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foofatron    39



Deck (40):


Monsters (22):


3x Staplen

2x Goblindbergh

2x Slingen

3x Scopen

3x Remoten

2x Lantron

3x Smarfon

1x Bulb

3x Celfon


Spells (18):


1x One for One

2x De-Synchro

3x Junk Box

3x Morphtronic Accelerator

1x Soul Charge

3x Reasoning

1x Foolish

1x D.D.R.

3x Morphtronic Repair Unit


Extra (15):


1x Quasar

1x Shooting Star

1x Mist Wurm

1x Scrap Dragon

1x Black Rose

1x Power Tool

1x Goyo

1x Librarian

1x Armades

1x Nat Beast

1x Catastor

1x Armory

1x Mist Bird

2x Formula Synchron




This deck can combo off incredibly and otk. Quasar and nat beast are not hard to make. The deck does have issues in that it runs a lot of revival cards and needs monsters in the grave (smarfon, remoten). The most annoying thing playing this deck is getting maxx "c". People are maining it, and it crushes this deck. Unlike other decks you can't say what your ending field would look like due to ceflon so you can't push through it unless you already have a field. Pushing through maxx "c" against necloth risks them getting archmage and aoj to out beast, which will be relevant soon.


Reasoning helps this deck to get started, and so does goblin. I passed on dupe, because it's generally uneeded to make solid fields and needs you to have celfon in the first place. De-synchro works with power tool and generates solid advantage with smarfon and celfon. Redox does not work well with reasoning, and is uneeded due to the amount of revival cards in here already.


Morphtronics have their own spot removal card that is searchable via smarfon I choose to run 3 to pop floodgates and anything else that comes up. Slingen is one of the few morphs with an eff, and I'm only running two because he's not earth for beast.



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Nidoqueen    146

To be honest, I'm rather shocked you're not playing Machine Duplication.


Triple Celfon on board almost allows you to drop Quasar.


Not to mention triple Remoten to remove Celfon, fetch Smarfon then Leviair the removed Celfon to use it again.


And the whynot Boarden to have a third target for Duplication to stall.

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foofatron    39

Generally I find I'm good if I have celfon. De-synchro works with power tool and scrap, and with celfon and smarfon has an almost as powerful interaction. 


Keep in mind nat beast is very strong t1 against a few decks, so I'm not just aiming for quasar.

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