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Super Greedy N'zoth Dragon Shaman

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Slowpoke    1377

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.08.30 AM.png

1 Lightning Bolt

2 Ancestral Knowledge

1 Ancestral Spirit

2 Lava Shock

1 Stormcrack

2 Doomsayer

2 Elemental Destruction

2 Healing Wave

2 Hex

2 Lightning Storm

1 Hallazeal the Ascended

1 Harrison Jones

1 Cairne Bloodhoof

1 Emperor Thaurissan

1 Sylvanas Windrunner

2 Thing from Below

1 Chillmaw

1 Chromaggus

1 Ragnaros the Firelord

1 Ysera

1 Deathwing, Dragonlord

1 N'zoth, the Corruptor

Screenshot is missing N'zoth. Deck I've been working on for awhile to play for fun.

The deck pretty much wins any control matchup because you simply just have too many threats and they don't apply enough pressure early on, as well as the fact that you have double Hex to get rid of any actual worrying threats they have.

Versus Aggro and Tempo, you hard mulligan for any of your four copies of AoE and any early game removal and just get yourself to the later turns where you can start dropping threats or make a good Thing from Below tempo play. Heal when necessary, Healing Wave usually heals for 14 health, and Hallazeal + AoE pretty much wins the game from there a good amount of the time. Usually after 1 or 2 AoE swipes, they have a hard time coming back.

Tech Cards:

Ancestral Spirit: With the lack of silence, this card is super strong in my opinion. Putting it on any Deathrattle minion in this deck is bonkers, putting it on any threat like Ragnaros or Ysera makes the Control matchup a sealed deal. Might be a tad win-more, but it definitely helps keep up with an opponent's N'zoth play creating a stickier huge threat and all for them to deal with. Also, playing it on a Deathrattle minion and both copies dying just makes N'zoth even crazier. N'zoth bringing out double Deathwing is quite hilarious.

1 Lightning Bolt/ 1 Stormcrack: Honestly don't really know which one is better at the moment. Stormcrack has been amazing dealing with clearing all of Tempo Warrior's early 4 health minions, but the 1 mana less removal has definitely helped considering you are overloading a significant amount with this deck.

Harrison Jones: Feels like a staple in this meta honestly, especially cause Aggro Shaman playing Doomhammer is an easy way for them to beat this deck.

Chromaggus: I felt the need to play 2 Big dragons along with Chillmaw and Deathwing, Dragonlord because I want Deathwing to bring out at least 1 minion when it dies. Chromaggus has been a solid choice, making people feel the need to kill it ASAP when I drop it, which makes it great removal bait to safely play another more important threat like Ysera or Ragnaros. 

Deathwing, Dragonlord: Dropping a 12/12 on turn 10 with this deck often turns you into the beatdown. If they don't clear it, you're hitting them for 12 and often times at this stage of the game, they can't be letting that happen. If they do clear it, you are often dropping 1 or 2 more huge threats for 0 mana. Then you play N'zoth and they concede because you're board is Ysera, Sylvanas, Cairne, Chillmaw, Deathwing, N'zoth or something like that.

Cards I have tried:

Reno Jackson build: I found that even though Reno Jackson is broken, this deck needed the extra copies of mass removal and 2nd Hex. Plus, healing to full with this deck is already possible due to easy wins on the joust with your 2 copies of Healing Wave and Hallazeal + AoE. 

Onyxia: Honestly, didn't feel like this card was too strong. The 1/1's were often cleared with ease.

Alexstrazsa: I found that the 15 damage was irrelevant because I simply won on board or could have taken an extra turn to win anyway.

Malygos: Kept on instantly getting removed, or if it didn't, I didn't have any burn cards to hit face with besides double Lava Shock and 1 Lightning Bolt. And often enough, the other removal spells were used in the early game already.

Nefarian: I rarely need more cards, especially two random ones.

Mana Tide Totem: Cut for space, found Ancestral to do more for me so far.

Feral Spirit: Cut for space. Haven't missed it much.

Things I want to try:

Malygos + Alexstrasza + double Lightning Bolt: Thinking maybe with double Lightning Bolt and putting more emphasis on holding them and discounting them with Thaurissan will make it a strong win condition, even though I have enough late game win conditions.

Naga Sea Witch: Solely because it is a fun card and the deck plays around 10 big threats. Also, being able to play Thing from Below and then Naga early on gives Naga a decent chance to stick.

Far Sight: Haven't found room for this card but obviously would be dope to discount some of these cards.

Blackwing Corruptor + Fire Elemental: More tempo-oriented cards that I opted not to play because couldn't fit them in, but perhaps making the deck more tempo-oritented and faster paced with these cards could be good. Although, probably would just turn into a whole different deck. 


Anyway, give it a try if you guys are feeling it. Definitely a fun deck and has been winning me a lot of games. Personally I've found that, besides an overwhelming aggro start that I can't keep up with, if you just play smart in the control matchups by counting threats and counting removal spells from your opponent, this deck has a solid time. 

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Slowpoke    1377

Oh woops yeah forgot to mention that one. I gave it a try, versus aggro, I found myself to often be overloaded on turn 4 from all the early game overload removal or wanting to drop Thing From Below instead on turn 4 whenever I had Twilight Guardian. Versus control, I found it unnecessary in the long run since it's easily dealt with for the most part through midrange-y minions and weak minion removal. Midrangey minions can easily be dealt with with the mass removal in this deck and the weak minion removal is usually pretty dead in hand for them most of the game so I don't really want them to get good value out of it. 

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