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~bilaterus~    41
If you need to know about specific interactions or individual rulings involving cards that are extremely popular, this thread should be your first port of call. Feel free to make suggestions on topics to cover here.
The Damage Step: Honest, Bounzer, and Other Changes
[spoiler]The structure of the Damage Step has officially changed. Important facts about the Damage Step now include:
  • Honest CANNOT be used during damage calculation. Honest must be used before damage calculation, like other ATK/DEF Modifiers.
  • Effects like Trag, RDA, D.D. Warrior Lady, and Ryko all form a Chain after damage calculation.  
  • Bounzer, and other negation effects that do not negate activations, cannot be used in the Damage Step. Only Monster Effects that negate activations may be used.
  • If Guaiba crashes into another Guaiba (or kills a Ryko, etc), its effect can no longer activate. 
You can see the Konami article on the Damage Step here, and you can see YGOrganization articles explaining the Damage Step here and here. [/spoiler]
Lose 1 Turn
[spoiler]L1T's effect negation is continuous: its effect to negate has no colon or semi-colon, so by the rules of PSCT, it does not start a Chain (as you can read here https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=2947).This means that it will only negate effects of monsters that are face-up on the field when their effects resolve, the same way that Skill Drain works. 
You can read more on this here: http://ygorganization.com/lose-1-turn-ruling/[/spoiler]
MST vs COTH vs Deneb
[spoiler]Consider this situation: 
CL2: COTH targeting Deneb
The question is whether Deneb's effect can be activated after the Chain resolves, despite the fact that it is no longer on the field at the time it would activate. 
In North America, it would NOT activate. This specific ruling generalises to others of a similar nature (eg. if a BA monster is sent to the Graveyard as a cost, and is then banished at Chain Link 2, it may NOT activate).
However, this is only for effects which have an (implicit or explicit) location where they generally activate (eg. on field for monsters that need to be Summoned or flipped face-up, or in the Graveyard if it's written on the card). For monsters like Hieratic monsters that just need to be Tributed and don't specify a location, they will still activate. 
In Europe, however, this ruling is different: whether the effect can activate or not depends solely on whether the monster is being returned to an area of public (field, Graveyard, banished) or private (hand, Deck) knowledge. So for example, Deneb would activate in the above situation, but an Atlantean monster returned to the Deck by The Transmigration Prophecy before it can activate would not be able to.
The full gory details can be found here: http://ygorganization.com/advanced-rulings-location-matters/ [/spoiler]
Stick and Chair
[spoiler]Here is a full explanation of how to play the Star Seraph Stick (Scepter) and Chair (Sovereignty) combo, with the relevant rulings explained along the way. 
First, you Summon Stick. If this is by Normal (or Pendulum) Summon, you should ask the opponent if they wish to negate the Summon (and if the Summon is while a Chain is resolving, such as while Call of the Haunted is resolving), then of course they cannot negate the Summon). 
If the Summon is successful, you then activate the effects of both Stick and the Chair in hand. You don't ask for a response after activating just Stick's effect, as Trigger Effects always go on the Chain first before players respond (read up on Fast Effect Timing for more details). In addition, Stick's and Chair's effects can be CL1 and CL2 in either order, as both are triggered by the exact same action (Stick's Summon). 
After the Chain resolves, the added Chair checks that the original Chair was Summoned in the previous Chain, so the added Chair's effect can now activate. This is regardless of whether the added Chair was in the hand to 'see' the Summon or not (refer to the Fire King vs Generation Shift ruling). [/spoiler]
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The Ween    236
I'm I think that the intricacies of veiler/breakthrough skill versus book of moon, cards moving themselves (I.e. Rabbit), etc is something that often raises questions

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~bilaterus~    41

General and common game mechanics/rulings will be covered in a different place. The purpose of this article in particular is to focus on current hot topics that are particularly relevant to general play. 

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+Urthor    10188

Anybody spot other significant changes than Honest?  


This also changes Bear iirc, merges 5&6 as well as 1&2 on the substep chart I think? 

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~bilaterus~    41

The official page itself is a bit rushed and sparse, but the implication is that the TCG now follows the OCG Damage Step. This may well mean things like: Bounzer cannot be used during the Damage Step, changes to Jurrac Guaiba crash rulings, etc. 


I will keep this thread updated with the major changes as agreed upon by the ruling authorities. Watch this space.


Edit: Ok, 4 major changes. I detailed them in the OP. Also, the relevant YGOrg articles have been updated, so you can refer to them as well for the full picture.

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