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Beatrice Zombie Turbo

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foofatron    39

Main (40):




Monsters (27):

1x Garnett

2x Fabled Soulkius

2x Il Blud

2x Vampire Grace

3x Mali

1x Shaddoll Dragon

3x Grepher

3x Mezuki

3x Arma

3x Fiendish Rhino

1x Calcab

1x Farfa

2x Plague




Spells (13):

1x Rota

1x Soul Charge

1x Upstart

3x Dark World Dealings

1x Foolish

3x Hand Destruction

3x Brilliant Fusion








2x Dante Pilgrim

1x Seraphinite

1x Beelze

2x Omega

1x Red Wyvern

1x Stardust Charge

1x Utopia Beyond

1x Strike Bounzer

3x Beatrice

1x Dire Wolf

1x Dweller




To get an idea of how it plays watch these tests against the ai: https://vid.me/3zUw

The premise of this deck is to set-up with Beatrice and follow up with an otk or just otk. The warrior engine is a crucial component of this deck. They allow you to set-up or out backrow/threats before making your plays. Through plague they you can make them 6’s to combo with. The other component is the fiend engine. Soulkius is a lvl 6 and allows you to dump monsters into the grave. He is also 2200 which means he can run over Kirin and crash with Dark Lady. Brilliant fusion acts as another discard outlet, a way to summon multiple monsters/tribute summon, and most importantly the ability to use Il Blud. Fiendish rhino is more copies of whatever you need. He can dump bas or Soulkius. The discard spells work well here. They set-up your grave or trigger removal effects without making a play. They greatly increase what you can do in a turn. In case you’re worried they’ll give your opponent some great advantage, they won’t. You will generally discard any multiples with Soulkius anyway. They also give you an advantage. G1 you know what your opponent is playing if you go first.

I’m not sure about the best extra for this. I like triple Beatrice, but question if it is necessary. I don’t like void ogre here because you can’t always empty your hand and against monarchs I am not confident it does much, especially if you use discard spells.

You have a lot of side options. For graveyard hate you can side forbidden graveyard, if + norden + extra dweller, and possibly actually use dark law for his effect. If my opponent is playing a combo deck and I think he’ll leave his hand with less than two I might side this in over hand destruction. It makes your warriors 6’s and dumps a monster in the grave. Also, it is the only way to permanently out a Kirin – after you baited it of course. For monarchs you have zombie world. It is good because you can play it going second and not worry about ether. It also makes you mezukis live with anything. You can also side in grave traps like mischief of the gnomes, breakthrough skill, or rise to full height. Rise to full height is cool because you can keep looping it with omega and your opponent will never get to attack you. You can also side in more ba’s and tackle crusader. Tackle crusader can act as a second farfa during your opponent’s turn.

I use to run resonators because they turn your 4’s into 6’s, but I don’t think they’re very good. They’re very weak to negation and kinda of nullify the warriors ability to bait stuff when your opponent can just use their responses on the tuners.




Been playing in ranked an made a lot of changes: http://i.imgur.com/bn1WOtn.jpg

i decided rhinos couldn't be consistently triggered and dropped them to focus on dark stuff for easier setup. I don't think there is much I can side for ba besides gnomes. Zephyros helps make dweller and lvl8. Alich is better than farfa against monarchs but I want double farfa vs. ba. I decided to run more big zombies to make setup easier and dropped dire wolf and r4 stuff. I'm running zephyros solely for dweller, but it can be used with uni to make lvl 8 or just as tribute fodder. I'm running alich instead of double farfa as it is better vs. monarchs, although farfa is better vs. ba so I'm siding a second. F0 is needed to unclog your field and is good vs. Kozmo and ba. Exa is good to out beatrice or kozmo town as it sends and not destroys. It can also attach cyber dragon after siding to contact fuse from the s/t zone. It is also a non-number for f0.



Another update: http://i.imgur.com/DfmhmqO.jpg

I decided that the dark engine was very fragile going second and I wanted to have a chance to play going second. The dododo stuff has good support and just having a spell that discards is a huge boon to the deck as most stuff wants to be in the graveyard. I've cut some stuff to 2 because they suck in multiples and clog with combinations of cards. I never find myself losing because of running out of mezuki as generally if you lose you lose before you ever get to that point. You just got to play with it in mind. You need to side heavy when going second. Prohibition is a great card which can turn off either and you can preemptively use it against kozmo to prevent dd/dark lady from activating (a dark lady summoned in response to it should still be able to activate). You really need cards which will allow you to play going second and Prohibition does that vs. certain decks.

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