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»Digbick    7262



I hope yall naga remembered the most op shit that came out in photon shockwave. No I'm not talking about rabbit, I'm talking about D-BOYZ


D-boyz naga, Thousand Eye Restrict was recently placed on probation and Tragoedia is finally done serving his sentence. In addition, D-Boyz's rival gang were put in jail. The boyz needs to celebrate by popping some caps in nagas.




3x Tragoedia (my naga is finally free)

3x Gorz, Emissary of Hades 

3x Chaos Sorcerer

3x Mystic Piper

3x Kinka Byo

3x Battle Fader

3x THE D-BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!

2x Meklord Emperor Wisel Infinity

1x Black Luster Solider Envoy of the Beginning

1x Obelisk The Tormentor (THE GODS OF GANGBANGER)



3x Where Arf Thou

3x Twin Twister

2x Dark Hole

1x Raigeki

1x Reasoning

1x Instant Fusion

1x Soul Charge



3x Hope for an Escape



1x Thousand Eye Restrict (my naga is on probation)

2x Slacker Magician

1x Number 11 Big Eye

1x Norito The Moral Leader

1x Beatrice The Eternal Lady

1x Sylvan Princessprite

1x Ghostrick Dullahan

1x Baby Tiragon

1x Number 56: Goldrat

1x Number 83: Galaxy Queen

1x Number 13: Embodiment of Crime

1x Number 31: Emboidment of Punishment

1x Number 39: Utopia Root

1x Number 54: Lion Heart





As you should realize by now, this deck is all about ABUSING THE DBOYZ!!


Mystic Piper is to rally up the boyz and speed up the deck. Piper will die for the greater good. Luckily Kinka Byo can revive Piper for some extra draw power or overlay for a rank 1.


Once you draw a D-Boyz its GOOD GAME! Tribute the BOYZ to bring out OBELISK!!!!!!!!!!! or if you don't have the kool god in your hand, you can overlay all three for Lion Heart and maul your opponent!!!


If you have four level one on the field, yall better make Crime and Punishment. They're da BOYZ's elite bodyguard




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»Tygo    14122
*flips f/u*

"Real naga summon, response?"

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ralfiano    43

allure of darkness for extra draw power and helps unbrick if you have too many dead hand traps and chaos sorcs?

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