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[White Plains, NY] Bushiroad Spring Fest

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TonySK    614

When: 5/28-5/29

Where: Westchester County Center 

198 Central Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606

Vanguard is on Saturday, Weiss and Buddyfight on Sunday.

A little over a week out from the event and I was wondering any DGers were going to be making the drive for the event. I'll be there with some friends for VG Friday and Saturday. 

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TonySK    614

So now that the even is over and I'm back home I thought I'd post a short report on how the event went even though I didn't win. All in all, for my first vg tournament, it was a success. My teammates were first timers and we wound up going 4-2 on the day, ending at table 12. Overall attendance was in the 900s, so there were 300+ teams. Pairings at springfest are done swiss style but the tournament itself is double elimination. Rounds were best of 1 with a 20 minute time limit before eomp, which was two turns each. EOMP also had a 10 minute time limit. If the match went to time in eomp both teams were given the loss.


Pre tournament stuff: In the weeks leading up to the event one of my team members set up a flow chart of all of the decks used to top previous events and where they were seated. His goal was to find a pattern in where certain decks were placed so that we could avoid bad matchups. He wound up coming to two conclusions when deciding out line up:

1) Standard player seating saw the best player sitting in the B seat, second best in A, and worst in C.

2) Control decks were seating in A, Consistent decks were in B, and more offensive decks were in C. 

With that in mind we set our seating up with me as A with Kagero, B with Neo Nectar, and C with Aqua Force. I got A slot because I'm genuinely the second best player on the team and Chaos Breaker LJ was prevalent in A slot and I had the best matchup against that deck. B player was our best guy and his deck was wildly consistent at cranking out high columns every turn. He wasn't playing the infinite attack loop but he could go over 100k at times. Our C player was also the least experienced tournament player, so we figured this would be safest for him. He'd actually never played at anything higher than a local before this.

I don't remember all of my mates games so I'll describe mine as best as I remember.


Round One:

Vs Great Nature

My first thought was holy shit because I had under prepared for this clan as it was definitely something we'd anticipated seeing in the C slot. It really didn't matter as my checks and draws led to me having to ride into DOTE, which is always a bit shit, and I wound up dropped the game quickly. The rest of my lost so after one round our backs were to the wall.



Round Two:

Vs Pale Moon

When I started practicing for the event on cardfight area Pale Moon was seeing a lot of play so I had a lot of experience against the deck. I was able to start rushing him down at Grade 2 with 2 of the new Nehalems on RG and Dragon Mage, Asticah on VG and had him at 5 damage before striding. He had one turn to use Harri against me and I was able to guard everything before killing him on the next turn. The Aqua Force player won his match so we got to continue on to the next round.



Round Three:

Vs Link Joker

Just kidding, this was the first round where we got to sit down and chat with our opponents before getting informed of a re-pair.

Vs Shadow Paladin Abyss Legion

I got hammered in this round after having to G-Assist. The Good news is the team had my back and picked up the slack for a matchup I shouldn't have lost.



Round Four:

Vs ???

This was the second round of re-pairs and our opponents didn't want to chat and talk about opening hands before leaving like the last set of guys.


The matchup I'd been prepared for all event. My whole reason for sitting in the A slot was so that I could gobble up Chaos Breaker players because I just didn't care about RG slots getting locked. I accrued a lot of advantage after two turns of striding and my opp hadn't ridden into Chaos Breaker, opting for Chaosbringer instead. He'd also used the brand new Messiah stride from FC2016 which I thought was an awkward choice. I strode into Mustafa, put him on 4 damage. He responded by omega locking my left column. I returned the favor on the next turn by seeking the mate. He put me on two to pass and I broke his guard with a draw trigger and a crit. On to the next round.


Round Five:


Nervous about getting a re-pair and wary of the fact that we were getting to high tables and I'd originally predicted a 3-2 record before going into the event my team shuffled off to our next round. Worried about another re-pair we shuffled, cut, and patiently waited to get bussed off to another table...but it didn't happen. 

I saw Tick Tock Worker as my opps starting VG and knew I was in for some fun. To be quite honest, I've played a lot of Gear Chronicle online so I was aware of how to handle my guards and I wasn't worried about my RGs getting put on the bottom of the deck. I was just scared of leading the game and getting overwhelmed on a big turn where he had History Maker Dragons and Nextage.

Well, it wound up happening. After getting to G3 I used up Vortex Desire on one turn and performed legion on the next to force him into using up two g guards, dropping his hand size to 0, and put him on 5 damage. After a lot of deliberation he deciding to make Nextage, called History Maker and I was ready to get broken in half. I took the hit from Nextage, he pulled no triggers, and I blocked Chronojet, History Maker, and the unit History Maker called. On the next turn, knowing my opp was fresh out of G-Guards, I strode into Nouvelle L'Express and hit him with the Final Flash.

After the match he mentioned that he was actually thinking about striding into Warp Drive Dragon on that turn instead, but that ultimately wouldn't have mattered. 



Round Six:

Vs Aqua Force (Blue Wave)

Now at table 12, officially in the top 24 for the event, and two rounds away from a top cut appearance, I was hype as could be. In fact, I was a bit overconfident as I looked at the started vanguards for my my opponents. I was against Blue Wave, B was against Nova Grapplers, and C was against another Kagero deck. All of these on paper looked like winnable matchups but I was definitely worried because I didn't open any grade 2s. I felt even more confident that my opponent was going to lose when he opened no grade ones and opted not to g-assist. 

I should have G-assisted to 2 instantly. Any advantage lost would have been instantly regained by the time I hit 3 and he would have been behind. Ultimately, this choice cost me the game and I lost for the 3rd time in the day. All I could do at this point was watch on as our Aqua Force player beat a sub-par DOTL deck. It all came down to our Neo Nectar player and he wound up losing to the Novas on a Busterd turn.

Final Record: 4-2 (Top 24)



Great Event

Got to meet the President of Bushiroad, who was hanging out and smiling awkwardly at players who turned stuff in to the lost and found.\

Exceeded my own expectations

The cool two player mats at every table, I kinda wish yugioh would copy this even though people would just put their spellgrounds on top of 'em.

Getting to name our decklists (A: From Steak 2 Sorbet: Welcome 2 The Buffet, B: Ahsha Don't Like You and She Likes Everyone, C: My Heart Will Go On)



Not winning (duh)

Double elim



And for good measure, a pic of the deck I was playing for the event:




1x Dragon Knight Sadegh (Starting Vanguard)

1x Lizard Soldier Conroe

4x Gatling Claw Dragon

2x Draw Trigger

6x Crit Trigger

4x Heal Trigger (Because I like to match and really like them I used all Perdition triggers)



2x Lizard Soldier Bellog

2x Lizard General Conroe

2x New Tahr

3x Lava Flow Dragon

4x Aermo PG



2x New Nehalem

2x Old Nehalem

2x Dragon Mage Asticah

3x Dragonic Burnout

2x Dragonic Neoflame



1x Dragonic Overlord (BR)

4x The X

3x The End



1x Vortex Desire

2x Mustafa

2x Root Flare Dragon

2x The Ace

4x Nouvelle L'Express

1x Sebreeze

1x Scryew

1x Dizmel

2x Asyll Orb Dragon

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