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One thing that I've struggled with in both YGO and MTG is sideboarding.  I've always struggled with knowing what to bring in and what to bring out in certain matchups.  Am I underboarding/overboarding?  Did I bring out the right cards? etc...


I've been doing a lot of research recently around the sideboard, and stumbled across this web app called http://sbdemon.com.  It has allows you to select a decklist you are playing and an opposing decklist, and it will give you a calculated sideboard plan for the matchup.  You can choose lists from recent scg opens and it allows you to see the general sideboard plan for its matchups in the top 8.


The results that it gives you are more of guidelines rather than actual "this is what you must do" data, but I still feel as though it is pretty useful nonetheless.


If this site has been mentioned on DGZ before, my apologies.  Still felt as though I should share this.

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