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Finalized Deck Discussion Rules - READ THESE

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+Paraliel+    8032

Since we never finalized the editing of the rules last time, I took it upon myself to revitalize them. From present time, these rules are in effect and you will get in deep shit if you do not follow these rules.


1) Do not post "<insert decklist here> pls help me, regs coming up," or something like that, without actual contribution to the discussion. This is not the deck garage, and we don't care about your winrate. Your winrate is YOUR job, and you come to these discussions to share and take away something YOU find which helps that winrate. If you want feedback on your decklist, make a deck garage post.

2) If you spam, you will be taken out back and flayed alive. Posting a decklist and then leaving is spam. Bitching about a deck and doing nothing else is spam. If there's no content, it's spam.
3) Flaming will only be tolerated when it serves the purpose of the discussion. If you turn the discussion to shit, we will fuck you up.
4) If a post has shitty content, it is your job to use the "Report Post" button. If you are unsure if said content is shitty, go with your gut. The moderators will sort it out.
5) If you use the "Report Post" button on a post that doesn't have shitty content, we will fuck you up.
6) All ideas must be backed up by actual thought and discussion. Blank posts are spam, and spam will get you fucked up.
7) Shit posting in the deck garage and spam are still shit posting and spam. The rules don't change just because you changed sections.
8) If a format ends, no you cannot go "lol glad this deck died hahaha". That's spam, and spam will get you fucked up.


9) If you post something with no reasoning, and someone asks you for reasoning and you do not give it, this is a warnable offense and will lead to eventual suspension.


10.) Everyone likes a good meme, but seriously keep it in check. If you do it too much, we will warn you to keep thread quality up. Keep this section good, save it for other threads.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Also I don't know how much emphasis I can put on USE THE REPORT BUTTON.

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