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favorite carb AND fat sources

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Aaron    1979

yo guys, can any of u recommend me YOUR favourite sources of carbs AND fats aka foods which provide both.


so far, all i really have is ice cream and cheesecake. i might end up just baking myself something like an oreo peanut butter cornbread if i continue on this struggle. 


i don't want protein+fat sources (aka nuts, cheese, pb). 


i know theres some delicious shit I'm probably forgetting which is frustrating me. I'm ending up low on fats everyday and having to sub in and out protein sources to fit in cheese + eggs + bacon which is really annoying me for days when I don't feel like them. 



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Aaron    1979

PB too much protein.  Protein (through meats) is factored into my diet for the next week as I bought a shit load in bulk  (costco). Also my problem with peanut butter is the tablespoon just is not worth the calories. On a bulk, this is the polar opposite as I do love the taste. 


Luckily I went Grocery Shopping and picked up jam doughnuts, chocolate eclairs, apple turnovers and B&J ice cream. It felt so weird to buy so many fattening foods in one go post-gym. 




Fats+Protein: PB, cheese, bacon, nuts

Carbs+Protein: Cakes, ice cream, doughnuts 

fats+protein+carbs: microwave pizzas 

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