans't overkill. it was nice to have and when i got 1 or the other i usually won within a turn or 2. When i sided the decrees in i usually drop 1 of the shadow games since i still want to see them if i dont draw decree or my decree gets mst'd


I side 2 denko out against qliphorts. i leave one in to keep my light count decent

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Onion    12

You played me round 7.  I kinda chaliced the wrong monster game 2 lol.  I gave satella dude the win in round 8 since he didn't want to draw,  I wanted to sleep.

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Trafguy    14

i knew you misplayed somewhere. couldn't remember where. i should've gotten 2-0'd. I was tired to but when i saw you in the player meeting your eyes were completely blood shot lol 

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RobertM    86

Good job on topping.  I probably shouldn't have made Dante g1 round 8, given it was pretty obvious you were playing shaddolls, but there was really only a ~40% chance of you having fusion and I really had nothing else going for me besides the hope that you'd made an extra deck monster and make my own fusion live.  Also decree on 3 discard traps is pretty good ^.^ (though with that hand you probably would have won anyways).


Anyways congrats again, you're the only shaddoll player I lost to in the tournament and your top was well-deserved.

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