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Need an Artist

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Short notice, but I really need an artist to collaborate with and am pretty desperate at this point.


I am enrolled in a screenwriting class, in which I was given an assignment to take a two page script that I have written for the class and find an artist who will turn those pages into a two page comic.


Before you ask: "Why can't you draw it yourself?" - Because professor said so. "So i'm doing your homework for you?" - Sorta. The assignment is about networking and hiring people for freelance work and it being an ordeal in of itself.


Anyway, The script takes place in a dystopian world, ten years after an event that caused every person over the age of ten to die. I have four separate scenes set in this story world, and I'm leaving it up to the artist to decide which scene they'd like to draw.


The guidelines for the assignment are that it should be black and white, inked, no color. The size of the original page should be 10x15 inches - if scanned at 300 dpi, the pixel dimensions for this should be 3000 x 4500 px.


I am willing to composite you if are willing to work with me on this project with either money or a trade of services. Being a film major, I have access to filmmaking equipment and have access to film editing software. Being a college student, I operate on a tight budget so I am looking to keep the cost of this endeavor relatively low.


I've looked at a bunch of artists, e-mailed them or sent a message to them on Beehance and either a) they never got back to me or b) told me they weren't interested/couldn't do it. 


So if you are interested in helping me out, or know someone who might be, let me know. Remember this is DGz, where we help and support each other.

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