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Death and Conversation

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+Gojira    1708




Fiend of Dark Pyre | Nyarlathotep, the Faceless God



4 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword

4 Rasputin

4 Shantak

4 Guinevere, the Jealous Queen

4 Mozart

2 Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden

4 Nyarlathotep, the Usurper

1 Hastur, the Unspeakable

4 Byakhee, the Winged Lady

1 Yog-Sothoth, the Dark Myth



4 Thunder

4 Flame of Outer World



4 Magic Stone of Scorched Bales

4 Little Red, the Pure Stone

1 Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone

1 Magic Stone of Darkness



3 Magic Stone of Darkness

1 Necronomicon

2 Certo, the Blazing Volcano

2 Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant

2 Yog-Sothoth the Dark Myth

3 Spiral of Despair

2 Crime and Punishment


The ideal starting hand with this deck is 2 Dark 1-mana resonators, Byakhee, the Winged Lady, and Laevateinn (works with any stone)/thunder(dual stone), or just little red stone. This means you can drop Byakhee turn 2, flip ruler to kill something, and then attack for 1300 to kill something else. Turn 3, use Byakhee on itself during draw-step, and swing for exactly 4000. The rest of the deck is a midrange deck with value creatures and removal to back up the quick-kill strategy.

With even a moderate hand, this deck can race Bahamut well. The worst-case scenario is their god hand when running Excalibur, because it forces you to have laevateinn turn 1 in order to run over bahamut turn 2, but that means they have to leave Excalibur untapped, which is unlikely.

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+Gojira    1708

Also, Shantak is not a very good card. I started with a single copy because having a 2nd one drop on turn 2 is such a huge play and slowly increased it to 4. After testing, this seems like the correct number in terms of getting very strong starting hands, even though it can hurt my topdecks if I go to late-game. My reasoning is that it's just a strong mana accelerant if I have a Cthulhu in hand, even though I will rarely recur it (unlike rasputin). Because of this, I'm often going to side out some number of copies against control decks to give a more consistent deck, rather than focusing on the explosiveness I need to beat aggro.

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+Gojira    1708

Made some changes. Opening up little red stone makes the turn 3 kill only require 3 cards, and makes fixing for red easier if necessary at the sacrifice of a stone.

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