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Chris Pobee-Mensah

2nd Place Finish at the 150th YCS Columbus Ohio

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Hey everyone! This is Chris Pobee-Mensah finally deciding to write up a tournament report for my second place finish at the 150th YCS in Columbus, Ohio!

The beginning of this trip was pretty cool because I got to ride with some good friends of mine, and work on the deck with my deck building partner Patrick James. We talked a little bit with other people to get a glimpse of what we should do as far as coverage in the main and side deck is concerned, and it ended up working out.

Deck list:




Monsters (26):

1 Nekroz of Trishula

1 Nekroz of Gungnir

2 Nekroz of Brionac

3 Nekroz of Valkyrus

3 Nekroz of Unicore

2 Nekroz of Clausolos

2 Shurit, Strategist of Nekroz

3 Senju of the thousand hands

3 Manju of the Ten thousand hands

1 Bull Blader

1 Djinn Releaser of Rituals

2 Effect Veiler

2 Maxx “c”


Spells (14):

2 Nekroz Mirror

2 Nekroz Cycle

2 Nekroz Kaleidocope

1 Preparation of rites

1 Book of Eclipse

1 Raigeki

3 Reinforcement of the Army

2 Mystical Space Typhoon


Extra Deck (15):

1 Dragon Master Knight

1 Star Eater

1 Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree

1 Black Rose Dragon

2 Herald of Arc Light

1 Castel, the skyblaster Musketeer

1 Diamond Dire Wolf

1 Zubaba General

1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight

1 Daigusto Emeral

1 Lavalval Chain

1 Abyss Dweller

1 Gagaga Cowboy

1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk


Side Deck (15):

1 Zefrasaber, Swordmaster of the Nekroz

2 Artifact Lancea

2 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

2 Fire Hand

2 Ice Hand

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

3 Shared Ride

2 Royal Decree



There were 11 rounds of swiss, 9 on day one, and 2 on the second day, so I guess I’ll get straight into it.


Round 1: No show


My opponent didn’t show up, I heard that a lot of people entered in the event, but did not play simply to get packs and the free mat. Which is understandable if they did not expect to do well.




Round 2: Shaddolls


Game 1: This was a very quick game, and was over In roughly 3 minutes, I had a very good nekroz hand, and he did not have mistake. So I basically did my thing, and he didn’t stop me with veiler, or mistake.


Game 2: I believe this time he had Imperial Iron Wall, but I had mst, so I just continued to do Nekroz things and win.




Round 3: Nekroz


Game 1: I apologize in advance that I do not recall a lot of my mirror matches except for the ones closer to the end, but I believe this game one was a simple back and forth game in which I eventually overcame just from advantage with maxx “c” and veiler.


Game 2: I think he Djinn locks me, and I just draw into no out.


Game 3: Similar to game 1, I think he tried to trish me at some point and I had Lancea as well.




Round 4: Nekroz


Game 1: I beat him with the djinn lock I believe, and he had no out.


Game 2: This guy had sided in mirror force, and djinn locked me. I drew into no spell outs, and when I went ahead and tried to bull blader, it got mirror forced. RIP me


Game 3: I did not fall for any mirror force shenanigans this time, and was waiting for it the entire time. Didn’t make  reckless attacks, and I think I read his set mirror force at some point, tried to trish him, he veiler’d and I had book of eclipse for my trishula.




Round 5: Yosenjus


This guy was acting like a fool. He was one of those Yugioh players that likes to play really fast, and hand shuffle until his cards are bent in half.


Game 1: He tells me this is his first YCS, and that he was playing Burning abyss, but of course I don’t listen to him because you can’t trust anyone nowadays. He plays first, playing duality grabbing Lose 1 Turn, sets 4 and passes. He then flips Macro cosmos, Lose 1 Turn, and Mistake during my standby phase. I try to summon gungnir and kill one of his floodgates after lose 1 turn negates the gungnir for that turn, but his fourth and final set card was bottomless trap hole. So I lose shortly after.


Game 2:  I outpace him because he has no monsters, and poke him with manju/senjus, then he eventually plays mirror force on them. At some point I have a ghost ogre and a valk on board (The ghost ogre was set so I could live after he drew one monster). Then he plays tenki, and I chain ghost ogre on field to destroy it. So that was pretty neat.


Game 3: He has no monsters again, but he does have tenki! Only to be met with yet another Ghost ogre and snow rabbit! I then outpace him yet again, with ice hand at my side, and take the match.




Round 6: Qliphort


Game 1: First Qliphort deck of the day, and he starts off with some stupid floodgate cards. He has Lose 1 Turn, and Re-Qliate to slow me down tons by negating my senju, and stopping my gungnir. I eventually get towers dropped on me, and I lose.


Game 2: I drew pretty decent, and showed him the power of Fire and Ice hand. I believe he d-prison’d my ice hand, but I actually had a fire hand in my hand (I must say, it was pretty handy). I eventually clear his board, and use trishula to bring me to victory.


Game 3: He starts off with scout, only to be met with the one and only Ghost ogre & snow rabbit! He had nothing else to do but summon stealth, and set 3 backrow. I  was able to overcome due to him not drawing into more access to scout.




Round 7: Qliphort


During this round, an incident happened during game 2 that I will go into detail about.


Game 1: I lost pretty badly. I don’t even remember how it happened, but he just had so many ccards out of nowhere, and I ended up losing control of the match.


Game 2: I didn’t draw any snow rabbits :/ but besides that, he had scout first turn, and I had an ice hand for my following turn, but it got D-prison’d, and the rest of my hand was not very good. We kept playing going back and forth for a bit, and eventually, I am in a bad spot with a trishula, gungnir, and a nekroz mirror in hand. I didn’t search for valk or anything, and I passed turn. I believe we were at table 8 when this happened, so quite a few people were behind me. I look up at his face when I pass turn, and I see him making direct eye contact with someone who is behind me, and he nods his head. I immediately get very upset, and call a judge over. In my eyes, he nodded his head towards someone who had complete vision of my entire hand. My assumption was he was trying to communicate with his opponent to see if I had Nekroz of Valkyrus in my hand, and that made me very angry. After they asked the person directly behind me who they were, my opponent just so happened to have known who he was, and went to locals with him. So obviously that sketched me out. The judges eventually decided to give him no penalty, and gave us a time extension, I ultimately lose due to him having Limiter Removal, and killing me the following turn.


I eventually went up to him the next day and apologized to him for getting loud and angry. I was just very upset about the situation, and reacted accordingly. He didn’t say anything to me afterwards, but he did shake my hand and nod his head. So I’d like to believe we are on good terms and do not hate eachother.




Round 8: Vs. Tyler Prinzo (Nekroz)


At the beginning of this match, I was very upset about what had just happened, and that my last round opponent didn’t get any type of penalty whatsoever, that I was playing extremely on tilt. So when I started this match, I played the worst nekroz mirror of my entire life. And misplayed multiple times.


Game 1: I go to trish him, it gets veiler’d, so he tried to trish me, I veiler him, and then he ends up using a second trishula, and gets me pretty badly.


Game 2: I get outpaced with side deck cards, and ultimately end up losing.




After this match, I literally thought I had no chance of topping. I was so upset just in general, and I didn’t even know what to do to make myself believe I could do it. So I ended up going into the corner of the venue, and listened to music to help me focus. While I was listening to music, I started to think about one of my Favorite Super Smash Bros. Melee players, Mango, and how he always goes to tournaments being as cocky as he is, just knowing he can win, and beat everyone else. I sat down and kept forcing myself to believe I could be the best, and that I could achieve greatness. If I had not sat down and done that, I am positive I would have lost the next round.


Round 9: Vs. Jordan Bermudez (Nekroz)


Game 1: I am so confident at this point, and play extremely well, but besides that, I actually opened 2 effect veilers going second. He summons manju, I veiler, kaleidos into uniicore making lavalval chain, and I veiler the chain. So, I end up using Trishula, and valking away my board, which ended up with me winning.


Game 2: I played nekroz mirror at some point to try and trish him, He left his board open on purpose with just a unicore and manju after I maxx c’d him the last turn. So I thought he had a set emptiness, or a lancea. He actually eneded up flipping 2 mirror of the ice barriers, and took 4 cards from my hand, and yard, along with my only trishula in deck. I scooped immediately after.


Game3: He leaves his board open again, but this time I play the entire game 3 without using Trishula at all. He ended up having double mirror of the ice barrier again, but I had to play without using trish, which was very hard. I was running out of resources faster than he was, and multiple times I had 8-9 cards in hand. I kept having shared ride and stuff, but I could not summon trishula. I eventually outpaced him with him having no valks left, and won.


7-2, End of Day 1.


We went to buffalo wild wings, and talked to our waiter about yugioh, he said his favorite card was “The dark Paladin” so we got a chuckle out of that. The only people left in our group for day 2 was Ben Burns, Justin Russell, and I. I ended up talking a lot  with Patrick James about day 2, and what things I should prepare for mental, and who else was x-2 etc. I went to bed around 2am I’d like to say.


Day 2:


Round 10: Nekroz


Game 1: I played this dude who was actually very nice, which worked out because he didn’t hate me after our match was over. He plays first, and passes without doing a thing. I otk him with kaleido, cycle, and mirror.


Game 2: Idk what deck he’s playing, but I assumed it was Nekroz, however, I did not side in all of my nekroz cards just in case it was shaddolls or something. So I only put in Artifact Lancea. I ended up losing this game I believe, I can’t remember exactly how, but it kinda just happened.


Game 3: I believe he makes a mistake, I remember him telling me about it afterwards, but I can’t actually remember what the mistake was. Sorry guys haha




Round 11: Qliphort


I am absolutely focused at this point. Nothing in my body was making me nervous at all. I had the eye of the tiger 100%.


Game 1: I was extremely nice to my opponent, and he was acting like a fool lol. He was really funny though. But I think game 1 I lose because he had some crazy stuff with enemy controller and otk’d me.


Game 2: Fire and Ice hand literally did me wonders this game, and decree shut him down pretty bad as well.

Game 3: I did 2800 points of life to him, and we go into time, so it was my 8000, to his 5200. When we finally go into the last turn in time, I have a set clausolos from a book of moon, and a defense position Ice hand. I believe he has a monolith up as a scale, 2 backrow, and a carrier. This man stands up and looks at everyone staring at him before he draws his card for his last turn, and I am actually dumbfounded on how I should feel, because this man is actually standing up with his hands up like a wrestler. He draws his card, summons a shell, and attacks my ice hand. I said no response, and then he used chalice, so I tried to chain valkyrus, but then he got all mad and said “blahblahblah damage step!” But I swear I never heard him say that. I didn’t really care, so I let it go through, and killed his backrow. He told me I took damage, and I reminded him that chalice negates his monsters effects. He immediately had the saddest look on his face ever. So I ended up taking game 3!




I got 26th place after swiss! I was hoping nothing crazy happened and I didn’t make it into top cut. Otherwise I would have been salty.


Top 32: Adrian Sean Shakir (Burning Abyss)


Game 1: I’m not gonna lie, I knew he was playing burning abyss, so I made first turn abyss dweller. He ended up overcoming it by making a dante anyways, and running it over. We kept the game going, and at some point, I try to Trishula him, and he chains Skill Drain. He then makes Acid golem the next turn, and I literally couldn’t get over it in time before dying.


Game 2: He crush carded me, and I thought it was over, but he had no follow up with the crush card, and then I drew into a play with manju, and I also had royal decree up. That helped me tremendously with dictating the pace of the match.


Game 3: He lets me go first I think. I djinn lock him, only to be met with book of moon. He then makes a large error, attacking my clausolos with dante, I then use Clausolos during the Damage step so he took 2300, and then I killed him the next turn. I felt kinda bad because that misplay literally made him lose the next turn. Rather than it being a closer game.


Top 16: Vs. Christian Georges (Nekroz)


Game 1: I actually drew the most broken hand of all eternity for the nekroz mirror. I had maxx “c” and effect veiler for almost all of his plays, then killed him pretty quickly.


Game 2: I djinn locked him going first with lancea and veiler in hand, and he had no out for it at all. It was pretty degenerate.


Top 8: Vs. Josh Bovarnick (Nekroz)


Game 1: I think I lose this game. I don’t remember much about it other than making a mistake and not searching for my ritual spells during my main phase 2.


Game 2: I thought it was all over when he summoned a kycoo the ghost destroyer on me, and left a unicore up on the board. I had little to nothing I could have done. But I believe I drew into Raigeki, and was able to come back into the pace of the match, and ultimate ended up winning.


Game 3: I remember that I saw the same kycoo the ghost destroyer yet again, and was in a pretty bad spot, we went into time, and time in top 8 you only had 4 turns. So we were both at 1000 life. He had a dweller and a Valkyrus on board (dweller had unicore, so everything was boosted) and I only had trishula, with no hand or backrow. I drew for my last turn (3 out of 4). And I drew effect veiler! I then summoned it, synchro summoned a Leo, and attacked his abyss dweller for 900, putting him at 100 to my 1000. I pass to him, hoping that he doesn’t draw something ridiculous. He  draw reinforcement of the army, and I literally bit my lip so hard hoping to God he didn’t have a Bull Blader in his deck so I would lose. I believe it turned out that he played D.D. Warrior Lady in his deck, and if he had attacked my Leo with it, he would have lost all of his Life points. I had the biiggggest sigh of relief.


Top 4: Vs. Benedikt Junk (Qliphort)


Game 1: I remember going first turn Manju and Gungnir, so I could have the advantage vs him having scout. He actually had a Summoners art, and ended up holding onto it until he could kill my Gungnir. I eventually get pretty outpaced, and then lose after him killing my gungnir and then my trishula getting effect veiler’d.


We got a deck check right after game 1, and after we sided, so I was hoping everything was okay with my deck, and yes, everything was fine.


Game 2: I was trying my hardest to win not only because I wanted to win this event, but the last thing I wanted was to let a deck like Qliphort potentially win a YCS. I refused to let that happen lol. I’m pretty sure this game I used Fire and Ice hand to the fullest to get me where I needed to get. I remember using Ghost ogre and snow rabbit to hit Benedikts scout, and then I put myself in a pretty great position. Eventually taking game 2.


Game 3:  I remember getting really greedy. He summons Helix, sets a backrow, and passes. I mst it, and it ends up being a fiendish chain. So I go clausolos and brionac to try and trish him, but he has effect veiler as well. I summoned a unciore with kaleido kill his Helix, set decree and ended. He plays scout, gets a carrier, and pendulums back his helix, which is at 2700 from being negated, and getting a boost from carrier. I think he attacks my unicore, and I valk hoping to draw into a Ju. I draw into Reinforcement of the Army, that being the only card in my hand. I start to get upset because bull blader was sided out. So I think for a moment as to what I can do with the rota. I then realize I can trish him. So I suicide my unicore, take 400, suicide my trishula, they both die. I search for cycle banishing my unicore, and then I play rota for shurit, and cycle back trishula. I hit Benedikts on field scout, his in hand spell canceller (his last card in hand) and his effect veiler in the graveyard. I then grab brionac from shurit, and pass turn. He draws, and passes I believe, then I draw into ice hand, go for more damage, grab valkyrus I think, and end. I hope he does not have a stormforth plus a monster, and he does not. He shakes my hand, and the judges tell me to go up on stage for the finals.


At this point I am literally feeling the best feeling I have ever felt in my entire yugioh career. I felt like all of my testing for the YCS has paid off, and that I have achieved something great. But it’s not over yet! I still had to do everything to get 1st place!


Grand Finals Vs. TJ Kinsley (Nekroz):


This match was streamed live, and there is a video of it on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO7aJLTNI54



I will simply tell everyone how I felt about each game.


Game 1: TJ loses the die roll, and goes for a djinn lock. I’m not gonna lie, I drew the only book of eclipse in my deck. I then trishula him, and make rhapsody. I think that was the absolute best thing I could have done, because literally everything he had was banished, and he had only 3 cards in hand I think. PLUS I had effect veiler. So I was thinking there is no way I can lose this game. And I didn’t.


Game 2: It was a pretty long game (at least it felt like it). I made a huge error the turn after TJ used bull blader to kill my set djinn releaser of rituals. I drew into Senju, got so excited that I drew it and could djinn him that I didn’t even realize I had kaleidoscope set and could have gone for game AND djinn locked him. I could have grabbed unicore, summoned it, grabbed clausolos, then brought it back with cycle in atk position, made castel, set bull blader to the deck, and I could have been champion. But, I made a mistake, and it was completely my fault. TJ plays raigeki, on my djinn lock, and I don’t have much else to follow up after he plays mind crush on my Valk.


Game 3: After I banished his trishula with my rhapsody I was still afraid of a second trishula, but I also had effect veiler, so I left my valk on board. I sat down and considered searching for valkyrus with brionac, but decided not to because I could not think of a way TJ could have killed my valk AND do 8000 life points to me while I had trishula and effect veiler in hand. I would have rather had a play for the next turn with the brionac. But boy did he prove me wrong! Haha.


I still think our match was one of the best Nekroz mirrors I played the entire weekend other than my mistakes. And I think TJ deserved his first place finish. But at Nationals, I won’t be making any mistakes ;)


Congratulations again to TJ Kinsley for 1st place at the 150th YCS!


Shout outs to:


Patrick James for being my deck building partner

Tyree Tinsley for being the overall homie

Austin Larson because I told him I would

Yicheng Li for being hilarious

Jay Quick for bitching about some gotdamn donuts the whole ride home.

Justin Russell for his first YCS top

Ben Burns for his first YCS top 

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mwnhydropump19    169

 Had a lot of fun with you and the other guys on the trip. Great job Chris, and keep up the good work!

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TJ Kinsley    225

Great Report! Glad we had a great finals match! Cya at Nats!

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TFJ    618
I don't think Adrian made a misplay by attacking your Claus.

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tichris93    667
Congrats man !!
hopefully we get a better match next time.
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