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September 2012

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Sanjura    6663
evilswarm was a fucking nightmare for any FF build not running Dragon/Tensen. granted,those two cards did nothing for any other matchup. FF also destroyed wind-up post side, kinda surprised more didn't top when it had its time to shine.

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Ehren    96

I played Evols extensively this format, and ended up with great results considering where the archetype fell. 


Evols were one of the few decks that could bring out Number 11: Big Eye during that format. The other decks that could were Mermails, Machines, Prophecy, and Lightsworn. Mermails could not do so frequently since they did not have Abyssteus, Machinas need 2 Machina Fortress which costs a lot of resources to bring out both, Lightsworns have to main the Lightrays and open multiples, and Prophecy had to open 2 High Priestess or 1 Tempernace + 1 Priestess. Evols on the other hand only need Najasho and Evo Force, which can be searched. 

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