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On 11/24/2016 at 9:08 AM, buckwheatloaf said:

if u turned into a cute girl u would start to get a lot of attention and stuff from guys. eventually u will want to do stuff and ur only good options is guys because girls dont work anymore. you always imagined sex to need a cock so u just cant see how to still like a girl. and you feel ashamed to like a girl without having one anymore. it feels confusing to be a girl now and still like girls. sure ur cute so u could maybe hook up with some, but girls still want guys at the end of the day so u wouldn't be taken serious and u would feel second class to the guys that have cocks that they like which would mess with ur self esteem. then you would become bipolar like all bi girls become after they cant satisfy girls as well as guys. the mental health institution would take you in and u wouldn't see sunlight again.


so instead maybe u can start to like guys and meet guys. depending on how male ur brain was to start with or if is very malleable and if ur open minded, this could be extremely hard for you, or very easy. but i feel like after a few years as a cute girl even the most male mind can be broken down to be a girl mind. cuz we all know the male mind is mostly just the girl mind with the cool male stuff added on top of it, which is why guys brains are bigger. if u physically become a girl eventually the mind should kind of adapt to the new situation and shed off the male stuff it doesn't need anymore. especially if u DO meet up with some guys early on, that should speed up all the changes. just by being in the sex role of a cute girl, ur mind would start to make changes.

This. QFT.

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On 2016-11-24 at 10:48 AM, Exiled said:



Ok heres the thing.  If I was a woman and still liked girls, I'd be gay in the eyes of others but I'd think I was straight.  If I became a woman and started sucking dick I believe I would be gay because I don't like that shit.  However if said trans felt an incredible pleasure by doing it with a man, you'd probably do that a lot more and not be worried about those labels


if there's one thing I believe is gay, it's this discussion lol


Why did I say this?

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