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Dank Memeston

Self management and motivation

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Dank Memeston    1716

I am 23 with no degree and a bottom tjer job. I have no/extremely little self management skills or motivation in any regard besides addictions. (Only for the motivation) This is most likely due to depression.


Essentially what I want to know is if anyone else here has been in a similar situation. I just want to know your story.


I already have enough words in the form of answers for my individual issues...

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SSJ Grumpig    5620

oya. im about to turn 26 next month, no degree, and the only shit on my resume that employers care about is retail/food service (i find it hilarious that self employment is irrelevant on a resume)


my motivation comes and goes. it's completely based on my mental state derived from my environment; i've been thrown into many different high stress environments throughout life, and as a response my mind begins to shut down whenever it realizes what's happening. i get bouts of crippling depression where i will drive my life into the ground for no apparent reason other than fear of success (i'm currently rebuilding from one of those) but i'm getting much, much better at mitigating that. i hit rock bottom a year and a half ago with my ex, hard, and i slowly started waking up to myself. i had spent so much of life watching other people and thinking about/dissecting shit that i had never taken that scary step to truly look myself in the eye, and i found part of who i am, and who i'm not.


i am currently broke, but nothing like i used to be. a year ago i was clear across the country without a foundation, getting screamed at by my alcoholic ex as her sister kicked us to the curb. today i have my name on a lease with one of my best friends in the entire world back in my home state, i have my own bedroom, plenty of job opportunities, and i'm learning web development in my spare time. yeah, i know those sound like the most basic things - so don't fucking take them for granted, because not having them is horrific. moral of the story: failure is progress. the lack of ability to fail is the lack of will to succeed. i don't recommend my particular method tho :D


where am i at now in my head? well, i'm not going to school to work a regular job, since that's simply not who i am. unless i'm working for myself, the only "regular" jobs i will work are things like retail/delivery/server, low responsibility and low stress. i refuse to give my mental health to some shithole company making a 3000% return on my income. however, when in business for myself, i thrive in the same circumstances that otherwise would have driven me insane. i'm going to freelance some web dev work since i know lots of business owners in the state, and use the money from that to get a company off the ground. i'd like to eventually make enough money to put myself through college for one of the sciences and then crowdfund research that interests me - and if that doesn't work, picking up a business degree after science makes you grade A beefcake material, so at least it wouldn't be a waste. ideally i would have had the degree to fall back on before, but it's not that huge a deal - you would be amazed how much money you can make with the right server job, and i don't have to worry about a family or anything like that


also about the environment thing: not joking, when i was going through that bullshit in washington, getting back on DGZ and skype chats, talking to you mother fuckers, reminded me a bit of what i had lost and helped give me the small window of clarity i needed to get myself out of that toxic cancer situation. my roommate is a successful nuclear engineer and will soon be going into the medical field, and has done a lot to help motivate me. having the right people around you is so fucking important it cannot be overstated

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+rei+    34675

edit wrong thread

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