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Pissed Off Poem (It may not be a Poem but I want to vent)

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I want to forget, but it is stuck in my head, not being to be move ahead

I tried to find something new to love,

women, weed, work, 

I honestly don't know why it has hit me this fucken hard, I hate it because it looks like it barely made a dent in you.

Every fucken day I struggle with this shit, I don't know fucking why

I fucken try everything, smoking, schooling, working, exercising, but nothing.

I honestly break down. It fucken sucks

My brain wants to keep thinking all the good things, but why can't I kill these memories.

It makes me angry, FUCK THIS. 

I just want these memories of her out of my life. Fucken regret it. 

But for some reason. I can't let it. 



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