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Super Quantum Mecha Pilot

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Berdversary    181
Monsters (23)
3 Super Quantum Fairy Alphan
3 SQM Pilot Blue
3 SQMP Red
3 SQMP Green
3 Performage Damage Juggler
1 Trick Clown
1 Hatricker
3 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit
1 Gem-Knight Garnet
2 Star Drawing
Spells (17)
3 Upstart Goblin
3 Brilliant Fusion
3 Instant Fusion
3 Emergency Teleport
1 One for One
1 Soul Charge
3 SQM Magnacarrier
“Something something omg i love power ranger !!1 fave anime”
The object of this deck is pretty simple, make a 6-9 Material Magnus and win. It is essentially a Rank 4 deck with the added niche of defensive Xyz and floating materials with a naturally high “ceiling” (I choose to define “ceiling” in this context as “the number of meaningful summons you can do per turn;” to clarify “meaningful” in the context of that phrase, it refers to the ability to trade 1 or more cards with the opponent) due to all of your engine spells. Despite the fact that Wing Raiders will not be out until February in TCG and this is only playable in DNCG or “x“Pro simulators, I still wanted to optimize this deck to the best of my ability using what I have learned so far, at the worst I can use this build or any other changes afterwards as a template for any variables (such as the banlist) in the future.
3 Alphan + 1 One for One, 3 Blue Layer + 3 Emergency Teleport, 3 Red Layer, 3 Green Layer
These 16 cards should be self-explanatory
-Emergency Teleport + Blue essentially gives me 9 copies of the Field Spell + the other Super Quantum Pilots a percentage of the time without a normal summon.
-One for One summons Alphan without an NS, which makes it much easier to correct Alphan plays since if you hit Blue you can normal whatever you search, hitting Green gives you another ceiling bump so you also have the option to normal a non-SMQ NS like the clowns/star drawing, and hitting Red gives you the ability to NS whatever you grab from grave (notably Blue, and Green if you have a Blue in hand). Originally, I was playing 2 Alphan 1 One for One so I have the same amount of Alphans + the additional searches of Blue but without having to draw multiples (also note that if One for One is drawn after 2 Alphans are consumed, you can already solve this through Blue’s graveyard effect to shuffle any graved Alphan) but I figured because Green’s graveyard effect is my least used effect in games you can already solve multiple Alphan in hand, while increasing the chances of seeing another power spell in deck.
3 SQM Field Spell
This is your only way to make Magnas, I was originally playing 2 copies since Blue Layer would count as 8 copies, hence searching it whenever i need it, However, most scenarios when I attempt to make Magnas, my Blue search is consumed searching for this card when I would rather search an SQM to correct my hand (more relevant under e-tele). Even though not all these situations can be avoided by 3 copies of the field spell > 2, I would still like to maximize my chance of opening this card since to minimize Blue searching for a blank. 
Regarding the field spell, the common logic of making Magnus is finding monsters to discard, preferably 1 monster that count as 3 monsters so you can discard it when you board all 3 SQMPs to summon the themed Xyz. While this is true, the next criteria when considering a card to play in this deck is a monster or card that can double as any level monster  as possible so it can be a level 3, 4, or 5 monster whenever you need it. While searching for cards to fill up the rest of the deck slots, I came across the following monster(s):
-Volcanic Shell (drawing 1 copy = 3 discards)
-Phantom Knight (discard the monster searcher, which grabs the trap searcher, then discard the trap)
-Performage (discard damage juggler, search clown, clown revives and acts as level 4 material)
Volcanic Shell is obviously garbage, as its sole function in the deck is to act as a discard for another combo piece and isn’t a level 3,4,5 at worst (when Magnas is undesirable or impossible) so you can make the themed Xyz by performing an actual Xyz Summon.
PK have the inherent issue that Rank 3’s essentially suck in comparison to Rank 4 unless its Dante with floating material and Dire Wolf/Breaksword are interchangeable in a vacuum. The deck does have access to searchable defense in the form of Fogblade, which sets it apart from performage.
This does not mean Performage were chosen by default. I was still skeptical of subscribing to either one of these engines, Pmage making this deck an inherently weaker Rank 4 engine than post-BOSH PePe (even pre-BOSH) as it was at this stage extremely reliant on the NS without the additional ceiling of a pendulum summon. The next card immediately made me on board with Pmage engine:
3 Brilliant Fusion, 1 Garnet
This should come as no surprise, but the main selling point is Seraphinite being useable as xyz material for the Rank 5 SQM whereas in PePe it simply sat there. The additional NS is another ceiling bump which allows you to resolve Alphan and correct Alphan plays on the same turn. Brilliant Fusion is both a Level 5 monster for Magnus as well as a level 4 by dumping Juggler.
Regarding 1 Garnet, I don’t see a reason to play more than 1 copy since you can just play a card over the second garnet that would either let you play ygo or be essentially better than a level 4 vanilla at worst. I don’t have a calculator on me, but here is the logic behind it in absence of percentages:
-Playing a 2nd Garnet does not affect the chances of seeing the 1st copy of Brilliant Fusion
-Playing a 2nd Garnet does not solve the issue of avoiding drawing a Garnet, it merely increases the chances of seeing 1
-Drawing into Garnet will always suck, its a concession you must deal with when playing Brilliant unless we get a GK that can shuffle itself into deck or another with more value. 
-The only difference between playing 1 or 2 Garnet is hand combinations where you draw both Garnet and Brilliant Fusion, so you can resolve the Brilliant. I would argue that you wouldn’t be winning those games anyway since you still have 1 blank in your hand plus the concession of 2 Garnets would increase the hand combinations of at least 1 Garnet in other games which I would argue decreases your overall win percentage. Unless the remaining 3-4 cards allow you to make Magnas which is extremely unlikely.
3 Juggler, 1 Hatricker, 1 Clown
Self explanatory, Juggler has the added niche of providing defense/answering wavering eyes while doubling as a combo piece, and 1 clown as the I have 6 other copies to tutor it when I need it. Without the field spell, clown is still a normal summon which is why I run hatricker. Having additional Juggler targets is excessive as I realistically want to draw Juggler and Daigusto can still shuffle back in consumed hatrickers and clowns.
3 Instant Fusion
Yet another ceiling bump in the deck. This rounds out the Pmage and SQM deck as it is a level 5 monster via Panzer to pair with Seraphinite, 2 Level 4s, or 1 Level 4 + 1 Level 3 if I have Blue Layer in grave. This both serves to subvert the discard effect of the field spell by allowing me to simply perform an Xyz Summon using 2 monsters while acting as a monster in situations outside of the field spell. Only 1 Norden comes up in games so far, so I don’t see a reason to play another so “instant becomes less dead.”
1 Soul Charge
I try to refrain from saying “this card is auto-win, idrewitonegameitwasbroke,” but this makes Magnus much easier to achieve and out of all the spell revival in the deck, this is the only one that can special summon Red while letting you activate all of the SQMP trigger effects on summon and field more than 1 monster at once. It goes without saying its yet another ceiling bump, and the battle phase skip is irrelevant as Magnas doubles as removal and defense akin to Rhongomyniad and at worst you can make your other defensive Xyz.
3 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit
I’m playing cards that double as defensive cards and combo pieces, and ghost ogre is easily the best one going into the post-BOSH era. I play 3 copies because I expect people to go for Ptolemaeus → Infinity and this card is the best answer to that if it cannot stop Sorceror from resolving. Even in DNCG, you lose if you cannot out the Ptolemaeus → Azzathoth play, which is designed to mitigate the impact of other cards like Maxx “C” (not that either are mutually exclusive) and in simpler game states answers Slayer and Monkeyboard. As a combo piece it’s still very niche, either a level 3 you can dump with Brilliant and later revive with Norden, or synchro summon using Seraphinite and itself as material. Of course, it’s an additional e-tele target so you don’t have to NS it. The reason why I only play reactive synchros such as Black Rose and Scarlight is because those are the ones that realistically come up, in most scenarios I hold the ghost ogre in hand and sit on a defensive (i.e “proactive”) themed Xyz to limit my opponent's options which I will elaborate on further when I get to the extra..
3 Upstart Goblin
You have a few 8-9k LP OTKs within the deck which I will elaborate on further, but for the most part if you make Magnas it doesn’t affect its clock on the opponent (3600 + SQMP revived off Red). Additionally, drawing the combination of Instant Fusion + Brilliant + E-tele is already a Magnas and there are few other cards that let you field multiple monsters outside of Soul Charge, I figured there was no reason to play additional cards in this slot.
However, I have 2 slots left, as I have space should I play Garnet at this point? Despite looking like some arbitrary comparison between whatever 2 cards I would play in those slots and the 2nd Garnet, this is based on the assumption that I’m already playing the cards I need to maximize my chances of making Magnas. Into The Void/Chicken Game have their issues so I feel the comparison is valid. Garnet is defined as a “Normal Summon consuming, Level 4 at worst” so any card I would play in would have to outclass garnet’s criteria as a monster while still aiding in the deck’s goal in making Magnus or assorted Rank 3, 4s, and 5s. This is why I arrived at 
2 Star Drawing
Since this is the cutoff for 40 cards, I only have room for 2. This is essentially a normal summon that doubles as a level 4 and 5 monster so you can pair it with Brilliant Fusion or Instant Fusion, and one of the few that pays for itself when consumed, increasing my chances of seeing a possible power spell. Unlike the second garnet, it does not solve Brilliant + Garnet hands (context is only 1 Garnet played in the deck), however in situations outside of dead Brilliants it’s still better than a shitty level 4 vanilla. You can revive it off Norden for more draws, but unfortunately since the “treated as level 5 monster effect” is a continuous effect it will be negated by Norden. More than likely it is incorrect to play 2 Star Drawing, and simply concede the 40th card to the 2nd Garnet.
The side deck is nothing ambitious as this is mostly just vague ideas of what’s to come post BOSH. 
Breakthrough Skill vs Monarchs when forced to go 1st to hit Idea Knight and the fiends/aither as well as Omega to reuse
Twin Twister to answer backrow decks, ASF, Notice, Kozmojo
Extra deck monsters like Rafflesia when forced to go 1st vs Pepe
There’s a possibility of playing Droll as i play Durendal
The Extra Deck has a lot more thought put into it, but still up in the air as I cannot fully predict how BOSH and february will turn out.
1 Norden, 1 Panzer Dragon, 1 Seraphinite + 1 Daigusto
Self explanatory as these are what you need to activate these cards, though I should re-iterate that resolving Norden and Brilliant comes up usually once, and you have Daigusto to shuffle them back in anyway.
1 Magnas, 1 Granpulse, 1 Liger, 1 Aeroborous
The Field Spell can make use of the themed Xyz in grave for a 3 material Magnas if you need to. I see people playing more than 1 Magnas so they can field it again if they out the 1st Magnus and draw into another Field Spell, which is incorrect. You can already use Blue’s effect to shuffle the Magnas in grave back to the extra deck so you can then use Magnacarrier. That’s assuming the small chance that a deck can out 6+ Magnas on a short clock. 
1 Scarlight, 1 Black Rose, 1 Dweller, 1 Trapeze, 1 Castel
As mentioned before you can OTK with Trapeze and Scarlight for 9k minimum, it either requires E-Tele or Hatricker + Brilliant + Level 4, 
Black Rose is my engine out to ASF and backrow decks
Dweller + Rose and Scarlight + Dweller are my engine outs to multiple Kozmo ships which equates to Ghost-Ogre + Brilliant.
1 Durendal comes up a few times when going first usually if the materials are Seraphinite + Star Drawing. Brilliant Fusion will always be face-up 
Assuming you cannot make Magnas
Vs Kozmo, your turn 1s end with Trapeze + Granpulse in def, this allows out to hit any set Kozmojo or backrow if they do not open Dark Destroyer to pop Granpulse.
Vs Pepe, they generally make a Rank 4 using a normal summon, and Pendulum Summon afterwards. Since most of their advantage is gained post PS (Ignister, Sorceror pops) you would want Rafflessia + TimeSpace and pair it with a monster that can answer a Rank 4 or Ignister made without using a Pendulum Summon (options are Pleiades, Magnaliger, Aeroborous). The only issue with Rafflesia is that it can be answered via Mirror Conductor whether on field or as a Scale.
Another method of preventing a PePe pendulum summon is by removing the scale paired with Monkeyboard as it will force them to use a Rank 4 on feral imps or hardraw into another Guitutrtle/Lizardraw, this can be done with Granpulse. Even in the case of a successful placement of another high scale (consuming a Joker search), they need to be able to have a Sorcerer in hand if both a Joker and Monkeyboard search have been consumed, so realistically only Monkey + Joker + Sorcerer play out of scenarios like this and you are obviously pairing Granpulse with another Rank 4.
Vs Atlantean, Dweller + Answer to Xyz, however I’m not sure how popular Moulinglacia will be. 
Vs Monarch, Durendal + Granpulse, this answers Idea Knight and any Escalations set, or other assorted backrow. Unfortunately, you need a dedicated out to Stormforth, outside of sitting on Magnaliger and popping itself. However, in context of Stormforth, Granpulse answers Dominion changing Aither to a 6 and walls Vanity/Majesty fiend if they choose to tribute Durendal. In the case of Granpulse being tributed for Stormforth, you can crash with Durendal.
This was a pretty long read, but while I don’t think I built the STRONGEST Super Quantum Deck, I attempted to build it to the best of my ability and would appreciate any input.
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NB96    860
How consistently can you drop the megazord guy? I read the effects of a few of their Xyz cards and thought they were quite good, but still not powerful enough to compete with the top decks nowadays. This archetype interests me because Europe doesn't fet manga promos so it would be harder for people to kill it since they don't have Utopia Lightning to attack over it.

Have you considered Terraforming with regards to those last two cards?

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Berdversary    181

How consistently can you drop the megazord guy? I read the effects of a few of their Xyz cards and thought they were quite good, but still not powerful enough to compete with the top decks nowadays. This archetype interests me because Europe doesn't fet manga promos so it would be harder for people to kill it since they don't have Utopia Lightning to attack over it.

Have you considered Terraforming with regards to those last two cards?

Since I’m not good with percentages I can definitely list a couple of combos for reference, going first I can definitely tell you it does not always happen as usually it requires me to draw Brilliant most games. One of the issues that comes making Magnas is a constant in every single combo that I mentioned in the OP but did not elaborate on: even if you draw your engine spells such as instant fusion, brilliant fusion and etele, you must have either a Red Layer or the Field Spell.
What I mean by this is that if both pieces (Red Layer or the Field Spell) in the combo are missing, they are mutually exclusive if you have to search for them as Blue Layer’s effect is OPT. This is the easiest way to tell if your hands can make Magnas or not.
There is in fact a specific 2 card Magnas combo worth mentioning
[spoiler] Brilliant Fusion + Alphan, the only thing you must do is have Alphan hit Red Layer
Brilliant Fusion summons Seraphinite, while you send Garnet and Juggler
Alphan summons Red Layer (Blue Layer and Green Layer triggering in grave can be ignored as they do not field monsters), Red Layer activates adding Blue Layer to hand (prequisite #1 met, you’ve fielded a Red Layer)
Summon Blue Layer using Seraphinite’s additional normal summon, searching the Field Spell (prereq #2 met, adding the Field)
Banish Juggler searching Trick Clown, use the Field Spell’s effect to discard Trick Clown while targeting Blue Layer to summon Granpulse. Trick Clown revives itself
Overlay Seraphinite and Red Layer to Xyz Summon Magnaliger. If going first, use Magnaliger’s effect to pop itself which triggers Red Layer, reviving Green Layer from grave (if going second and your opponent controls a monster you can pop that instead, which would also end on 1 more material for Magnas)
Overlay Green Layer and Trick Clown to Xyz Summon Aeroboros, you can use the Field Spell to summon Magnas targeting Magnaliger in grave with 6 materials attached) 
Note: As far as technical play goes, usually resolving Alphan takes priority as it is a variable summon in the deck
I don’t think there any other 2 card Magnas combos in the game currently, so I’ll move on to 3 card combos which happen much more often. 
Red Layer + Brilliant + Alphan
[spoiler] This is similar to the Alphan + Brilliant combo above, but no matter what Alphan hits you are guaranteed a Magnas, the only variable is the number of materials ranging from 7-8. Since you already have a Red Layer in hand, the only necessary component is accessing Blue and adding the Field Spell
If Alphan hits:
Blue Layer
Use Blue’s effect to add the Field, Red Layer activates in grave reviving Green Layer
Tribute Summon Red Layer using Seraphinite’s additional NS and Seraphinite as a tribute, Red Layer’s effect add Alphan from grave. 
Banish Juggler to search Trick Clown, discard Clown for the Field Spell targeting Blue, overlay the revived clown and Green to make Aeroboros
Discard Alphan, targeting Red then use the Field Spell to summon a 7 material Magnas
Green Layer
Green summons Red, which triggers Red adding Blue from grave. Do not use Red Layer’s effect in grave.
Use Seraphinite’s additional NS to summon Blue to add the Field.
Banish Juggler to search Trick Clown, discard Clown to target Blue.
Overlay Seraphinite and Red for Magnaliger, and Trick Clown + Green Layer for Aeroboros
Send Field Spell to summon 8 Material Magnas
Red Layer
This is simply the 2 card Magnas I mentioned above, however you have the option to discard the Red Layer you have in hand to revive Green Layer (instead of Magnaliger popping itself) and use Juggler to search Hatricker to end on an 8 material Magnas [/spoiler]
I’ll elaborate more on other 3 card combos since it would be great to use this as a quick reference when playing this deck, or discussing technical play. You can basically apply the “rule of thumb” where Red Layer/Field Spell are prerequisites in order to combo into Magnas to 4 card combos (for example Alphan misfires and you cannot field a level 5 but you can search a field spell, therefore you would have to use Instant Fusion to summon Panzer and drop Magnas). This logic will also apply to 4 card combos that do not meet the two prerequisites which become 5 card combos and so on and so forth; this way you can focus on the 3 card combos in general and be able to see what gaps a 4th card introduced in the combo will fill.
Regarding your comment regarding about the Xyz, the main reason I’m considering playing this deck is because it ignores the issue of Wavering Eyes. The way I also see it is that Granpulse is one of the better Xyz in this game as it’s an engine out to Monkeyboard when forced to go first, you can answer Wavering for 2 and its naturally high defense requires the opponent to spend a Castel or Ignister on it if they want to kill me that turn. I figure that pairing it with Aeroboros/Magnaliger should be able to solve the above 2, while Granpulse solves the scales. A constant issue that comes up is being unable to deal with a Set Plushfire (I have to consume a Battle Phase) or Maxx “C” as I’m forced to end my turn if I have no way of making Magnas (Also you cannot chain E-Tele as CL 2 to avoid Maxx “C” as Blue Layer will miss timing). Stopping Pepe’s PS is extremely important so I am considering playing Rafflesia and 1 copy of Time-Space.
Granpulse is also fantastic as it doubles as a way to beat Anti-Pepe strategies, it’s Speed Spell 2 effect coupled with the Clowns give you natural answers to ASF. Granpulse decimates backrow decks as you can just restock it’s Xyz material and the 2800 def forces out cards like Time-Space early on (which means they lose an additional backrow) and these decks generally dont have the resources to out Granpulse and kill me the following turn,
 I came across Bazaar of Baghdad’s Deskbot sideboard http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=167170&p=4014637and it really intrigued me as it gives the deck access to Beast, 004/003 are engine answers to Monarch even under Dominion/Kozmo ships while being able to field the correct levels in order to make Magnas or the themed Xyz. I’m unsure if I should play Trishula either but its worth noting that 001 is an additional One for One target and I still play Norden to grab it from grave.
Re: outs to Magnas. There are very few even with Utopia the Lightning. Off the top of my head there’s Chimeratech Dragon, and Honest/Kalut which can be solved by Magnas’s 2nd effect, I don’t think the other 2 hand traps see play so they can be considered a non-factor. SHIV does introduce Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Chidori the Sudden Shower but these are weaker decks and unlikely to have any follow up plays, and blackwings without Whirlwind are hevaily normal summon reliant so you can just shuffle the NS and they lose.
Star drawing is pretty bad I’ll admit, Terraforming opens up neat options like 1 copy of Chicken Game which would slightly increase the deck’s success rate in hands where I already have an available Field Spell while increasing the chances of seeing E-Tele/Red and Brilliant (this would also apply to scenarios where I don’t see either Red or Field Spell). I’ll definitely consider it when I have the time to weigh its effects on deckbuilding.
Reasoning was another option I was toying with, since after the resolution of Brilliant Fusion most people call 4, going blind the majority of the time it was 8, and if they had the knowledge of a super quantum in my deck it was either 1 or 3 (if they saw Blue they would call 1).
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