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[Toronto, ON] Bushiroad Worlds Qualifiers

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Where:  Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference

When: September 10th (11th if you play weiss or buddyfight)

Format: Double Elimination with Swiss Pairings, Best of one with a 25 minute time limit until top 8, top 8 features full matches with a 50 minute clock.


I'm planning on going to this one as it's roughly four hours away from my place in WNY. Wondering if anybody would be meeting up there?


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So now that the tournament is over I figured I'd write up another short tournament report detailing my matches from a combination of my memories and short posts from discord about the games.

Overall the WQ had just a bit under 280 players. During the pre-tournament meeting we were informed to expect 8 rounds of swiss unless there was a clear top 8 before then, in which case they would announce which round would be the final one. They also announced that there would be no eomp. Instead, of the game went to time both players would be assessed a loss. This was met with a loud chorus of boos from just about everyone there. I think its bad for the game since there are decks that just eat clock without doing a lot, but those decks are also usually gone within 3 rounds are the inexperienced pilots knock themselves out of the event.


For this tournament I decided to play Kagero much like I did at springfest. I'll post my full decklist at the end. My biggest decision for the event was whether to run 4x DO The Ace or 4x Nouvelle in my G-Zone. I decided to play 4x Nouvelle since I was only running 8 Overlords. Also, my thought process was that most players are expecting 2x Nouvelle, 4x Ace as its become the accepted standard and would burn g guards and hand resources to block nouvelle and save multiple perfect guards for the Ace. Instead, I'd just never stride the Ace. 


Round one

Vs Dark Irregular


So this is a matchup that I have a bit of experience with irl and online. I was expecting one of two things from the second I saw his starter: We're either going to time out of the round or I'll win. DI really doesn't have the power to match my decks and I gobble up resources but Blade-Wing decks have a lot of stall power. I was relieved when his grade 3 ride was into scharhrot vampir. He wound up playing Blade Wing Sullivan with the intention of riding it over Scharhrot but wound up soul charging all of them. His stride turns were ineffectual, he had 2 of them, and with no way to refresh his deck he wound up decking out. 




Round two

Vs Angel Feather


This is the matchup I dread. AF is a good deck overall, but it tends to eat a lot of clock up. My opponent was playing the full Nociel ride chain and on his first grade 3 turn he had 5+ minutes of time with his play. I asked him to move faster or cut his combo short as he wasn't advancing his board position but instead powering up units on a turn where he couldn't kill me. Fast forward in the matchup and we stay fairly even. He has a 1 damage lead on me. I have 4 cards in hand after striding in to Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten" and clearing his board. He has 9 cards in hand and 3 of them are PGs. My plan was to use this turn to burn up his hand resources so that I could win with Nouvelle on the next turn. Instead, before I could declare my attack time was called. The judge came over and asked if either of us wanted to admit defeat. The AF player wanted me to because he had a one damage lead. I accepted the double loss.

He timed out in his next round and was out of the tournament. Angel Feather players should wear watches.




Round three

vs Seven Seas Granblue


I was surprised that I moved up in the standings after taking the loss, but this was indicative as to how many players were double lossing in the first two rounds. Seven Seas is a difficult matchup for Kagero since my primary method of control via removal is a moot point since the deck relies on calling from the drop zone. As good as his deck is, though, it still lacks a consistent stride turn finisher. I used my first two stride turns to set up Vortex Desire and Taiten plays. Neither got through. He wasted a lot of hand cards breakriding and striding on the same turn. I had to do weird things to stay in the fight like striding into Air Elemental Sebreeze and using Lizard General Conroe to get back some counterblast. Ultimately I pinned 5 damage on him and strided into Nouvelle for the game.




Round four

Vs Neo Nectar


One of my closest friends and the guy I practice the most with for vg plays Neo Nectar in real life. Since GBT-07 came out he hasn't won a single fight against me. This was no different. I was actually surprised at how my opponent had made it this far with only one loss as he seemed to misplay every single stride turn he had. This game did not last very long. He fumbled through 2 awkward Verano turns and one wasted Primavera stride that put no pressure on the board.




Round five

vs Gurguit Gold Paladin


This was also a worrisome matchup as superior calling a bunch of units can also render my retire skills moot as he always has a way to call more units despite a low handsize. I certainly felt like I was at a disadvantage to start the match. All in all, I became more confident as time went on as his stride turns were ineffectual. He really didn't have an answer for Denial Griffin and so I was able to pick off significant RGs on his turn. I used up nearly all of my g zone resources in this game, which ended 5 seconds before time was called. A crowd actually gathered to watch the final turns as this was the last game being played in the round. I'd burned through 4 G-Guards, Vortex Desire, Sebreeze, 3 Taiten, 2 Nouvelle at this point in the game. On the previous turn he strided into Gurguit for the first time all game and I wound up guarding and intercepting with all but two cards in my hand to stay alive. It was at this point that my of my opponents friends shouting "WHAT DO YOU HAVE LEFT" when I discarded The End to stride. I played Nouvelle again. My opponent lost while holding two perfect guards.




Round six

vs Messiah Link Joker


I was feeling myself at this point. I felt I had a genuine opportunity to take the whole thing after stumbling in r2. I was also place on table 13 so I knew I had a real chance to make the cut as long as stayed alive. I was talking with the players around me about our losses and explained how if the angel feather player hadn't eaten so much early game time I would have won. My opponent reveals that he was watching because that was his teammate and told me I had no chance in hell of winning on my next turn. I didn't bother explaining Nouvelle to him, which rendered all three of those PGs moot.

I draw my pre-mulligan hand and see now grade 1s. I don't panic, but return 4 to deck. Again, I see no grade 1s. I draw for first grade 1s. I grade 1s. I take a deep breath and accept that the odds are no longer in my favor. Link Joker is a matchup that is stupidly advantageous in my favor since I don't rely on rear guard plays unless I'm going in for big damage or the entire game. He takes his turn, rides into Destiny Dealer, and drives checks a crit. My damages are The X and Lava Flow Dragon. The latter is the grade 1 I still didn't have. I draw for my second grade 1. I g-assist again. This time I'm able to ride into Lizard General Conroe. I pay my g assist cost and continue to play. Skip ahead to his ride to grade 3. I had the option of guarding his Alter Ego Messiah and wasting a lot of my to ensure a no pass as I was already at 4 damage or I could take my chances and eat the 1 and block his rear guard. I rolled the dice and ate a crit, didn't pull a heal.

Game over.

I was really salty at this point and it didn't help that my opponent had entered the game acting like a smug asshole (I would later learn that this is the default attitude of french canadians everywhere). I didn't shake his hand and simply signed the slip and put my stuff away. He kept holding his hand out for this handshake, smirking at me. I explained that I wasn't happy with the game and didn't want to shake his hand. So he got up, walked around the table, and as he past me he shouted 'GG'. So I turned around and told him to fuck off. Not my best moment. 


4-2, top 26 finish.


They announced after the round ended that round seven was going to be the final round of swiss. I was feeling devastated over how out of my control the previous round had went so I wound up entering the free fight section. As long as I beat two people I'd get a crappy Kagero promo.


Free Fight Round One

vs Touken Ranbu


This person had no chance to beat me. I wound up letting them put me at 4 damage so that I could breakride into The X. I wound up with 3 attacks for game.




Free Fight Round Two

vs Nova Grappler


I crippled his restand abilities with Denial Griffin and had another good breakride into the X. After seeking the mate I wound up with 8 drive checks on the final turn for game.




After this I completed a survey bushiroad was passing out. Part of it was based around how well they give out information for events on fb and the other half was how to make tournaments better. I wound up checking the box stating that events should be full swiss with best of three games.



Paying $25 american to stay at a hostel in old toronto.

Dominating every game I didn't lose

Toronto massage parlors

That mall with animatronic dinosaurs I went to

the CFL game I went to

bushiroad paying their judges actual money

positive exhange rates

THE BEAST restaurant and their ginger beer



No eomp

Best of one format

not finding grade ones



Deck List:


Grade 0:

1x Dragon Knight, Sadegh (Starter)

1x Lizard Soldier, Conroe

1x Perdition Dragon, Buster Rain Dragon (Crit)

1x Perdition Dragon Knight, Tovarre (Crit)

4x Dragon Knight, Jannat (Crit)

4x Gattling Claw Dragon (Draw)

2x Seal Dragon, Artpique (Draw)

4x Perdition Dancer, Agafia (Heal)


Grade 1:

4x Lava Flow Dragon

3x Lizard General, Conroe

2x Spear of Flame Dragon, Tahr

4x Escort Dragon Attendant, Reas (Perfect Guard)


Grade 2:

3x Dragonic Burnout

2x Perdition Dragon, Dragonic Neoflame

2x Dragon Knight Nehalem

2x Emperor Dragon Knight Nehalem

2x Dragon Knight, Nadim


Grade 3:

1x Dragonic Overlord (Break-Ride)

3x Dragonic Overlord The End

4x Dragonic Overlord "The X"



1x Air Element, Sebreeze

1x Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Vortex Desire

2x Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord "The Ace"

3x Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten"

4x Transendance Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L'Express

3x Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin (G-Guard)

1x Flame Emperor Dragon King, Asyll Orb Dragon (G-Guard)

1x Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Defeat Flare Dragon (G-Guard)


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