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i disagree with the brutality thing. What I think he's missing is the raw implacablility of savitar. Savitar was omnipresent throughout his season, and he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and there wasn't a damn thing barry could do about it. That's really what i expected from the phrase 'meta serial killer that barry never caught', that cicada would kill often (like, weekly at least), and barry would be mostly helpless to stop him. Instead, we're nearly done with the season, he has a body count of like 5, and has been soundly beaten twice. Cicada just feels more like the one that got away rather than 'stop him or else', which is where the episodic villain thing comes in. There's no real tension to catch him other the fact that no one ever did it. I kinda expected a 'tensions rise as cicada stacks more and more bodies' type deal. And it's hard to imagine he has some super 'kill all metas at once' master plan that would add some tension, so idk what the real tension is supposed to be.

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