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NB96    806

They seem to make the villain more powerful in each new season but I just don't see how they're going to make The Thinker more of a threat than Savitar, Zoom or even the Reverse Flash. They already beat Gorilla Grodd tons of times now who has similar abilities. Also I would love if they removed filler from this season, even if it means reducing the overall number of episodes. It was a huge problem for season 2 in my opinion where I felt like they were dragging it out longer than it needed. They had episodes with Zoom but then switched to less interesting villains for an episode or two every now and then and I got tired of it. The Vandal Savage episode, or the Alien episode in season 3 for example, and if you don't watch Arrow or Supergirl you just have no idea wtf is going on.

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+Gemstone Mine    2602

I mean, thus far, grodd's telepathy has imo been pretty underused, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in how they're going to make it interesting. A bad guy doesn't need to be more powerful than his predecessor to be interesting (lets be honest here, highly unlikely savitar gets powercreeped for a while), he just needs to do something different.


Thus far, all flash villians have been focused on the flash (well, major ones anyways), thawne, zoom, savitar, all caused chaos as a second to messing with Barry. It'd be nice to get a big bad that just wants to fuck shit up  but the flash is in his way if they can make it interesting.

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