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My Dragunity combolicious madman deck

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NB96    861

Dragon's Bind: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon%27s_Bind

3 Dragunity Dux
3 Dragunity Arma Mystletainn
3 Dragunity Phalanx
2 Garuda the Wind Spirit
1 Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite
1 Harpie Harpist
1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

3 Instant Fusion
3 Terraforming
3 Upstart Goblin
2 Cards of Consonance
2 Deck Lockdown
2 Dragunity Divine Lance
2 Dragon Ravine
1 Soul Charge

3 Dragon's Bind
3 Fiendish Chain
1 Solemn Warning
1 Vanity's Emptiness

One of my problems with Dragunity was that it's combo was too fragile to be broken. You can go first and do the standard stuff but Stardust was the only defensive card I could really make. To win against the top decks you needed Vanity's Emptiness to lock them out, often with Stardust Spark Dragon. But now, with Dragon's Bind, you have another pseudo Vanity's. With 4 copies of a lockdown card to go with my combo I could more consistently reach my win condition. The deck is ridiculously consistent at going off with Dux + another combo piece such as Mystletainn/Garuda to make a strong t1 field. I attribute this to Dragunity Divine Lance, which made the deck more consistent because I don't need to draw a Ravine now, I can get that instead. However I don't max out on Lance because I think drawing two copies is bad, 2 is enough to see it often but reduces dead draws slightly.

The deck now has a strategy against the top decks that works pretty well. In a 37 card deck, I have a 61% chance of drawing one or more floodgates in my opening hand to go with my combo (2 Deck Lockdown, 3 Dragon's Bind, 1 Vanity's Emptiness). If you count Warning alongside that then it goes up to 67%, its a great trap to have alongside them but isn't strictly a floodgate I suppose.

Triple Terrafoming with only two field spells is a little strange. I originally had Chicken Game in there as the third target, but sometimes you just don't see the Ravine to put over it and giving the oppoennt a free +1 is bordering on auto-loss territory imo. I pretty much never draw all 3 Terrfaormings, and any dead copies can just be discarded for Ravine anyway. I've had no problems with dead draws using this ratio. Cards of Consonance also becomes more live when I run more Terraformings to search Ravine, and that lets me dig deeper into the deck either for combo pieces or traps to make the  field unbreakable.

Instant Fusion was always good in this deck because you could summon Mavelus to act as another Mystletainn, but now with Norden it's even better because it acts as a rank 4. There wasn't too much room in the extra but I went for Daigusto Emeral and Castel. Daigusto Emeral stops me running out of Dux/Vajrayana so I can keep going for longer in a grind game, while having a Castel makes an Instant Fusion spot removal for me. It's excellent in the deck.

I'm not entirely certain about my trap lineup, I wish there was another continuous floodgate I could play to go along with my combo and finish but I don't think there is, Fiendish Chain gives me effect negation so it's a fairly solid trap all round, but especially so when I can pair it with the Zephyros that I almost always end my combo with in the grave thanks to Gae Dearg. The fact that I can bounce it makes it valuable enough for me, I've been on the wrong end of Triverr bouncing it enough times to know how powerful it is to re-use Fiendish Chain twice.

I think the extra deck is good, Red Wyvern is there because I needed another level 6 than Gae Dearg or Vajrayana. Red Wyvern is a fantastic card, just reading it made me realize how absurd it could be. The fact that it has in built protection is bonkers, it means Red Wyvern defends you even without a trap card in your hand. Activating only once while it's on the field is a little disappointing but that's all you really need when you can OTK them the next turn. I actually think the price of that card is going to rise some day, I don't know what deck will make it happen but I think the card is very, very good. I'd like to fit a Photon Strike Bounzer in the deck because it's a rank 6 that defends itself but space is tight. Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger is really just a beater to put over Atum, not nearly enough value. I might be able to declare another attack with it, but my Atum is usually being used on t1 anyway and if I can resolve Atum twice and then summon Gaia, I think I've just won at that point anyway. M7 just lets me keep up the pressure and put more and more powerful monsters on the field by recycling my Dux or Mysletainn.

I think this deck is a lot of fun, something different and I'd recommend people try it out. It's pretty consistent too imo, I open the combo rather often.

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PrideRock    43

Why not Lightning Chidori over Castel? I can't see to many instances where the Wind requirement would be an issue and chidori just gets more mileage. 

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Why not Lightning Chidori over Castel? I can't see to many instances where the Wind requirement would be an issue and chidori just gets more mileage. 

Because Noden is Water ?!
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dopespot    34

This is very cool. I too was really excited when I saw Dragon Bind. I don't have much to comment on in the way of constructive criticism, but I am curious: Considering the only OCG cards are Dragon Bind (and of course, Norden being banned in OCG), why not port this over to the TCG? Two reasons for this:


1) Power-level: OCG seems pretty ridiculous right now between P&P and super-ultra-powered BA. Even with 3 addition themed Vanity, there is a pretty stark gap in strength.

2) Positioning in the meta: This deck obviously wants to go first every game. Most decks in the TCG want to go second right now to capitalize on the battle phase and the extra card. The few decks that actually want to go first are generally of lower power-level (tellars). You could go first a vast majority of your G1's, win with a nearly unbreakable board/lock, and leverage your SB to pull out the win in the next two games. I don't know enough about the OCG meta to talk about all decks, but I'm pretty sure the most common (P&P) wants to go first and setup a big board. BA can play either role, as can Monarchs.


The downside of this is you can't play your 3 extra Vanity, and there isn't such a broad lock-card to play in its slot. You can very reasonably get out either 2 level 8 synchros or a rank 6 + level 8. A board of something like Stardust Spark, Stardust Dragon, and Rivalry of Warlords seems pretty difficult to break. Bounzer + Stardust + Traps is cool.

Since you play winged-beasts, the option of something like Stardust + Swallows Nest > Barrier Statue of Wind is possible.


Just some ideas. I'm going to fool around with this in TCG land and see what happens.


EDIT: If you don't open a Vanity and decide there aren't any other good floods to MD, opening multiple Framelord Omegas also seems pretty strong. Turn 1 double Omega, banish 1 of them and a card from their hand, pass. Their standby, return the banished card to gy (unless it's a Nekroz ritual), M1 banish the second Omega if they do anything combo-ish. They start the game with a 5-card hand, and are effectively stunned out of another card. Your next turn, you start with 5600 on the table. I don't know the odds on making 3 level8 synchros on turn 1, but starting the game with 3 cards sounds cheesy.

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NB96    861
Ok I need to cut one card for Mist Valley Baby Roc. I've thought about it and summoning two Lord Omega's just seems nuts.

I watched a video on Youtube about some combos with Dragunity Arma Levyaten, the guy played it in his deck because it let him open with Felgrand and he said that was the best opening he could do against Nekroz so he had to play it. I tried that but it took up 3 extra deck slots, with Baby Roc you only need to add two slots for the Omegas. Not to mention I'm not mad about Trident Dragion, nor have I ever needed a second Atum. I really wanted to make Levyaten work but I just don't think it's all that.

Baby Roc on the other hand isn't even such a bad draw since I can discard it with Ravine and get it straight back. Double Omgea should give me a great shot against Nekroz, especially if I can pair it with traps. The deck needs multiple cards for each move so taking two out of the hand immediately should be very helpful to slow them down.

I'm thinking of cutting both Cards of Consonance for Baby Roc and another trap but I don't know for sure. But yeah that Omega combo might be the best thing going first.

Also does anyone else think I should cut Deck Lockdown for Mistake? Having to play Deck Lockdown during my own turn shuts off my end phase Harpie Harpist search, but Mistake can be flipped during their turn to avoid this drawback. Not to mention I can augment my strategy if I draw this by making double Stardust instead of Omega to protect Mistake, total bullshit for a Nekroz player staring that down.

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You can't use Roc with Ravine because it misses timing.

The catch-22 is that Fabled Cerburrel doesn't, but you can't search it off of Gae Dearg.


From memory, you're supposed to be able to use Red to revive Dearg like 3-4 times, but in your build, you get the 1 Zephyros, and the 1 Harpist. 

Back in LTGY, I used Zephyros, Baby Roc, and Gusto Griffin + Windaar to go into Exa-Beetle, equip + summon Phalanx, and then make Gaia Dragon.

I don't think Emeral is the right thing to play since you shouldn't really have 2 level 4s to make something that isn't a "fix this shit quick" like Exciton. 


Chicken Race lets you Upstart while leaving the opponent at 8000 for easier OTKs (Red Blader M7 is 83), and since there's fields already, you have something to put on top of it.


What does Deck Lockdown hit, Graff, Disk, Kozmo?

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NB96    861

Damn I didn't realize Ravine made Baby Roc miss timing. I still think it's a fine drawing because you can make Gae Dearg and add a Garuda to discard Baby Roc and go off even without Mystletainn. I'm sure most of the time I'll be using Baby Roc from Gae Dearg so it shouldn't be a problem.

Chicken Race was something I tried but ultimately I think the card has too many flaws. Sometimes you don't get to Ravine, that's why Dragunity Divine Lancet is a helpful additional to the deck. I didn't want that risk of letting it stayed on the field.

Emeral is there for Norden, I wanted the two Xyz's to solve many situations, Norden re-fuels my engineering, the deck previously lacked something like this outside of Pot of Avarice, but with Instant Fusion at 3 I'd be foolish not to play a small handful of rankings 4's just in case.

Deck Lockdown is there because it contributes to the "unbreakable" combo, a good field + floodgates is game when I can make Stardust(s) to protect the floodgates. It can hit the stuff you mentioned but also niche stuff like Reasoning/Monster Gate, Tour Guide etc. The problem is Mistake just doesn't stop Harpist which is great for me.

EDIT: Cant believe I just played a mirror on rated lol, the guy lost both games because of his own Chicken Game.

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mimgrim    2

So one glaring issue to me is the lack of A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon as that card works amazing with both Myst and REDMD because you should be able to easily summon them back once returned to the hand and is a good way to clear out backrow for some better safety at OTKing. 


You should also consider a single Koa'ki Mairu Drago as it can be searched by Dearg while also securing your OTKs better for the off chance of Fader/Gorz/Trago while also putting on some pain against multiple strong decks in the current format.


Another card you might consider is Denko Sekka because, again, helps to secure your OTKing better if you can't get Wingbeat. And if you summon it after you bring up Binding then you got yourself a pretty controlling field there.  


Basically I fell that your biggest concern in the current deck is to whatever can stop you from getting your OTKs up. 

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NB96    861
My problem with that is if they let me get so far into my combo that I'm summoning Red-Eyes or allow Mystletainn to hit the field, then just how dangerous is their backrow really? I don't know if Wingbeat becomes win moar if their traps couldn't stop me anyway.

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