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Compiled here are all of the best and most essential rulings resources needed to bring your knowledge of the game up to scratch. If you want to look up a particular area of rulings, you can find it here. There are also quizzes throughout to test your knowledge.

If you're interested in studying rulings systematically, try my Demystifying Rulings Series at YGOrganization. 
The Fundamentals
[spoiler]The Yugioh TCG Rulebook
Yugioh is a highly complex game, and the rulebook is the perfect starting point to understanding how the game works. It covers the basics of chaining, spell speeds, and the different types of monster effects.
Introducing Pendulum Monsters!
Summary of Pendulum Summons
These articles explain how Pendulum cards work and behave in detail.
Rulebook Quiz
Rulebook Quiz 2[/spoiler]
Problem-Solving Card Text
[spoiler]Here are Konami's Articles explaining PSCT (the first two articles of the series aren't as important and are not linked here):
PSCT 3 - Conditions, Activations, and Effects
PSCT 4 - Clues on the Cards
PSCT 5 - Special Summons
PSCT 6 - Further Clues on the Cards
PSCT 7 - Conjunction Functions

PSCT Quiz 2[/spoiler]
Konami Policy and Judge Documents
[spoiler]Here are the links to the Policy Docs:
Konami Yugioh Tournament Policy
Konami General Tournament Policy
Konami Penalty Guidelines
The following link above is important for players and judges alike, as it explains which questions a judge can and cannot answer, and thus, which questions you can and cannot ask as a player.
Questions a Judge Should and Should Not Answer
The following articles are written in a Magic: The Gathering context; however, the philosophies remain the same for Yugioh:
Shortcut it Out: An explanation of shortcut usage
Investigations Part 1 - The Search for Collateral Truths
Investigations Part 2 - Risk vs Reward
Investigations Part 3 - Terminating an Investigation
Trublu Caribou's Policy Quiz[/spoiler]
Optional "When" Effects 
This mechanic is also (but should not be) known as "missing timing".
[spoiler]Some effects cannot if their triggers are not the last thing to occur. You can view the official explanation on this mechanic here:
This article by Joe Frankino explains the above mechanic in further detail.
Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain 
[spoiler]SEGOC is what occurs when multiple effects are triggered at the same time, and dictates in what order these effects will be placed on the chain. This article explains SEGOC in detail.

Chain Mechanics Quiz[/spoiler]
Fast Effect Timing
[spoiler]Fast effect timing is the set of rules governing which player and effects have the right to act at any given time. This article explains Fast Effect Timing in detail.
Here is Konami's article on Fast Effect Timing: 
Fast Effect Timing
It's probably a good idea to bookmark the chart separately.[/spoiler]
The Battle Phase and Damage Step
[spoiler]A battle between monsters in Yugioh is actually extremely complex.
This article gives an introduction to the Battle Phase in general.
This article gives an introduction to the Damage Step.
That Wacky Damage Step!
Only certain types of effect can be activated in the Damage Step. This link explains exactly which effects can be activated in more detail.
Damage Step and End Phase Quiz (note: the End Phase questions are outdated and can be ignored)[/spoiler]
[spoiler]This article explains some rulings to do with negating activations and effects.[/spoiler]
Move Legality
[spoiler]This article explains some rulings to do with legality of activations and Summons.[/spoiler]
The Game State, Verifications, and ATK Modifiers
[spoiler]This article explains some rulings to do with these topics.[/spoiler]
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