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Dank Memeston

Philosophy in your life

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Does philosophy impact your life in any way? Currently and/or in the past?


It's made me more open-minded, and aware of the limits of myself and the world.


Do you ever stop thinking about a question because "I don't want to think about that!" and if so why? Examples?


I used to.  Losing faith in God was once a problem for me.  At this point, I've had so many depressing thoughts, I don't really shy from much.


How often do you have thoughts that you would consider "philosophical" and if so how often and do you have an example?


Every 20 minutes.


How important do you feel philosophy is in regards to society?


Important.  More poeple should question their beliefs.


Any casual thoughts on the subject of philosophy?


I took a course in Philosophy.  The subject matter was worthwhile, but the source texts were awful.  Many were needlessly verbose, semantic, and translated poorly. 

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Haruki    12647

my dad got me into rosicrucianism



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Dank Memeston    1716

So earlier in the thread I tried to explain 'universal interconnectivity' but I was actually just trying to explain 'interconnectivity'.

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