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A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition

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Does anyone play?

AGoT 2nd Edition is a LCG taking place in a popular G.R.R.Martin's universe. The game is designed for 2 player battles, but can be played by as many as 4. Aside from a core set, there is a new chapter pack coming every month. Chapter packs include 20 new cards, all in 3 copies. The game has a set rotation, where every card should be legal for approximately 3-4 years. All cards from the core set should be legal all the time. 
The game can also be played online for free via OCTGN.

About the game:
Players can choose between 8 factions (Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell, Martell, Night's watch, Targaryen, Greyjoy). Each faction has its own unique cards and its own unique playstyle. On top of that, you can combine 2 factions via Agenda card which altogether gives quite a lot of possibilities for deckbuilding choices. Agenda cards are special cards that are not part of your deck, but are placed next to your faction card. They either let you use non-loyal cards of another faction or provide you with certain benefits for certain price.
Each player needs to construct 2 decks. 1 plot deck containing exactly 7 Plot cards (more about Plot deck and Plot cards bellow), and one normal deck of at least 60 cards. Every card in your deck can be played in the maximum of 3 copies. Your plot deck can include 1 Plot card twice, all others need to be in 1 copy. The plot deck is not randomized, every turn you choose 1 Plot card and play it. It will influence how you play your following turn. Aside from a unique effect, every Plot card includes 4 important values. Your income for the following turn (the number of Gold - gold is needed as a cost to play cards), your initiative (player with the highest initiative chooses who goes first) your claim (more about that later) and your reserve (the number of cards you can keep in your hand at the end of the turn).

The goal of the game is to collect 15 Power. Power is gained by winning Power challenges or by winning dominance.
Challenges are the main tool to gain advantage. There are 3 types of challenges. Military (if you win a Military challenge your opponent needs to kill a number of Characters they control equal to the value of your claim). Power (if you win a Power challenge you steal a number of Power tokens from your opponent equal to the value of your claim). Intrigue (if you win an intrigue challenge, your opponents must discard number of cards from his hand equal to the value of your claim). Challenges are declared by kneeling characters you control (turning your cards 90 degrees). Only characters with the appropriate challenge icon can participate in a challenge of that type. Once a challenge is declared, your opponent can oppose that challenge (he kneels characters under his control that can participate in that type of challenge). The player with more strenght wins that challenge. An attacker also gains power for each unopposed claim. 

The game goes as follow:
-both players randomize their deck and draw 7 cards.
-each player can muligan once (shuffle all 7 cards back to their deck and draw 7 new cards)
-each player can Set 8 gold worth of characters or locations on their field (face-down, once they are both done they flip their cards at the same time). they then draw to replace any cards they put on field (so their hand is 7 again)
-Plot Phase - both players choose 1 Plot card and play it (face-down first, once theyre both ready, they flip at the same time). the player with higher initiative chooses who goes first.
-both players draw 2 cards
-Marshall Phase - 1st player counts his income (gains appropriate ammount of gold) and marshall his cards (this is the phase you will play most of your Characters and Locations). once he's done, the second player does the same
-Challenges Phase - first player may initiate challenges (each type once). Once he is done the second player may initiate his challenges. 
-Dominance Phase - players count the strenght of all standing characters and all unspent gold. the player with the highest sum wins the dominance and gains 1 Power.
-Taxation Phase - Both players return any unspent gold, discard cards from their hand so the total number of cards in their hand doesn't exceed the Reserve value on their revealed Plot card and both players stand all their cards. 
-new turn (starting with Plot Phase).



There is obviously more to the game, I just tried to cover the basics so anyone who never heard of the game gets an idea. If you are interested, you can read this learn to play rulebook for more info (https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ba/2a/ba2a5ea6-a3cd-4772-a603-6f1906f63053/gt01_learn-to-play-web.pdf)


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