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»victor    6399

Another random thought that I had was this format if I were to make a bad analogy is like Spellbooks vs Dragon Rulers Tier 0 format because every deck is either about Spellbook of Judgement (Ratpier) for insane advantage off 1 card or Dragon Rulers (Grass is Greener, every deck is literally graveyard as a 2nd hand, because Snow, Paleozoics, Infernoids, ABC, Pendulums, etc. are just that, they revive themselves from grave just like DRulers).


Obviously, the parallel isn't exact, but I was thinking if we could apply the lessons we learned from then, to today?

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»Tygo    14143

Time to ask the strong questions:


Where do Gladiator Beasts fit into the new Link summoning Era?

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Me.    57
3 hours ago, Tygo said:

Time to ask the strong questions:


Where do Gladiator Beasts fit into the new Link summoning Era?

The AI GB script on ygopro always chooses to go 2nd, so it's perfect to test opening hands against.

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»Noelle    5851

ye i threw away the shaddoll ba deck.


also, realized hand destruction is a card


also also, realized photon thrasher can be milled past with reasoning/monster gate while being a decent draw if im gonna go for a rank 4 with patrulea and or decatron


whether or not thats better than playing wulf to mill it remains to be seen, but pure theory-wise, if im only playing snow then i also only want one extra lv 4 on top of it cus you run into too many levels when you start getting out too many 4s. this can hinder you from being able to kill them by not letting you attondel AND devy/onuc to seal the match

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»Noelle    5851

scratch thrasher. was thinking about piatty tho cus it can attack over the daigusto or invoker they end with to get a discard. they wont play around it by def modeing them either at least g1

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griggle.    182

I'm pretty wrapped up on the Lonefire Blossom idea. Like it's pretty obvious, but I wrote it so I could memorise what the Predaplants actually do. 

1. Normal Summon Lonefire Blossom
2. Lonefire Blossom effect, Special Summon Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio
3. Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio effect send a monster from hand to the graveyard, special summon Predaplant Darling Cobra. 
4. Predaplant Darling Cobra effect, add Instant Fusion to hand
5. Overlay the two Predaplants for MX-Saber Invoker
6. MX-Saber Invoker effect, special summon Zoodiac Ratpier 1.
7. Overlay Zoodiac Boarbow onto Zoodiac Ratpie 1.
8. Overlay Zoodiac Bullhorn onto Zoodiac Boarbow. 
9. Zoodiac Bullhorn effect, Detatch Zoodiac Boarbow, add Zoodiac Whiptail from deck to hand. 
10. Overlay Zoodiac Tigress onto Zoodiac Bullhorn. 
11. Special Summon Zoodiac Ratpier 2.
12. Overlay Zoodiac Drident onto Zoodiac Tigress. 
13. Detach Zoodiac Ratpier from Zoodiac Drident, Special Summon Zoodiac Ratpier 3. 
Zoodiac Drident (Zoodiac Bullhorn and Zoodiac Tigress as materials), Zoodiac Ratpier 2, Zoodiac Ratpier 3, and MX-Saber Invoker. 
3 other cards, an additional Instant fusion & Zoodiac Whiptail. 
To make double Zoodiac Drident
14. Zoodiac Drident effect, destroy MX-Saber Invoker. 
15. Activate Instant Fusion, special summon Elder Entity Norden. 
16. Activate Elder Entity Norden, SS Zoodiac Ratpier 1.
17. Overlay the 3 Zoodiac Ratpiers, and Elder Entity Norden, for Zoodiac Drident B. 
You end on:
Zoodiac Drident A (1 Material) and Zoodiac Drident B (4 Material) 
3 other cards, and Zoodiac Whiptail. 
Monster X, Lonefire Blossom, MX-Saber Invoker, Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio, Predaplant Darling Cobra, Zoodiac Bullhorn, Zoodiac Boarbow, and Instant Fusion
Idk if it's wrong, it was just me thinking why the fuck isn't Norden banned yet and seeing the Lonefire stuff. I guess the reasoning I'm posting is that there are a fuck tonne of pathways this can branch off to.

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»Noelle    5851

preliminary new format theory for dark synchro and infernoid:


Dark Synchro


if infernoid and paleo get more popular, as well as of course zoo declining in popularity, this likely leads to less d barrier. compound this with not going against a deck that draws 3, giving them usually one too many outs to your plays when you're on second, and dark synchro is able to play going second. just like old infernity, they're able to plow through traps quite easily provided there isnt too many of them, and there wont be now in either paleo, infernoid, abc, etc. nor will they have autowin traps


what results is a deck similar to how infernity used to be, you autowin going first and plow through their backrow to win going second. this alters the old strategy of "it being necessary to play around their 1st/2nd pick by building a deck for only the less popular one," because we're no longer in a situation where the pick corresponds with such an insurmountable advantage.


as the format progresses, and different cards and decks become good and worse, dark synchro is also uniquely capable of responding to this because the deck can play so many different engines. one engine may be good at one point while another is good at another point, corresponding to things like hand traps you have to play around, floods you have to play around, and so on.


in line with this, if 60ish card decks become really popular, dark synchro is again uniquely capable of abusing left arm offering. this is because, whereas non-grass spells are significantly worse in other 60 card decks, in dark synchro they can be whatever other piece you're missing for the combo to end the game. what results is a dark synchro list playing ~60, yet only using one grass. so you play 4 of it when its good but only 1 (out of 60) when its bad, and left arm is still otherwise amazing in either case. 


the prescription is clear, then. im going to work on a high number dark synchro list using engines that correspond to playing around whatever is popular at the time, ill blind first but be fine going second, and ill should have produced an extremely strong deck.


the only go-second issue is that artifact windwitch eidelon can scythe you, but they may be slow enough a deck to where you can survive, and you might be able to otherwise play something to trump it. 




The best thing about this list is that you can justify going way down on your normal summons, making reasoning/gate better. Advance draw is still amazing but i think seven star sword is better now whereas hand destruction and trade in will be worse, as a result of kaijus being less necessary (these being some of the normal summons one can take out.) if 60ish card decks become really popular you can also justify pot of desires here. the advantage of the draw spells in the mirror is that it gets you to gate reasoning and feast faster, which will be game. 


against paleo its the same as usual, a matchup very much in infernoid's favor. the gate/reasoning/feast advantage cus of draw spells in the mirror additionally applies for other 60 card matchups. you can side the kaiju engine now i guess for when it applies, you'll have the extra room if you were taking out the sided zoo engine from my build. 


the cool thing is, depending on the appropriate time in the format, i can alternate between dark synchro and infernoid. this will then answer the question of "which of these two is better?" of course, ive still yet to read cards coming out and there are other decks to consider such as metalfoe that still uses zoo, but in the case of dark synchro they aren't real and it's a similar deal for infernoid


theres obviously much more work to be done, things to learn, trends to track, theory to do, etc. outside of lunalight combo i liked this format, and i think ill like this next format too, itll be a swell time.


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The Ween    237

One thing I've been wondering about is the strength of lawnmowing in a format where there could be so many 60 card decks. I think that your idea for a 60 card deck that isnt reliant on lawnmowing is vastly superior, as it inherently protects you from other players using 60 without hampering you. Having a 60 card infernoid mirror just sounds kinda terrifying because you are relying totally on luck, but I feel that could happen kinda often at tournaments for the next couple months.

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mark    3105

Isn't pot of desires worse vs 60-card decks because you give them 12 Mills from grass? Or is digging for left arm/gate/reasoning good enough to make it not relevant or something? 

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»victor    6399

Since the Blue Eyes Discussion is archived, thought I'd post this here.


This is a kind of parallel to what I was saying about Timelords over in the Darklord thread, but I think Timelords are just as impactful in BEWD as they are in Darklords.


Reason being,




You can retrieve Time Maiden for reuse, after banishing it for its effect.


And you're already playing a card that you can retrieve with Light of Redemption in White Stone of Ancients.


So you have a recurring source of advantage, and can grind with the top decks. Especially since you get draws off Zaphion who shuffles backrows for you, and can Synchro with it for Star Eater, and you having cards like Mausoleum of White to help with the Extra Summons.


And beyond that, you have:




In case you guys don't get it,


Math dump Time Maiden

Time Maiden banishes for Metaion

Metaion bounces the field, including Math to hand for reuse.


How cool is that?


But that's not all, you have:




Now, the LV 10 of Deep-Eyes has some use with Timelords also being LV 10.


Keep in mind that COTH works on Timelords, and they don't die when COTH is destroyed.

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Jvizzle87    55

With the recent release of White Aura Whale and the upcoming release of the Nimble cards in TCG Mermails can become a relevant part of the meta once again if these new cards can be used right. 


The new Nimble Beaver is a Tour Guide for lvl 2s that can best be used by the water deck. It's one card access to Mastar Boy while making dropping Moulinglacia A LOT more consistent. Not to mention that Nimble Beaver + Instant Fusion is Trishula. So there's potential to drop Moulinglacia + Trishula. Also Frogs are lvl 2 so that gives the idea more synergy. 


Using such a large but stronger Water engine will also allow more effective use of Moray of Greed. 


You can also do cute things like drop Gamaciel make Mannequin Cat and special Prince from deck etc.


Also the combos with Diva can be pretty intense since you can build boards like Mermail+Glacia discard 2+backed by a Herald which can def make things difficult for the opponent. You can also do Cryston Quandax+Lvl 4 to make White Aura Whale on opponent's turn and Raigeki their field in the middle of their play.


With all these different avenues ED space will be an issue so things will have to be fine tuned.


Obviously with Mermails the combos will always be extensive and I don't have the idea grasped enough to a point where I can make a Deck Garage post on it so i figured I'd post it here and see what the community comes up with cause I feel if optimized this strategy can really make a difference. 

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chrona    83

After seeing this thread: 



Wanted to share another way to FTK:

Firewall + (Toon) Cannon Soldier + DW Grapha + Any DW Monster in hand/field

-> pop grapha, firewall eff, special dw, bounce for grapha, repeat


ways to get cannon soldier on the field
a) drawing into soul charge

b) firewall on field, soldier in hand and using advance draw on any lvl 8

c) firewall on field, soldier in hand, build a link next to firewall and use his eff to ss


dragged down etc. gets rid of handtraps


a way to make 1-card firewall with grinder golem: http://beyondtheduel.com/grinder-golem-link-summoning-loop/

he's also level 8 for trade-in, dark for allure and fiend for gates of the dw


haven't found any way yet to make this consistent also it most likely loses to droll & lock =-|

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»victor    6399

Now that Wavering Eyes is back at 3, one of the things I've thought about recently is how people have written Qliphorts off entirely, when in fact they have some power cards that distinguish them from the rest of the meta.


Namely, they have a searchable Double Summon, that works with Set Rotation, and they get to downgrade LV 7/8 with Domain.




So even if they only get one monster back from the Pendulum Zone into the EMZ zone, there are ways for you to bring out the bigger Qliphorts.


The Double Summon itself is crazy for being to drop Fiends, etc. or even as a LV 4 EARTH, to Tune with (or potentially you can Missus Radiant and such, if you tech it into Rescue Foes)


They are also the only deck that can abuse:




Other Pendulum decks want to Link up, Synchro or XYZ after Pendulum Summoning, while this deck doesn't, and what's more, you get the greatness of Monarch support!


As for you'd go through the effort of playing Qliphort, they're still the best deck at bringing out Naturia Beast, as well as the backrow hate they're known for, etc.


Not going to lie, immunity to Chaos Trap Hole, is pretty appealing.

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