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Giratina EX/Zoroark

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»Pengwan    7724




##Pokémon - 16

* 4 Talonflame STS 96
* 2 Shaymin-EX ROS 106
* 2 Zorua BKT 90
* 2 Zoroark BKT 91
* 3 Giratina-EX AOR 93
* 1 Blitzle BKP 48
* 1 Zebstrika BKP 49
* 1 Hoopa-EX PR-XY XY71


##Trainer Cards - 36

* 4 Trainers' Mail ROS 92
* 2 Lysandre FLF 90
* 2 N DEX 96
* 2 Enhanced Hammer PRC 162
* 4 Professor Sycamore BKP 107
* 4 Ultra Ball FLF 99
* 1 Special Charge STS 105
* 3 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99
* 2 Reverse Valley BKP 110
* 3 Float Stone PLF 99
* 4 Random Receiver DEX 99
* 4 VS Seeker PHF 109
* 1 Team Flare Grunt XY 129


##Energy - 8

* 4 Double Dragon Energy ROS 97
* 4 Double Colorless Energy XY 130





Talonflame: I am currently testing this as a theory, but so far I believe just about any deck that maxes Ultra Ball and Sycamore should be playing this. I fully believe it is just the best Pokemon in the game right now, and it's definitely the best starting Pokemon. 130 HP basic, free retreat so even if you do not want to commit energy to the attack you simply retreat into whatever you do want. Double free Computer Search is obviously always going to be the nuts no matter what you get paired against. The con of drawing dead copies is normally easily mitigated by having Receiver/Seeker to always see Sycamore(s) and Ultra Ball can pitch dead copies.


Giratina: I'm not a big fan of any of the Mega decks going around right now, except maybe Scizor but my testing with that is limited at the moment, so I think this guy is the next best card to build your deck around. Fury Belt lets it hit for 110 which is a 2HKO on most relevant Megas and combined with putting down your own Stadium and/or energy removal it’s the best control card we currently have access to.


2-2 Zoroark: This feels like the best partner for Giratina imo as a secondary attacker. Only needs 1 DCE to attack, and with Float Stone it mitigates the massive retreat cost of Giratina. With Reverse Valley and 5 bench on their side it hits for 170, the magic number to OHKO most Exs such as Giratina, Rayquaza, Scizor, Sceptile, Yveltal, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting.


1-1 Zebstrika: Card is the absolute blowout vs Mega Ray, also  OHKOs Shaymin for 2 prizes. Not much else to say about it, simple but effective.


2 Enhanced Hammer: I was originally wanting to play 4 but something had to go to make room for Talonflames, and after adding Flare Grunt for VS Seeker loops it's not as necessary. Multiple copies gives you a significant edge in any Giratina mirrors and vs. Mega Ray.


Random Receiver: Naus's idea but I've really quite liked it so far, I feel like they just make your deck so much more consistent. You do have to sacrifice a little bit of room for tech in order to streamline your deck in a way to get the best use of Receiver but I feel its worth the tradeoff.




Mega Ray: By far the best matchup, it feels borderline unwinnable for them most of the time. Can't damage Giratina with the Mega, the bigger their bench is the more Zoroark does, Zebstrike OHKOs, and Hammers/Flare Grunt help keep them at bay.


Greninja: TBD, I feel like Greninja is a terrible meta call right now but it might be a difficult matchup for this since they don't really rely on Special Energy or Tools to do anything and their bench will probably never get big enough for Zoroark to do enough damage to OHKO a Break.


Mega Scizor: If they play Garbodor/Hex it probably becomes difficult but outside of that I can't imagine it being too big of a problem unless they play tons of Hammers and never miss. Scizor cannot remove energy from Giratina and this deck is not at all reliant on Stadiums.


Mega Mewtwo: Seems pretty annoying on paper since Mewtwo just keeps healing itself, I think it’s a manageable matchup if you just focus on keeping Garbodor/Wobbuffet off the board and take prizes off their Shaymins/Hoopa. It's definitely slightly in Mewtwo's favor at the least though I would think.


Mirrors: Hammers/Flare should give a slight edge, and opening Talonflame is a huge edge in the mirror. Getting Tina locked would absolutely suck though, which makes me feel like maybe I should play Ranger but this needs more testing to confirm.



Things I'm considering playing:


Another secondary attacker: Biggest thing I'm currently looking for. I wanted to play Mew #29 FAC since it's another good free retreat starter, unfortunately it only copies basics so I cannot copy the 1 good attack I could meet the energy requirement for in here (Mind Jack). It would've been a perfect way to help out vs Mega Mewtwo as well. Other options are Lugia EX for the mirror/decks overly dependent on keeping up a Stadium, something like Jolteon EX with a few Lightning Energy or Yveltal EX and a few Dark Energy. I feel like most of these require me to cut Talonflame however, which I don't think is worth it.


Puzzle of Time: Good way to get back multiple energies if they play a ton of removal, or get more uses out of Hammers/Stadiums in matchups that comes up in.


Pokemon Ranger: Only seems relevant in a Giratina mirror, and it honestly just seems better to play the energy denial game against them.

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+Malcolm    4612

the matchup is much worse than you think vs mega mewtwo. you cant actually ever kill it and assuming you have your most ideal setup you still lose to no powers


you also get straight rolled by volcanion


this deck is really only going to be successful in those moments where you think your local meta is going to be swarming with rays as the matchup there is definitely looking really nice for you.


i like talonflame and at the same time i hate it. it takes up a very valuable energy and sets you really far behind if you use your first turn to attach and attack. this means tinah, which is already slow as fuck, takes two more turns after that to be set up. Talon basically forces your opponent to dig for N to get rid of the energy removal you most likely searched up, which is nice



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+Malcolm    4612

ill test the deck out and let you know what i think once i actually play it but i dont feel as if im too far off

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+Malcolm    4612

oh and the random receiver is overkill at 4 copies. you dont run enough tech to justify the use of four of them

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