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The new synchron deck benefits synchro decks in unconventional ways. After watching TaintedWisdom’s youtube video on quasar, sifr, herald using zombies I wanted to make a deck out of it. He used powertool, karakuris, and t.g. extra deck monsters to achieve his field but I didn’t want to run any of those cards nor the maindecked speedroid cards necessary for his method. I played around and discovered this way of making quasar and even quasar, sifr, herald with extra mezukis.






Main (40):


Monsters (10):

2x Jet Synchron

2x Level Eater

3x Mezuki

3x Uni-Zombie


Spells (30):

1x Broken Bamboo Sword

1x Burial From A Different Dimension

3x Chicken Race

3x Cursed Bamboo Sword

1x Foolish Burial

3x Golden Bamboo Sword

3x Hidden Armory

3x Magical Stone Excavation

1x One for One

1x Pseudo Space

3x Reasoning

3x Terraforming

3x Upstart Goblin

1x Zombie world


Side (15):


1x Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Forbidden Chalice

3x De-Fusion

3x Anti-Magic Arrows

3x Prohibition


Extra (15):


2x Shooting Quasar Dragon

1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

3x Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing

1x Ancient Fairy Dragon

1x Metaphys Horus

1x T.G. Hyper Librarian

1x Accel Synchron

1x Phonon Pulse Dragon

1x Herald of the Arc Light

1x Tatsunoko

2x Formula Synchron



First, before I discuss the deck itself read how to perform the combos here: http://pastebin.com/WNPmUNkf.



The monster line-up is straight forward – everything you need nothing you don’t.


For the spells I chose to run the bamboo engine so that the deck could consistently draw through its deck and see the necessary pieces. You also may hit cursed swords off reasoning for extra advantage. I did not want to run hidden armory at first because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to combo off. This turned out to rarely be the case with mezuki and reasoning. I use to run hand destruction and sometimes I want an extra discard outlet but I opted to exclude it. Excavation is so good. You can grab back a foolish or burial to combo off. Post side you can grab any side cards you milled with reasoning so that you can combo off. Normally you’d just pitch cursed swords to grab hidden armory. Zombie world is necessary to otk due to uni-zombies restriction. It is also why I run pseudo space and ancient fairy dragon. Pseudo space also comes up when you need to revive synchros with zombie world due to playing through backrow and then need to get rid of it to baxia loop. The only thing you really don’t want to happen is for horus to get warning’d or bottomless’d. You can still make quasar but you won’t be looping unless you have burial for the bottomless scenario.


For the side I chose farfa so if I get it off reasoning it can remove a winda/unicore (assuming they call 3). Anti-Magic arrows is so you can loop away backrow and make quasar. Next turn you can probably make your second one or just trish them and game them. De-Fusion is de-fusion. Good out to winda and serves as disruption after I combo off. Same with chalice for fiends/unicore. Mst is only necessary vs. rouge imo as horus can negate a face-up iron wall and the odds of them opening multiple running 3 upstarts is 4%. This can be done by getting a mezuki off reasoning and summoning jet synchron. Prohibition is for the “c”s, effect veiler, etc. If they maxx “c” you at the start of your combo and they went first then they didn’t pay attention because you will probably deck them out. Many people side maxx “c” with no additional hand traps so take advantage of that if you can. When I was running 3 hand destructions you could deck them out going first but you’ll be short without them.


For the extra you can chose to run miscellaneous monsters like felgrand, stardust warrior, etc over the stuff for the second quasar. Felgrand should be considered as he is good vs. certain decks and using him to make quasar immune should things go south is really good.

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