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UK Nationals - Top 4 - Nekroz

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Wiggins    84

Nationals 2015 Tournament Report


Last weekend I attended UK Nationals, and decided to play Nekroz. I tested my list with two buddies; the one friend played Shaddolls, and the other played Nekroz, with the latter also making top 16. I myself had never topped a major event at this point, and my goal was the at least make Top 32.


Our decklist was almost identical, aside from a few tech choices. I would say that the list is rather standard. 



Here is the decklist I played at the event.




Main Deck: 40

1x D.D. Warrior Lady

1x Djinn Releaser of Rituals

2x Effect Veiler

3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

2x Maxx “C”

3x Senju of the Thousand Hands

2x Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz

2x Nekroz of Brionac

2x Nekroz of Clausolas

2x Nekroz of Trishula

3x Nekroz of Unicore

2x Nekroz of Valkyrus

2x Book of Eclipse

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Nekroz Cycle

2x Nekroz Kaleidoscope

2x Nekroz Mirror

1x Preparation of Rights

1x Raigeki

2x Reinforcement of the Army

1x Vanity’s Emptiness


Extra Deck

2x Herald of the Arc Light

1x Shooting Quasar Dragon

1x Abyss Dweller

1x Cairngorgon, Antiilluminescent Knight

1x Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

2x Daigusto Emeral

1x Diamond Dire Wolf

1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight

1x Lavalval Chain

1x Number 101: Silent Honor Ark

1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk

1x Stellarknight Constellar Diamond

1x Tellarknight Ptolemaeus


Side Deck

2x Artifact Lancea

2x Fire Hand

2x Ice Hand

1x Zefrasaber, Swordmaster of the Nekroz

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Breakthrough Skill

2x Mind Crush

3x Royal Decree


You may notice that deck lacks Denko Sekka. This is because I was told that Chaos Trap Hole was being used as a counter to Denko/Senju/Manju, as well as Dolls, so with that in mind I went with the triple Decree, and the Hands.


If I had to change anything, it'd be Zefrasaber for a third Ice Hand or Mind Crush.



Round 1 - Nekroz

Game 1 - This match only consisted of a game one, and it was rather back and forth, as was all of my Nekroz mirror matches. It ended after I had two Trishula (one summoned using Djinn) on the board, trying to press through his Valks. We both attempted to Trishula each other twice, but I was fortunate enough to Veiler one of his.




Round 2 - Yang Zing

Game 1 - I was fortunate enough to not neg too hard after banishing my Brionac early game to attempt a Trishula push. It left my opponent with only one card in hand, and one card on board. However, he had Torrential Tribute which left me with very few options. I knew I was playing horrendously at that point, and only won through my opponent’s lack of knowledge of the match-up.


Game 2 - It played out very similarly to game one, with a small ruling enquirt regarding whether or not a Yang Zing can activate it’s effect to summon from deck if it is both destroyed by card effect, and then banished by Trishula in the same chain. This was made out to be irrelevant however, as it would miss the timing, seeing as the chain went Shurit > Trishula > Torrential, meaning the Yang Zing wasn’t the last thing on the chain.




Round 3 - Nekroz

Game 1 - I went second, so I was able to see that it was another Nekroz mirror. I can’t recall much from this game, only that I had far much more advantage than my opponent, and even a Trishula protected by a second Trishula wasn’t enough to secure his victory. He also misplayed in that he Trishula’d my Valkrus, and when he summoned Daigusto Emeral, realised my Unicore was still face-up on the field.


Game 2 - I was made to go first, and opened with Mind Crush; I set it and passed. My opponent searched Kaleidoscope with Clausolas, and Shurit with ROTA. When he activated Kaleidoscope, the bluff was so obvious that I’d rather not risk calling Unicore, so I called Shurit, and after it was discarded, he showed me a hand of double Valkyrus, and double Book of Eclipse. I won with a board of Trish-Djinn, and Valkyrus.




Round 4 - Nekroz

Game 1 - I was able to go second again, and like any mirror, it was a lot of avoiding the Trishula or being OTK’d, whilst also trying to farm resources with Valkyrus. We were both able to do the Rhapsody/Valkyrus play to disassemble each others grave before digging further into the deck with Valkyrus, After a long grind game, I took game one.


Game 2 - I can’t remember how this game played out, but I know I was on the losing edge for a majority of it. Just when I thought I could claw it back, time was called, and he had a Gagaga Cowboy, and Djinn-Clausolas against me. I was on 700 at this point thanks to Cowboy, so D.D. Warrior Lady wouldn’t help, so I extended the handshake, and settled for the draw. He later confirmed that even if I had Cameraclops instead of D.D. Warrior Lady, he had the Mind Crush set to secure his victory.




Round 5 - Madolche

Game 1 - I’ve known of this guy for a while. He hasn’t stopped playing Madolche, but he’s incredibly persistent, and adapts the deck to any given format. He went first, as I didn’t know what to expect from the match-up, and did not expect him to open with Naturia Beast. I played out a couple of turns, and when given the option to look through my deck, I was able to confirm that there was no out to this that would come soon enough, so I decided to save what precious time I had, and move on to game 2.


Game 2 - Game 2 was pretty quick. Unicore savages that match-up, as Madolche have to use the extra deck to play, which wasn’t going to happen, so we went to game 3.


Game 3 - I forget who went first or second, but I can guess he went first, as he probably wanted to try and open Naturia Beast. Unfortunately I bricked hard in this game, and after he had performed the Queen Tiaramisu combo to wipe my Manju off the board, and spam his own board with Leviair, Queen, and Naturia Beast, my hand of double Ice Hand, Zefrasaber, MST, and Nekroz Mirror was unplayable. Needless to say it did not feel good to lose that one.




At this point, I was safely on tilt. I had one goal of making top 32, and if I so much as drew one more round, I’d be out of the running.


Round 6 - Ritual Beasts

Game 1 - Ritual Beasts are lost on me. I know that the deck constantly tags in and out in order to search it’s traps, which then allows it to gain advantage over any deck that tries to push over it. I lost game one pretty quickly.


Game 2 - Decree is savage; that and Trishula.


Game 3 - My opponent goes first, and sets one lone back row and summons Cannahawk. I draw MST, and decide to not chance it, and hit the Solemn Warning, which according to my opponent is ‘the nuts’. 




Round 7 - Nekroz

Game 1 - I can’t recall much from this game, but what I know is that Trish-Djinn is savage. Especially when it hits the Book of Eclipse out of hand.


Game 2 - Rather back and forth until he summons Kycoo and takes the game.


Game 3 - This was another game where I felt in control. I had already a significant amount of damage, and time was soon to be called. After a few turns into time procedure, I went for a push expecting Valkyrus, given my opponent had a six-card hand. However, rather than dropping the Valk, he extended the handshake.


I had almost made it, and after a lifesaving six hours sleep, I was ready for day two.




Round 8 - Shaddolls

Game 1 - My opponent went first, and opened with Construct/Falco. I was fortunate enough to open with Raigeki, putting my opponent in an extremely awkward position. What struck me as odd was the fact he was holding two cards in hand and didn’t add back a card with Construct, so that told me he was trying to play around Trish, and that the set card was a live El Shaddoll Fusion, and my suspicions were confirmed when during that End Phase he dropped a second Construct, which was dealt with with good ol’ Trishula. During the following turn he activated Mind Control to take my Manju, realised he made a mistake somehow, and set a monster before passing me back the Manju. When I attacked the set monster, it turned out to be a set Sovreignty. 


Game 2 -  I don’t recall much of this game, but I know that I was once again able to Trish him, leaving me with a board of Valkyrus, Trishula and Ice Hand, all pushing for damage.




Round 9 - Nekroz

Game 1 - So I was now ‘on the bubble’. I had to win this match to make top 32. My opponent was someone who I had seen on day one during round three, and this guy savaged his opponent, so I was already cautious. Game one went against me for the majority of the time, as my opponent was playing the deck so well. However, I never tilted as I know how back and forth the mirror matches can be. I was able to Trish him, whilst knowing the two cards in his hand; those cards being Nekroz of Brionac, and Nekroz Cycle. If I hit the Brionac, it would be over, as all he’d have is ritual spells to attempt a comeback. But if I hit the Cycle, he would still have options, and even be able to Trish me in return. I hit the Brionac, and we went to game two.


Game 2 - Game two I was made to go first, and my hand gave the only one option; I must coin flip this game with the Djinn Lock. The lock lasted for a few turns, but it was soon removed by Book of Eclipse. At a later point in the match, my opponent was able to Trishula me, and I could’ve sworn I had lost this game. I was able to draw into Manju, and summon a Djinn-Trish, and hitting not only the Trishula on his field, but the one in his hand too. At this point, I felt confident in my victory, as I could leave cards on the board without any worry. It soon ended after that.




Top 32 - Shaddolls

I was so happy to have made top 32, but I wanted to see just how far I could go, otherwise that would be pointless to have worked this hard only to fizzle out at top 32. My opponent was someone who was on a friend’s team, and someone who I became acquainted with over the course of the weekend. He joked that he was ‘going to savage me’ and that all he had to do was ‘flip Mistake, and its over’.


Game 1 - I won the dice roll and made him go first. He opened Mistake, but when he tried to stop Manju from searching, I dropped the MST and went off.


Game 2 - I was made to go first, so based on my hand of Djinn, ROTA, double MST, and Decree, I decided to Djinn Lock my opponent whilst setting all three remaining cards. My opponent set one monster, and five cards to his back row, to which I flipped Mistake during his End Phase. I drew Brionac, and immediately discarded it to search for Trishula. When I passed turn to him, he flipped Shadoll Dragon, to which I discarded the Trishula to protect it. He then tribute the Dragon to summon Vanity’s Fiend and attacked over the Clausolas. After a few turns of taking hits from Vanity’s Fiend, I soon Breakthrough Skill’d it, and Trish-Djinn’d him, leaving him with little to no outs at this point. He soon conceded.


Top 16 - Nekroz

Game 1 - Another match of passing back and forth trying to avoid Trishula. I don’t remember a lot, apart from being able to maintain more card advantage than him, and taking game one.


Game 2 - Game two we decided to side out Vanity’s Emptiness as part of a Gentleman’s agreement. I’m pretty sure I got savaged in this game, and started to think that my Nationals experience was soon at it’s end.


Game 3 - We went to time at this point, and my opponent summoned Trish and Valk and pushing for damage, leaving me on 1400 life. I decided to respond with the same board, only mine was a Manju, Valk, and Trish-Djinn, and leaving him on 1000 life.


Top 8 - Nekroz

Game 1 - This was another intense match, based on my memory of the final turns. I can’t really remember much of game one, aside from having a Valkyrus sifting through my deck, whilst I sat on Emptiness.


After the game, we were deck checked, to which I received a warning for my hand-traps, D.D. Warrior Lady and sided MST being ‘aged’, with the yellowing of the card contrasting to a degree against the white sleeve.


Game 2 - Again, we went for the ‘Gentleman’s agreement of siding out Emptiness. The match went on I could tell we were both running out of resources. Time was called, and, my opponent, who needed to dea 5200 damage to win the game, made Abyss Dweller to shut off my searching. I was able to summon 101: Silent Honor Ark in an attempt to take his Valkyrus, leaving him with a weaker monster on board that prevented him from searching, but he used Book of Eclipse to set it. He drew for his turn, tributed both of his monsters to draw two, but soon came to the conclusion that he couldn’t get over the Ark, and deal 5200 damage. 


Top 4 - Shaddolls

Game 1 - Top 4 was against my friend Charlie, who for the whole of the tournament, had been sat across from me, or sat next to me. We had climbed all the way to top 4 only to finally face-off (not exactly the finals, but hey-ho). I made the mistake of making him go first, as this allowed him to open Mistake, and prevent me from playing Yugioh. I was soon defeated after that.


After game one, we went to side, to which we decided to side out Vanity’s Emptiness and I would side Djinn Releaser of Rituals, given the fact that I was siding in outs to both Mistake, and El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis. 


However, a wild deck check appeared!


I was given my second warning, and game loss due to my two Valkyrus and Raigeki somehow ‘constantly coming up’ in their deck check, but somehow didn’t in the first deck check.


Charlie also received a game loss for the state of his sleeves, but that didn’t change the fact that the score was now 2-1 to him. I had lost in top 4 due a formality, and now had to play in the 3rd/4th place playoff.


3rd/4th Place Playoff

I barely remember this match at all if I’m honest, given that I was so tired after the thirteen rounds of mind draining Yugioh I had just played, and that my concentration split once I knew I was playing for what was written on my trophy. Nevertheless, my opponent Bala is a really great player, and he deserved to win our match, as he played flawlessly. I just wished I was more conscious throughout it. There’s also Euros!


That about sums up my tournament report. I’d like to thank my buddies Sam Shephard, and Aaron Kazemi for helping me test and theorising about the deck. I’d also like to congratulate Oliver Newton for his well deserved victory.


I hope this has been a good read for anyone who has decided to read it. I am really happy with my result, and totally surpassed my expectations. I was so happy to make the top cut, let alone top 32. I hope to see any friendly faces at Euros this year.


Thanks for your time!

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DeRealist    0

omg so many trish-djinn

also did u wish u sided more cards against mirror, or was what you had enough?

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Wiggins    84

omg so many trish-djinn

also did u wish u sided more cards against mirror, or was what you had enough?

I wish I played a third Mind Crush, and that's it. I thought Shared Ride was rather subpar.

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Didn't you ever need the 3rd valk or can you recall any games where having access to 3rd would have won you some games you have lost?

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Wiggins    84

Didn't you ever need the 3rd valk or can you recall any games where having access to 3rd would have won you some games you have lost?

Not really, Unicore can help mediate the one less Valk. I always tried to be cautious as to how many Valks I had used, and played out my turns with how I wanted to end the turn in mind.

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Elegies    0

How did double Emeral play out for you? It seems great in the mirror but extra deck space seems tight these days and I personally find myself never really needing the second.

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Wiggins    84

How did double Emeral play out for you? It seems great in the mirror but extra deck space seems tight these days and I personally find myself never really needing the second.

Unfortunately I barely went into the one copy, let alone the second. 


I think for Euros, I will only play the single copy.

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Ultima    99

Good job dude, surprised you remembered your matches pretty accurately considering how many nekroz you played.

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Wiggins    84

Good job dude, surprised you remembered your matches pretty accurately considering how many nekroz you played.

Thanks, dude! I'm rather surprised myself, considering I had like two hours sleep before day one, haha.

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Wiggins    84

What did you side out for the mirror match and what did you put in for it? I can never bring myself to side out more than 3-4 cards


I'd only ever side out the M.S.T's and maybe the one Clausolas for two Mind Crush and the one-two Lancea. Which sometimes hurt me, seeing as I wanted the second Clausolas.


In the top cut, every mirror match I played requested we side Emptiness out, so I was able to add in the second Lancea.


I think I'm undervaluing that card a little too much, but I rarely sided in the two Lancea. You should only really side in two if you're going second.

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