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happy dolls

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wduartes    75




1 - Armageddon Knight

1 - Elemental Hero Blazeman

1 - Photon Thrasher

1 - Shaddoll Hedgehod

1 - Shaddoll Falco

1 - Shaddoll Dragon

2 - Shaddoll Squamata

2 - Shaddoll Beast

3 - Star Seraph Scepter

3 - star seraph sovereignty

1 - Performage Trick Clown

1 - Performage Hat Tricker

1 - Performage Damage Juggler

1 - Jigobyte

1 - Gem-knight Garnet



1 - Polymerization

2 - Shaddoll Fusion

3 - El Shaddoll Fusion

3 - Brilliant Fusion

1 - Raigeki

2 - Reinforcement of the Army

3 - Instant Fusion

3 - Upstart Goblin



1 - Shaddoll Core



2 - Elder Entity Norden

1 - Gem-knight Seraphinite

1 - El Shaddoll Winda

1 - El Shaddoll shekhinaga

1 - El Shaddoll anoyatyllis

3 - El Shaddoll Construct

1 - Abyss Dweller

1 - Daigusto Emeral

1 - Castel, the skyblaster Musqueteer

1 - King of the Feral Imps

1 - Stellarknight Delteros

1 - Number 104: Masquerade



3 - Denko Sekka

2 - Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

1 - Elemental Hero Prisma

1 - Cyber Dragon

1 - Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

1 - Mystical Space Typhoon

1 - Galaxy Cyclone

2 - Dark Hole

1 - Stellarknight Constellar Diamond

1 - Steelswarm Roach

1 - Evilswarm Exciton Knight



The side deck is just tentative, because i live in south america and crab king isnt legal, and didnt think about all the matchups yet.


With the release of Norden i really wanted to play a deck that can get the most value of it and brilliant fusion, because brilliant can tutor whatever you need at the cost of drawing the fucking garnet.

At first i think that Nekroz was the deck that can do the trick, since using double ju AND having a way to put a masquerade in the field to OTK in the same turn with just playing 4 cards is huge.


But after goldfishing it, drawing double ju and a live brilliant only happened at 11% and the mathematician fiasco, so i was dissapointed about it until remebered that brilliant also gives all that dolls wanted all this time, a searcheable light without wasting the normal summon AND a way to unbrick the multiple normal summon hands, I think that hobban explains better this in his article in ARG, since it gives me the RotA engine to fix the nospellhand problem without clogging my hands with normal summons.


So now, i have a way to search a light, to search a spell/doll/light,what is missing? Something to abuse the double normal thing, here is where star seraph comes in.

In the past, when you open scepter, you can only get value of it when you hit a second one after searchigng sovereignity, but with brillian, you can do the XYZ of 3 materials to draw more cards whenever you start with another level 4 ( pretty much the whole deck ). You brilliant for Juggler/Tricker, Normal the Scepter, Normal the other level 4, make delteros/X and draw another card after digging for 3-4 cards.


Right now, my only problem is how i deal with unicore, with engine cards since i really dont want to mainboard shitty cards like dark hole, and how this deck interacts with anothers Nordens decks of the format.





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mark    3105

Playing one gem-knight instead of two, reduces the amount of dead draws in your deck by 1.

However, when you play two gem-knights and draw a gem-knight, your brilliants are still live, also your gem-knight is live since you can 2nd summon it with Seraphini eff. But now with one gem-knight, whenever you draw it, it will always be dead and you will have 3 other dead cards in your hand/deck.

The only benefit of playing one gem-knight over two is that you can't draw both, but that's very unlikely to begin with. Play 2 gem-knights.

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NB96    859
I think you are trying to do far too much in one deck. Performages, Star Seraphs and the Gem-Knight engine all in one deck, along with the full ROTA engine and somehow you've got Upstarts in there too. You have no protection from Trishula nor many outs to Unicore other than the one Raigeki.

I don't think you can get the full potential out of each engine you use when you are cramming so many different things into the deck, for example you will run out of Dolls pretty quickly with only 7, 2 of whom are Squamatas also. I agree that each engine adds something to the deck but how much are you actually adding when you are diminishing your returns (idk if I used the phrase right) by reducing the size of each engine to make room for another.

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ralfiano    43

Kind of related to NB96s post, you're decks really clogged up and one of the things I would drop would be blazeman and poly, its nice but it takes up a normal summon and if you draw poly then blaze its kind of useless

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Yeah, honestly I agree with nb96 it's just too cluttered. Personally I would take out blaze man and poly and play another gem knight as it would create less dead draws in the long run. I also feel you should add more shaddoll monsters.

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