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Top 32 Dutch Nationals

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Dutch Nationals 2015 Tournament Report
Last weekend I went to the Dutch Nationals and I decided to play Nekroz after not being sure whether or not to switch Shaddolls or stay with the deck I played all format with.
I playtested my list most of the time against two teammates and friends of mine called Jeppe Peeperkorn(Shaddolls) and Wesley Gerritsma (Nekroz),with the first also making top 32 and even top 16.
My decklist was almost identical to my friend's decklist expect for some personal tech choices.
Here is my decklist I played at the event.
1|Bull Blader
2|Effect Veiler
3|Manju Of The Ten Thousand Hands
2|Maxx C
3|Senju Of the Thousand Hands
1|Decisive Armor
2|Book Of Eclipse
2|Mystical Space Typhoon
2|Nekroz Cycle
2|Nekroz Kaleidoscope
2|Nekroz Mirror
1|Preperation Of Rites
3|Reinforcement Of The Army
Extra Deck
1x 1x Five Headed Dragon
2x Herald of the Arc Light
1x Star Eater
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
2x Daigusto Emeral
1x Diamond Dire Wolf
1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight
1x Gagaga Cowboy
1x Lavalval Chain
1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk
1x Stellarknight Constellar Diamond
1x Tellarknight Ptolemaeus
Side Deck
2|Artifact Lancea
1|D.D Warrior Lady
2|Denko Sekka
2|Galaxy Cyclone
1|Mystical Space Typhoon
2|Shared Ride
2|Breakthrough Skill
3|Royal Decree
The most noticable thing is that I am playing Shared Rides instead of the Mind Crush.
This was a personal choice so that my opponent wouldn't get his plays through in the mirror or he would giving me more cards to come back.
Round 1 - Qliphort
Game 1 - He opened pretty good while I was sitting with 2 Effect Veiler and 1 Maxx C in hand.
I could stall it out for a couple of turns but he had too much advantage with lose 1 turn and his attack boosted Qli's.
Game 2 - He had 4 set backrow and I opened with Denko,being able to make my plays and kill him off in 2 turns.
Game 3 - This game was pretty irritating,since he decided to start,and he opened with litterally everything he needed(L1T,Scout etc.)whilst I was just waiting
for just some backrow removal which didn't came.
This really Irritated me,since I was thinking my bad luck was going to haunt me again this tournament(Had a x-3 drop at a local tournament the week before).
Round 2 - Volcanics
Game 1 - 
I won the diceroll and let him start.
I saw I had a pretty bad hand with 2 useless ritual spells and a Decisive Armor and just hoped he 
would special summon something so I could atleast get a extra draw for my Maxx ''C'' which I had in hand.
He set 4 backrow and ended which made me pretty sad.
I had to pass turn because I just couldn't do anything which made me sad.
He summoned Volcanic Rocket and even played Lose 1 Turn when I finally could make a play and then knew I was going to have a pretty bad time seeing my hand.
I stalled the game and came back pretty good,but He burned me to 0 with scattershots.
Game 2
Basically drew into 2 Royal Decree and He could only get rid off 1 so I could Trish him for game.
Game 3.
A game where we didn't had a lot of time but I had the Decree very quickly.
He managed to destroy it though,but I had the Denko Sekka and could make a full board and push for game after a succesfull trish the turn before.
Round 3 - Gravekeepers.
This was just annoying.
I was expecting some rogue decks,but not this many so early in the rounds since I was more
prepared for the mirror and Shaddolls.
Game 1 
He had Necrovalley out first turn and discarded most of my hands with Royal Tribute after 3 turns.
Didn't drew into my MST's and that game was over.
Game 2 
I was trying to not lose my cool since I didn't want to let this turn into a bad event for me and scrubbing once again.
I drew into some MST's and after 2/3 turns I could eventually get rid of his Necrovalley to Trish him to get back so far that he couldn't get a comeback.
Game 3 
This was really a long game where I at a moment feared I could eventually lose,since I couldn't get advantage of my ritual spells in grave or could use my grave 
to use my summons.
After a good play of clearing most of his board with exciton knight leaving 1 of his big Gravekeeper monsters which gets 200 attack for every Gravekeeper in grave.
I attacked into it dealing 1500 damage to myself but with a empty board so I could get a new ritual Spell and eventually clear his board of his monster and ripping away his last
card in hand to eventually him offering up the handshake.
Round 4 - Yosenju
Game 1
I felt pretty good after that win since it was an annoying matchup so went into this game with a lot of confidence.
After 2/3 dicerolls he finally won and let me start.
I had a decent opening hand,but could not do everything because I didn't want to get trished.
I summoned Senju and it unfortunatly got veilered.
Fearing the mirror I just past turn and let him do this thing.
When He activated the Tenki I already knew he was playing Yosenju,but was too late.
He summoned Kama 3 and Kama 1 and poked my monster and directly and set 3 backrow.
I drew for turn and tried to activate Brio,but it got met with a Mistake and seeing a hand full of searchers and no MST I knew 
I couldn't get back so I scooped it up and went to game 2.
Game 2 
I opened pretty good with a Decree and MST in hand to turn the game into my favor by negating his mistake and destroying his necrovalley so that game was over pretty quick.
Game 3
I open with 2 denko sekka and 2 Manju in hand.
He set a lot of backrow(apperantly bricking hard) and no monsters so I could basically just keep on attacking for game eventually.
Round 5 - Nekroz Shaddolls
I noticed he had a pretty big dick,uhmm I mean deck since i had trouble shuffling it normally so
I asked him how many cards he played.
He responded with 60 and I just had a weird feeling about what he was playing not knowing it would be this.
Game 1 
After 3/4 dicerolls I finally win it and let him begin.
He opens up with Shaddoll Fusion using Denko Sekka and Shaddoll Dragon as materials,so I knew I was in a good position.
I open up with brio and making my plays,eventually cycling back brio and spinning back Construct into his Extra Deck.
I got too greedy(in Hindsight)and summoned Trish with him only having 1 backrow.
He chained Sinister Shadows to my Ritual Spell sending squamata and fizzling my Trish and afterwards throwing his Falco into grave,not letting me OTKing him.
He tops a Raigeki ripping my board away but had no follow-up play with only 1 card in hand and ends turn.
I draw for turn and he asks me if I have a monster with a shurit in grave and the resources to get a Nekroz Mirror.
I show him the Valkyrus and he proceeds to scoop up and we continue to game 2.
Game 2 
I sided in the cards I would need in which I thought was Shaddolls and he lets me start.
I proceed to do my searches with brio and clausolas and set my Breakthrough Skill and pass turn.
He draws and then normal summoning a Senju.
I was shocked at this since I didn't expect this at all and had to think carefully to whether or not I would use the Breakthrough on his Summon.
I ultimately do and he had no follow-up play and sets a backrow and ends turn.
I draw for turn and summon unicore tributing Shurit from hand getting me my second Trish.
I ritual summon Trishula and he responds with veiler,and I activate my second Trish from hand.
He thinks about what he can do and offers me the handshake.
I asked him some questions about his deck and the consistency about it and he said he only bricked against me game 1 and the senju stopping him from making his
plays game 2.(Lucky me I guess)
Round 6 - Infernoids 
I luckily sat close to him 3 rounds before so I knew he was playing Infernoids,so I had a slight advantage going into this game.
Game 1 
I guess he bricked hard because he needed to throw away his Onuncu for a summon first turn and had to pass turn.
I draw and made my plays and really put him in a bad spot and this duel didn't last more then 3/4 turns resulting in the win of the first round.
Game 2
I summoned senju making my plays and not being able to to djinn lock him first turn end turn.
He summons a Raiden excavating 2 cards which were not infernoids and then Continues to play reasoning.
I thought this is where I would lose because he could fuel his grave.
Fortunate for me though he mills a Charge Of the Light Brigade,2 Reasonings and eventually 1 Raiden.
I eventually break his field and push through with a Decisive Armour and 1 Bull Blader to eventually make game.
He really was a nice guy and I felt really bad to win in such a way because he basically bricked 2 games to me.
He said it was part of the game and we can't do nothing about it.
Last round of day 1
Round 7 - Qliphorts
I felt really good doing so good into this tournament and was happy to see that my good friend Jeppe was sitting 1 table next to me.
We roll the dice and eventually he lets me begin.
I had a mediocre opening and summon Manju search brio and my turn afraid I would be in the mirror.
He sets 2 backrow and ends his turn.
Seeing 2 backrow I knew I wasn't playing the mirror so I proceeded to make my plays and he plays the mind crush ripping out my 2 Trish in hand.
He plays Scout in his turn and gets Saqlifice and summons a qli monster and attacks me with the equip on it.
I summon Unicore and attack his monster and end my turn seeing I couldn't do a lot.
he tributes his monster and destroys my unicore with his effect and attacks me directly.
I try to cycle back my Trish and get his scout out of the way to get back a bit into the game,but he had the Fiendish chain and effect veiler in hand ruining my plays ending
up me scooping up and going into game 2.
Game 2 
We wasted a lot of time in game 1 because we thought a lot in that game so game 2 was a bit of a chance for me to draw or finish him quickly and go into game 3 in overtime which I was sure I could win.
I saw he had a lot of backrow so I blind MST'd(Galaxy Cyclone hurrah)his facedown popping his fiendish chain.
I summon Decisive armor and popping his other f/d backrow and attack and set my MST for his already active Scout.
He tries to activate scout his effect,paying 800 LP,to which I respond with MST.
He thinks a lot and I hear the clock,which meant we were in overtime,meaning I could only get the draw.
I summon Trish resolving his effect and then attack for game.
I was really sad after this game,because I knew I would have this match If we were going to be in overtime.
Thankfully my friend Jeppe cheers me up saying to it is still possible to get into tops and that a draw is always better
Than a loss.
This was the end of day 1 and the standings were put up,making me 19th after 7 rounds of swiss.
Wesley,Jeppe,Niels and me pack up our stuff,say goodbye to our friends and head back home.
Day 2 started out pretty bad since in the car drive back I wasn't sure If I had put my deck in my bag,because
Wesley and I played some games and I resleeved before heading to bed.
Luckily I had my deck with me so I had nothing to worry about!
Round 8 - Shaddolls
Game 1
Nothing much to say about this.
He opens up with mistake and I didn't draw into my MST's to get back.
Game 2 
He starts and opens up with....
All I could do was attack with Senju before he eventually summoned up Vanity's Viend and making it worse in the turn before he kills me 
he flips up the Imperial Iron Wall.
After this I was in rage losing to this and probably losing my chance to get into the top 32 because of the floodgate.
Round 9 - Yosenju.
I was still pretty mad and really wanted to win this game.
He wins the dice roll and goes first(which was new to me)
He activates Pot Of Duality and Activates Tenki and gets a Yosenju and sets 1 backrow.
I summon Manju and activate his effect to get Brio and go into my Unicore play,geting a Trish and using the Brio to get Shurit.
I Activate Decisive Armour his effect to boost up my Unicore and then I Cycled tribute Shurit to summon Decisive Armor back from my grave and getting a clausolas with Shurit.
I tried to activate my Decisive his effect but He Fiendish Chains my Decisive.
I summoned Trish and resolved it and crippling his hand and remove his the PoD from grave and release my Decisive Armour from his chains.
I proceed to attack for game and I OTKed him for game.
Game 2
He starts and sets 2 backrow and ends.
I summon Denko Sekka and attack.(had 2 manju and 1 veiler in hand and 2 ritual spells)
He summons Yosenju Kadam and I veiler it(not knowing that would basically cost me the game).
He still tributes because of cost that I didn't know off and get an additional normal summon and then he proceeds to summon Kama 2 and 3.
He bounces back my denko to my hand and attacks adding the Kama 1.
I draw for turn and can't make a good play decide to scoop.
Game 3
I can't recall what exactly happened but,I remember that my Decisive Armor and Trishula were the 2 keys I needed to unlock that victory.
After that my friends and me went downstairs to get the FREE LUNCH and talk about he we did so far.
I thought my chances to get into the top 32 were gone because of my bad tie breaks and loss in round 8 so I was just preparing to watch my friend Jeppe play in the Top 32.
Jeppe comes downstairs screaming my name and telling me I got the 23rd place in swiss which means I was in the top 32 and I scream with joy!
Top 32 - Nekroz
I knew I was playing the mirror because my friend Wesley told he me was playing Nekroz and to be more precise the scolding build.
We do the diceroll and he wins and lets me go first.
I had a horrible first hand with 2 claus,a valkyrus,1 Nekroz mirror and another useless card.
I proceed to use a Claus to get the Kaleidoscope,summon Valk and Claus and use Valk to get his effect and draw 2.
I proceed to hard draw my Djinn(The cancer)and banish my Kaleido and clausolas to get Nekroz Cycle.
I summon a Djin Claus and end my turn.
He plays he effects of Claus and Brio and ends his turn.
after 2/3 turns of him not being able to break my Djinn Lock and me not being able to make a big board I eventually summon my Manju and summon a Unicore to poke for some minor damage.
He draws and discards 1 card and ends his turn.
I was thinking about resummoning back my brio and attacking for game which I tried to do,but he Valk'd my attack,thus ending my turn.
Afraid that he was going to break my Lock he just Unicores back his Valkyrus and ends his turn.
I wanted to make game so I normal summoned my Veiler,which left hem looking shocked and then I proceeded to synchro my Djin'd Claus into a Herald.
That look he had was priceless and he started to read my Herald and then just scooping up the game.
Game 2 
I bricked and set 1 Shared ride.
He OTK'd me for game.
Game 3
He asked me to both side out the Djinn and Emptiness to which I agreed and then we proceeded to go into game 3.
The game went back and forth,resulting in a lot of empty boards with no field to get Trished.
He pokes me and I let it through not knowing we were almost going into overtime even though I had the 2 Valks in hand after me drawing a shitload of cards thanks to Shared Ride.
I eventually can't do enough damage to grab the game and I extend the handshake and lose.
This was my tournament report and I hope you guys liked it,because I couldn't remember everything that happened in the duels.
I want to thank my friends Jeppe Peeperkorn and Wesley Gerritsma for helping me testplay and also talking about card choices.

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How did Decisive Armour work out for you as the 41st card? What were your reasonings behind playing it?
Also Galaxy Cyclone in the side deck, if you had a chance to play the tournament again would you still play it in the side or would you put in other backrow removal like Twister or Ice Hand?

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Decisive Armour worked out great against all the rogues,and was my personal tech choice for it(altough a 3rd Valk would have also been great)

In hindsight I would probably side Ice and Fire hands for better removal options against Qliphort and the Vanity's and Spell Cancellers.

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