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Seven - A Detailed Recountment of ARG Charlotte

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CalvinTahan    996

Seven. The number of days in a week. Seven. The amount of colours in a rainbow. Seven. The number of continents on this world. Seven. The amount of other planets in our solar system. Seven. The average cost of a Chipotle burrito. Seven. Two hours and two minutes before the most important time of the day. Seven. The number of premiere event tops now held by the esteemed Calvin Tahan.


My name is Sir Craigery I. Rochester, and it is both my duty and pleasure to fully research and convey the events that occurred on the weekend of July 18th, 2015, in Charlotte, North Carolina regarding the self-proclaimed "Best In The World", the aforementioned Calvin Tahan. I swear on my good name that all I share here today is true and correct to the best of my knowledge; I have been the leading investigator in cases like these for over half of a decade, and I promise to solemnly uphold the truth with integrity and grace. I am and have always been a reporter of the people, by the people, and for the people.


It was 10:24pm on Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the duelist formally known Calvin Tahan had once again found himself in the spotlight. As I stood across the room and marveled at the spectacle that was his celebratory jig as his name was being announced, I knew I owed it to the great people of this community to hear firsthand from this incredible man. I assembled my news team and we managed to arrange a shoot interview. When asked of the likely unprecedented amount of enthusiasm he was surely feeling at this time, Mr. Tahan had this to share: "I feel an unprecedented amount of enthusiasm right now," he began, before being summoned by the tournament officials for a highly important meeting. We were not able to reach Mr. Tahan again for further comment.


In truth, the dawn of this day was unlike any other I had witnessed in the vast entirety of my life, let alone my career. The fountain aside the convention center glistened with the hope of a brighter tomorrow, and yet I felt it in the very essence of my being that there would be no day brighter than the current. As my research team and I entered the event hall, it was truly a sight to hold in reverie. There, at the first table by the door, sat the legend himself - his face meticulous and focused, his eyes warm and true, and his sideburns blazing with glory. It was no surprise to me that Calvin Tahan was amongst the very first entrants into the tournament; I have followed this man's career for nearly as long as I have held my own, and if there was one consistent thing that Calvin Tahan always was without fail, it was prepared. The man always came with a plan and always knew exactly what he was doing. We approached his table, which was decorated with an assortment of cards such as Card Trooper, Black Luster Soldier, Outstanding Dog Maron, and multiple copies of Peropero. When asked of his expectations for himself and his performance in the upcoming tournament, Calvin had this brief sentiment to offer "yeah I'm not prepared for this at all; I have no plan whatsoever and don't really know what I'm doing in the slightest". His humility nearly brought me to tears.


I decided to respect Mr. Tahan's personal space and spectate him from afar; I could tell the gears of his mind were turning as he kept eying a loosely assembled group of Shaddoll cards, continuously moving his lot of 90 or so cards between two piles, presumably ones containing cards he didn't wish to run, and ones containing cards he did. Once he had properly designated which cards he had wished to run in the right-most pile, he counted them up, uttered "fifty" and shrugged, did a quick shuffle, drew a test hand, looked at the clock which read 9:37am, and began scribing his decklist.


Round 1 began about an hour later, and Calvin Tahan was found sampling a Blueberry Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese from the nearby bagel kiosk. At the start of round 2, Calvin was seen taking selfies by the Bojangles. Through my many years of reporting, I have never seen any metaphor so powerful in my entire life. This man was so very confident in his creation that he did not even consider partaking in the first two rounds of play. We approached Calvin to get the inside scoop. The deck, dubbed by him as "Suicide Squad", is a literary masterpiece and can be found after the jump:



Monsters: 25

3 Graff

3 Scarm

3 1 Cir

1 Farfa

1 Tour Guide

3 Mathematician

3 Kuribandit

2 Shaddoll Beast

2 Shaddoll Squamata

2 Shaddoll Hedgehog

2 Shaddoll Falco

1 Shaddoll Dragon

1 Effect Veiler


Spells: 11

1 Raigeki

1 Foolish Burial

1 Allure of Darkness

1 Beginning Of The End

1 El Shaddoll Fusion

3 Shaddoll Fusion

3 Supply Squad


Traps: 14

3 Phoenix Wing Blast

2 Karma Cut

1 Solemn Warning

1 Breakthrough Skill

1 Mistake

2 Torrential Tribute

3 Mind Crush

1 Crush Card Virus


Side: 15

3 Maxx C

3 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Galaxy Cyclone

2 Typhoon

3 Spell Canceller

1 Vanity's Fiend

1 Skill Drain


Extra: 15

2 Dante, Traveler of Burning Abyss

1 Virgil, Rock Star God

1 Downerd Magician

1 Ghostrick Alucard

1 Mechaquipped Angineer

1 Acid Golem

1 Nightmare Shark

2 El Shaddoll Winda

1 El Shaddoll Construct

1 El Shaddoll Shekinagga

1 Arcanite Magician

1 Armades, Keeper of Dreams

1 Leo, Keeper of Nightmares



It became very clear to me that this was a newer, much more refined version of Calvin Tahan than I had encountered in my private research throughout years prior. We were clearly dealing with a strategic mind far more sophisticated than our own. Before we knew it, round 3 was underway, and we wished Mr. Tahan the best of luck, to which he bantered back "consistent luck is sometimes referred to as 'skill'," a statement that would later come to define his legacy.


As a highly trained professional, I, Sir Craigery I. Rochester, consider myself to be a virtuoso at play-by-play recountment. As with all of my writings, I swear on my honor that the entire account to follow is both true and correct.


Round 3 saw Calvin Tahan pitted against an undefeated Qliiphort duelist utilizing the card "Wavering Eyes" in a trapless fashion. Though Calvin lost the roll and was forced to go second in the first duel, the Qliphort duelist lead out with Pot of Duality and added Scout, which searched a generic. The Qliphort duelist played Wavering Eyes, searching out another Scout, which searched out Towers. Upon attempting to pendulum, Calvin reached into his opponent's graveyard and read the text of Pot of Duality aloud in a very slow and ordained fashion order to help kindly and politely correct his opponent's misunderstanding. Calvin destroyed him on the following turn. Game 2 saw the Qliphort player once again attempting to go first and open the FTK. However, upon the activation of Wavering Eyes, Calvin chained Typhoon from his hand and that was match.


Round 4 saw Calvin pitted against a mirror match! Could the greatest Burning Abyss player the world has ever seen overcome the odds and defeat his opponent in a 2-0 fashion? Though his Scarm milled off Kuribandit took a hit early on with Fiend Grieving, Squamata and Falco were still able to resolve their effects, and Beginning of The End would still be added to hand. The answer to our previous question, of course, is yes.


Round 5 vs Jordan Bermudez saw Calvin's deck pitted against its first Budget Nekroz matchup, and I am sad to say it didn't go very well for him. Though his opponent seemed to have no actual understanding of how to pilot his deck ( game 1 lasted 4 turns yet took about 31 minutes, over 25 of which were not on Calvin's turn), The Best In The World still suffered a decisive defeat, reminding us all that even Gods can bleed. On the bright side, Calvin had managed to sneak in multiple micronaps throughout his opponent's lengthy turns, and was now fully rejuvenated for the rounds to follow.


Round 6 vs Desmond Johnson (Budget Nekroz) saw Calvin Tahan return with a vengeance. Throughout my studies, I have noticed that Calvin had never previously defeated Desmond in tournament play, most recently losing to him in a round 7 feature match at ARG Raleigh held 7 months ago in the same state. This time around, it would be Calvin named the victor, in a 2-0 fashion nonetheless.


Round 7 vs Casey Barbee (Budget Nekroz) saw Calvin pitted in yet another revenge matchup which he had never won. Casey Barbee is single handedly responsible for knocking Calvin out of placing into the top cut on the bubble of one tourney, as well as eliminating him in the top 16 of another. This time around, in a feature match streaming for all the world to see, Calvin Tahan would return the favor. In an interview after the match, we asked Calvin what had happened in the final game. His answer might shock you:


"Game 2 I open wing blast, karma cut, mind crush, supply squad, Beast. Going first I set 3. He summons a Ju. Searches Kaliedo. Plays rota into shurit. Activates. I mind crush sadly calling shurit. He has the Unicore, as well as a valk. He sends a 12. His other cards are Cycle and Sorcerer. When the monsters hit the field I play wingblast on valk and karma cut on Unicore. He swings with manju and 2 in hand to my 0 anywhere and passes. I draw tour guide. Get graff. He cuts. I mill cir and scarm. Get farfar and graff back. Tank for a long time. Decide to attack with all (he can now banish Kaliedo to search the Blue card). His hand as of his turn will be 4 star sorc, valk, yellow cycle. I make angineer and search bandit. He thinks for a while, summons sorcerer (he has to try to outplay me). Attempts to crash. I detatch graff to put my guy to def so there is no crash. He gets salty and passes. (He opted to not start by searching blue card cause he wanted to get his 4 guy banished after crashing). I search a graff. I draw for turn. Squamata, dead card. I summon bandit and try to swing with all. He lets me kill his blue sorc but then valks the rest by banishing blue sorc and sending blue lizard. I mill with bandit, hit beast and Falcon and raigeki. Which I add. He can't make a play powerful enough to overcome the raigeki next turn and concedes after seeing his draw and trying some things with Valk."

Sounds to me like Casey Barbee was heavily outplayed.


Round 8 saw Calvin Tahan pitted against yet another Budget Nekroz competitor. Calvin answered the challenge with a timely 2-0 and quickly headed to the stage to deliver the match slip. The countdown timer read 31:22, and Calvin Tahan took the moment to announce himself as the first official guaranteed entrant into the top 16.


I once again caught up with Calvin and asked for his thoughts on his standings. "Hopefully I don't play against some idiot who doesn't want to ID because they are scared or have literally no understanding of how tiebreakers work or want to try to get their shitter x-2 friend in". Surely enough, round 9 was announced and would you believe it! Calvin's opponent did not wish to draw. "I'm X-0-1 and we are at table 2. I really want to get first place." Frustrated but unbroken, Calvin explained very clearly to his opponent "The person at table 1 is also X-0-1, as you drew each other last round. He is going to ID his opponent. You being at Table 2 does not mean you have worse tiebreakers than him. The only reason you aren't at table 1 is because you cannot play him, because you already did. It's literally arbitrary. If you draw with me here, there is still a 50% chance that you will get first. However, if you do not, I will make sure you get last." Before the DGZ Cairo Champion could make good on his promise, his opponent was spared through means of a repair. This time, Calvin would be matched against his local friend and travel companion, Nicky Reardon (Budget Nekroz), who after hearing that Calvin had 2-0'd 3 of 4 of his Budget Nekroz matchups, as well as the rest of his opponents altogether, wisely agreed to Draw. Calvin and Nicky shook hands, shared an intimate moment of selfies and smiles, and proceeded to the scorekeeper's stage to confirm their standings. It is said that they drove down together from Northern Virginia. Though it happens from time to time, it is still quite rare to see 100% of a person's car make the top cut, and despite all my years reporting and subsequent Knighthood, I could not write a better ending to this story if I tried.


Thus ends this final chapter in the much larger story of Calvin Tahan's climb to the top. I could not be there to witness the events that occurred on Day 2, but my sources are telling me that Calvin Tahan did not go on to win this event. While I can't say this shocks me, I can say that it saddens me. As a reporter, I have seen many faces of the world and have seen many great men held back by a series of unfortunate events. While it's clear that The DGZ 2014 Player Of The Year was met with some misfortune on Day 2, it is even more clear that he will continue to rise above all expectations and shatter the glass ceiling that's been looming over him for so long. All things considered, when your deck is this big, there simply are no ceilings.


My name is Sir Craigery I. Rochester. It is my sworn duty to actively detail the endeavors of Calvin Tahan and his climb to the top, and I will not rest a day until my duty is done.




Sir Craigery I. Rochester


Leading Factual Authority on The Best In The World

Now Available For Private Bookings


Contact: Sir.Cir@aol.com


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+Urthor    10229

Can I subscribe to your paid Yugioh articles???

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+Urthor    10229

This is just living proof why the 2 bye system is irrevocably flawed


It lets Calvin top 

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Flacko    2143
8 is the best number friend. You are following a path of darkness inhibiting the powers of the 7. It will bring luck of both natures, good and bad.

Follow the path of 8 before you are too far astray.

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+scuzzlebutt    23495
this is a pretty good thread

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website is bad    2172

seven, teh number of final fantasies that existed when final fantasy 7 came out

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CalvinTahan    996

Aside from you calling me a fan and making constant jabs at my decklist in top 16, GGs and grats on the top

I'm sure you know I meant it sarcastically and you destroyed me for it nonetheless, GG's you definitely played it well and deserved to get as far as you did

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Sandwich    118

Sir Cir must not have seen the interactive game 1 we had. I'll recount it in case you forgot.

You won the roll and elected to go first. You special summon both Graff and Scarm then overlay for Dante in DEF, not using the effect, set two backrow and normal summon Kuribandit. In the End Phase, you excavate Squamata, Falco, Mind Crush, and two other cards. You add Mind Crush to hand, set Falco, and send Beast to draw 1.

I draw to 2 Jus, 2 Rota's, a book of moon, and a ritual spell. I activate Rota #1 and you chain the 1-of Mistake in your 50 card deck. I set a Ju as well as Book of Moon and Rota and pass, hoping to Exciton on the following turn by some miracle.

You draw to 3, and the two unknown cards you have are Supply Squad and Farfa, which get played to banish my face down Ju and draw 1 card. Falco also gets flipped up to summon Beast Facedown, and Dante mills some cards by detaching Scarm. You swing with Dante and Falco then set the Mind Crush along with the card you drew off squad and in the EP search with Scarm effect. I return my Ju to the field face down.

I draw another Ju, Summon one of the two in my hand, flip summon my other Ju and you respond with Karma Cut on one of them. I have literally 0 chance of winning the game so I concede. The whole match gave me maybe 6 turns. Unreal

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.Sammy    41
I'm a fan tbh. I've been playing around with Shabyss lately and it's good fun. Congrats on a mint report and good luck.

Have you thought about Puppet Plant + WATER Fusion for future events? It seems good on paper.

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CalvinTahan    996

I'm a fan tbh.
Have you thought about Puppet Plant + WATER Fusion for future events? It seems good on paper.

Well I want to start by stating that this deck is strictly only playable in ARG format, which only spans for one more event. In addition, said event will have a new set legality, and many of the cards that are being released are structurally unreal. Some are even more unfair than Kuribandit.
I'm not saying Bandit still doesn't have a role in ARG format going forward, but don't look for me to be playing it at the Player's Championship.

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