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Want to discuss certain custom format

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**Didnt know were to post this, If its the wrong section i apologize**


Ok, so heres the deal, my local store will be doing a custom banlist league with the folowing changes to our Aug 29 TCG list:




Rescue Rabbit


Quliphort Scout

Luster Pendulum

Card of Demise


Kaiju Slumber

Pot of Desires


Painful Decision

S Warning

S Strike









EH Stratos

EH Dark Mist

ESh Winda

ESh Construct

Book of Eclipse


Monster Reborn


Pot of Greed

Twin Twisters

Metalphosis Counter

Metalphosis Combination

Royal Oppression




Artifact Moralltach

Blue-Eyes Alternative


Infernoid Decatron

Atlantean Prince


DD Kepler

Dante the Traveler

Brilliant Fusion

Shaddoll Fusion

Artifact Sanctum

Anti-Spell Fragrance

Miracle Fusion




El Shaddol Fusion



I started testing Blue-Eyes with rulers but I feel im missing something in the build or actually a better deck to incorporate all four, as in BE playing more than 2 proved to be cloggy.

Also was considering to run shaddols but didnt get to testing them yet, idk how well it will function with 1 construct and 1 winda.




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mark    3105

I think you could make some broken shaddoll BEWD dragon ruler deck out of that, with stone of light etc being light for fusion or construct while also being a lv1 tuner itself, bewd being lv8 for trade-in etc. Add Royal oppression reborn and pot of greed of course. Also dark matter is a card 

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+canasian    4105

Desires banned but pot of greed limited?

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Yep, its a dumb list because they dont have the money for high end cards, but for some reason left blue-eyes unchecked, I just want to figure out the best deck under that format to demolish everyone of those butthurt players.

@mark. Shaddoll and Rulers doesnt have any synergy between them.

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DarthChocoboz    292
16 hours ago, canasian said:

Desires banned but pot of greed limited?

I think they wanted to make sure Tyler Nolan's gren maijiu statue deck didn't over centralize the format.

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