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16 minutes ago, Nate1080 said:

The combat system is really simplified for a 3d zelda title. I feel they did this in favor of encouraging the player to focus on using tactics other than direct battle (some groups of enemies are just insanely hard to beat or not worth fighting) and on the weapon system, as well as make the game a bit more accessible compared to, let's say, Skyward Sword. Also, the not rolling thing and having to manually press the jump button instead of the A button when targeting fucked my head up for a while too. 


I believe there is a way to have the lock on stay on an enemy without holding the button, there usually is on most Zelda titles. I'd go to the control menus and start fucking around in there.


Also, the D-Pad thing has happened to me as well a few times. I think it's because if you used the bow, and didn't un-equip it by pressing the shield/melee weapon button (i.e. he's holding the bow), when you press the left/right on the pad it brings up the Bow and Arrow menus. I haven't purposely tested this yet.



To be very honest, my only gripe with Breath of the Wild is the controls. It definitely takes time to get used to because its a pretty different feel to any other Zelda game.

I'm glad to see it's not just me who thinks the combat has flaws. If it were up to me I'd demand an overhaul but that will never happen so I guess I just have to persevere.


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Beta for Arms is available on eShop, playable from the 26/27th I think. The game looks like loads of fun. Not a proper beat 'em up but a different style of fighter. I'm really looking forward to it.


Also the Street Fighter game comes out on Staurday next week.


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