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DN Grind Nekroz

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Careyious    21

Visual Decklist:
[spoiler] WlIHgAz.png [/spoiler]

Written Decklist:



Main Deck:


1x Dance Princess of the Nekroz

1x Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz

1x Great Sorcerer of the Nekroz

3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

3x Senju o the Ten Thousand Hands

1x Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz

2x Nekroz of Brionac

1x Nekroz of Catastor

2x Nekroz of Clausolas

1x Nekroz of Decisive Armour

1x Nekroz of Gungnir

1x Nekroz of Trishula

3x Nekroz of Unicore

3x Nekroz of Valkyrus


3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Nekroz Cycle

2x Nekroz Mirror

3x Nekroz Kaleidoscope

1x Preparation of Rites

1x Raigeki

3x Reinforcement of the Army


1x Torrential Tribute

1x Vanity's Emptiness


Extra Deck:

2x Herald of Arc Light

1x Shooting Quasar Dragon

1x Star Eater

1x Shooting Star Dragon

1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier

1x Castel

1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight

1x Gagaga Cowboy

1x Abyss Dweller

1x Daigusto Emeral

1x Xyz Rebellion Dragon

1x Rhapsody in Beserk

1x Planetellarknight Ptolemaeus

1x Constellarknight Diamond


Side Deck:

2x Fire Hand

2x Ice Hand

2x Denko Sekka

2x Shared Ride

2x Fairy Wind

2x Mind Crush

2x Typhoon

1x Psi-Blocker



So I've recently picked up Nekroz but I'm not particularly in the loop (reading through the Deck Discussion from back to front atm), and I needed to make myself a list that would give me the greatest chance of winning against randoms playing rogue decks with the occasional meta deck. 
For the most part I think this is pretty standard Nekroz Ratios, so I'll try to focus on my "non-standard" card choices.

  • Mystical Space Typhoon

This much seemed fairly necessary with people playing all sorts of floodgates, but also is very useful against the bizarre backrow choices that many people use at lower ratings that are harder to get a read on. Normally if I was playing against proper meta decks like other Nekroz players, and the like, I'd probably side this for something like Secret Village.

  • Torrential Tribute

I have a particular fondness for this card as it punishes over-commitment like nothing else. It also is a solid field nuke that helps open up space for OTKs.

  • Nekroz of Catastor

This card is a searchable Warrior Returning Alive, and allows for multiple uses of Shurit's search effect, and to quote a certain poster who's name escapes me at the moment, in combination with Unicore is a death-sentence for anything that uses the Extra-Deck

  • Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz

Has a lot of synergy with Valkyrus that I've really been liking, particularly its ability to search out Decisive Armour, which is really useful given the popularity of Towers Turbo which seems to be flavour of the month. It also lets me get additional uses with Shurit after using it with Nekroz Mirror.

  • Dance, Princess of the Nekroz

It's a soft-Denko Sekka, and the tribute effect is occassionally useful. Being able to just summon stuff with relative impunity is always good. 

  • Vanity's Emptiness

This is a card I've been kind of iffy about since it's a card that benefits the better player most, and quite frankly I'm not sure I'm really getting enough of of this card as a better player, so I've been considering dropping it for something that requires less skill for similar gain. 

For the side deck, I will admit I've just pinched most of it from some of the most recent tournament reports, and I've yet to test it because most of my matches result in my opponent quitting after 1 round, lol.




  • -1 Raigeki
  • -1 Vanity's Emptiness
  • -1 Torrential Tribute


  • +3 Secret Village of the Spellcasters

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+Urthor    10236

Making their MSTs live g1 is idiotic and raigeki doesn't provide anything close to value in any matchup.  

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Careyious    21

Making their MSTs live g1 is idiotic and raigeki doesn't provide anything close to value in any matchup.  


While I see your point about forcing backrow hate to be dead G1, does the unconditional field nuke really do that little? Also I'm thinking I'll replace those three slots with 3 Upstart Goblins or 3 Secret Village of the Spellcasters. But one of my concerns is that I'm playing against the weirdest fucking decks with bizarre OTKs and wombo combos and I feel like sometimes the raw power that Raigeki really does put a lot of those shitty decks out there so far behind. 

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While I haven't played ygo in awhile I will say a few things. I've been reading up intently as I've been kinda wanting to start dueling on DN again. I honestly don't see a problem maining the Raigeki but that's just me. I would test out nekroz on DN, however, I forgot my password so I will have to start from scratch as a rating. Anyways I would keep raigeki and get rid of torrential and vanitys

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TFJ    618
Raigeki seems fine to me. And it is really one if the few cards in your deck that can wipe RB off (until they ambush). I'm not sure how much experience you have playing vs them.

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