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So, without much fanfare, that I've seen anyway, Koomy made the bonkers decision to unlimit Gateway of the Six. Combined with some other silly things which exist over in Japan, this makes for a pretty ridiculous deck, of which this is a sample: 


Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 11.32.18 AM.png


For those of you who weren't around in 2010/2011, Six Samurai were hands down the best deck, but the best variant didn't run Shinai or Mizuho (those Blue and Red guys up there). They were reserved for a gimmicky deck which could technically, under the right unlikely circumstances, summon Trishula infinitely. 


Well, some time passed, and Gateway of the Six took a hiatus because it is, frankly, broken when you have monsters which can special summon themselves. The epitome of bad card design that only revealed itself when you place it next to other cards. Whoever the gods of the OCG are, they decided that such a card can exist in today's format, leading to a true-blue (and red) FTK with some of the newer cards, like Gagaga Cowboy. 


The point of this deck is to Trish away your opponent's entire hand, and field, and graveyard, followed by (or in tandem with) looping Gagaga Cowboy to burn your opponent for infinite damage. How does it do this, you ask? Perhaps a Refresher. 


Basic Red/Blue Loop


This is the bread and butter of the deck. It generates infinite Bushido Counters when you can generate 3+ Counters per summon, however, if your opponent uses Maxx "C" then you can deck them out with just a single Gateway



Hand: Any 2 of Shinai, Mizuho, and Kizan, Gateway + Other Bushido Counter Generator

Single Gateway Loop: Any 3 of Shinai, Mizuho x2 , Kizan, + Gateway


Note: x is equal to the number of Bushido Counters generated upon Summon (Gateway generates 2, All others generate 1. For example, a Dojo and a Gateway gives an x-value of 3)


1. Activate Gateway and your Generator (+- 0)


If you opened with Kizan and Shinai or Mizuho:

a. Summon Red/Blue and Kizan (+2x)

b. Use Gateway to search for your missing Red/Blue (-4)

c. Special Summon the monster you just searched (+x)

d. Mizuho tribute Shinai, destroy Kizan (+-0)

e. Shinai grab Kizan (+-0)

f. Summon Kizan (+x)


If you Opened with Shinai and Mizuho:

a. Summon your two monsters (+2x)


2. Use Gateway to search Mizuho (-4)

3. Special Summon Mizuho (+x)

4. Activate Mizuho, Tribute Shinai, destroy itself (+-0)

5. Shinai grabs back Mizuho (+-0)

6. Gateway grabs back Shinai (-4)

7. Special Summon Shinai, then Mizuho (+2x)


Repeat steps 4-7 to net 2x-4 counters for each iteration. Use your excess counters to search your entire monster lineup.



This loop should be performed as early as possible. This allows you to search every monster in your deck, which you will want to do immediately as monsters are dead draws and halt your engine. Once you have generated a comfortable number of counters, you will continue onto the other loops. 


The next most relevant loop allows for you to use Trishula's effect an infinite number of times. Although I specify Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien in the loop, this is merely filler used because it generates counters. You can also use Gagaga Cowboy, and adjust the counter totals accordingly. 


Infinite Trisula Loop


Starting Field: Shinai, Mizuho x2, Gateway


Starting Hand: Kizan x2


Strictly Speaking, this loop only needs the one Gateway, although you will have a net loss of Bushido counters so be sure to generate a sufficient amount beforehand. This is relevant, for example, if you need to use Dojo's effect to Summon Shien's Squire from deck, leaving you with only the one Gateway. 


Net from this loop is 1 draw and + trishula summon, and 13x - 46


1. Mizuho tribute Mizuho, target itself (+-0)

2. Summon 2 Kizan (+2x)

3. Use Gateway to summon Squire (-6)

4. Synchro Trishula using Squire and 2 Kizan (+-0)

5. Use Gateway to retrieve 2 Mizuho (-8)

6. Summon 2 Mizuho (+2x)

7. Mizuho tribute Shinai, target Trishula (+-0)

8. Shinai retrieve Kizan (+-0)

9. Gateway retrieve Shinai (-4)

10. Summon Shinai (+x)

11. Mizuho tribute Mizuho, target itself (+-0)

12. Gateway retrieve Kizan (-4)

13. Summon 2 Kizan (+2x)

14. Xyz Summon Shien (+x)

15. Gateway retrieve 2 Mizuho (-8)

16. Summon 2 Mizuho (+2x)

17. Mizuho tribute Shinai, target Shien (+-0)


Repeat steps 8-17 for the first iteration of the loop, afterwards continue on. 


18. Repeat steps 8-13

19. Xyz Summon Daigusto Emeral (+-0)

20. Emeral targets 2 Xyz and Trishula (+-0)

21. Gateway retrieve 2 Mizuho (-8)

22. Summon 2 Mizuho (+2x)

23. Mizuho tribute Shinai, target Emeral (+-0)

24. Shinai retrieve Kizan (+-0)

25. Gateway retrieve Shinai (-4)

26 Summon Shinai (+x)

27. Gateway Retrieve Kizan (-4)



Post-Trish Burn Loop




After your opponent has no hand, field, or graveyard, it’s time to kill them. With Gagaga Cowboy

Before starting this loop, use either Mizuho or Shien’s Castle of Mist to destroy Chicken Game. 


Net Gain: 1 Draw, 1600 Damage


Starting Conditions:


Graveyard: Daigusto Emeral, Kizan, Shinai

Hand: Kizan

Field: Mizuho x2, Gateway + Any other Generator(s)




  1. Gateway retrieve Shinai (-4)
  2. Summon Shinai (+x)
  3. Mizuho tribute Mizuho, target itself (+-0)
  4. Gateway retrieve Kizan (-4)
  5. Summon 2 Kizan (+2x)
  6. Xyz Gagaga Cowboy, burn for 800 (+-0)
  7. Gateway retrieve 2 Mizuho (-8)
  8. Summon 2 Mizuho (+2x)
  9. Tribute Shinai, target Cowboy (+-0)
  10. Shinai retrieve Kizan (+-0)
  11. Repeat steps 3-10
  12. Mizuho tribute Mizuho, target itself (+-0)
  13. Gateway retrieve Kizan (-4)
  14. Summon 2 Kizan (+2x)
  15. Xyz Summon Daigusto Emeral (+-0)
  16. Emeral returns Emeral, 2 Cowboy (+-0)
  17. Gateway retrieve 2 Mizuho (-8)
  18. Summon 2 Mizuho (+2x)
  19. Tribute Shinai, target Emeral (+-0)
  20. Shinai retrieve Kizan (+-0)





Overall Generation of Counters: 14x - 44



One Card in Deck Loop

If you need to use this one, you probably fucked up. 


Grave: Daigusto Emeral, Any one extra Main Deck Monster

Hand: Kizan

Field: Mizuho x2, Gateway + Generator


This loop is performed exactly the same way as the pure burn loop or the pure trish loop, with a couple exceptions. You only summon 1 Gagaga Cowboy per loop, and you will return a main deck monster to the deck. Note that for the loop, you need in your hand, field, or grave 2 Kizan, 2 Mizuho, and 1 Shinai. You will have exactly 1 card in deck after each iteration of this loop, and you will also want to Summon and Destroy your monster if you happen to draw it. 


I will reproduce the exact steps here: 


Gateway retrieve Shinai (-4)

Summon Shinai (+x)

Mizuho tribute Mizuho, target itself (+-0)

Gateway retrieve Kizan (-4)

Summon 2 Kizan (+2x)

Xyz Gagaga Cowboy, burn for 800 (+-0)

Gateway retrieve 2 Mizuho (-8)

Summon 2 Mizuho (+2x)

Tribute Shinai, target Cowboy (+-0)

Shinai retrieve Kizan (+-0)

Mizuho tribute Mizuho, target itself (+-0)

Gateway retrieve Kizan (-4)

Summon 2 Kizan (+2x)

Xyz Summon Daigusto Emeral (+-0)

Emeral returns Emeral, Cowboy, and either Kizan, Shinai, or Mizuho (+-0)

Gateway retrieve 2 Mizuho (-8)

Summon 2 Mizuho (+2x)

Tribute Shinai, target Emeral (+-0)

Shinai retrieve Kizan (+-0)


Overall Generation of Counters: 9x - 28

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ACP    33423

It's worth noting that we can still discard our opponent's entire hand without needing to access Shien's Squire (why pop our Dojo if we don't need to?) by going into Evilswarm  Ouroboros. Not to trying to undermine your work, but this is just a different flavor of the "infinite everything" combos that I outlined a few years ago: 


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»canasian    4105

I think what's grosser than the combo is the mere fact that the OCG can just go ahead and run a 28-card deck (one of those cards being card destruction) whenever they want to, like how are there not FTK's popping up everywhere 

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Definitely an option, but Shien's Squire offers other advantages such as access to Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon to protect your play from hand traps and Ancient Fairy Dragon to search Temple of the Six, should you be running it. It's worth noting that (for both Ouroboros and Trishula plays) you never need to use more than 4 of your monster slots, so I usually make a Crystal Wing to start with just in case. 

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ACP    33423

I didn't say that you shouldn't be running Squire. My "infinite everything" build also played Squire. But Evilswarm Ouroboros is just the better card than Trishula for this loop, since it allows you to banish your opponent's hand/field/grave even when you opened Gateway+United instead of Gateway+Dojo. There's also the issue of getting unlucky and drawing Squire mid loop or opening Squire and not wanting to use your normal summon on it. The point is that you can build your deck in such a way that you have more ways to loop and reduce variance, and there's no opportunity cost to doing so.

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ACP    33423

Correct me if I'm wrong, but popping Dojo for the sole purpose of going into Crystal Wing doesn't really accomplish anything, as if they had a hand trap to stop your loop, they would have been able to use it already, right?


I think the main reason for running Squire would be for occasional Shien/Naturai Beast access in a game that we can't end on t1. I'm not seeing how it actually helps us loop.

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ACP    33423

I'd also recommend running a 1-of Grandmaster, as doing so allows us to go infinite on t1 if we open something like Kizan, Gateway, Gateway, Dojo, brick. The fact that it's a LV5 opens up some interesting synchro options as well. It would be a much better choice than something like Foolish Burial or Dark World Dealings.

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Joe.    4932

I topped my first YCS with these guys. The original copies from my YCS Dallas deck are sticking out of the bowl of change in my bedroom. "Going infinite." 


It was weird seeing "Red/Blue Loop" as the last posted thread. Had to chime in.

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petqwe    286

FYI the Ocg norden ftk was above 95% success (without disruption) to get noticed. 

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