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Launching A Youtube Series

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So, DGz, I am officially starting this youtube series. Basically, I got laid off my best job i'd ever obtained in Sams Club Wholesale, and I feel like i was blindsided by it all. I was smart, invested into certain things, I have a Script written for this series I plan to bring to fruition. It's going to be a Youtube series and the goal is for me to make some money doing what I love, and a plan to pursue in the future. (I will be using this too as a platform I start my college apps in mid 2017.)


Now what I took advantage of with my job, was the business members, and most of them were very friendly, and offered myself to feel free to film in their venues/locations as publicity is something we all want and enhances business relationships with the consumer(s) even further.


Now my question for you guys is, what equipment can I use to enhance effects for displays such as CGI, Face Alterations outside of the costume wear I plan to have made. Certain cameras or props to invest in? It's going to be a supernatural genre if this helps with answers.



I plan on doing this mostly from iPhone, and would appreciate if any DG users would recommend their thoughts on certain equipments, endeavors, and the latter to me as I would appreciate it. 

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