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Haruki    12658


what do you wear nowadays?


i have various styles


i have dress shirts, blazers, v-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters, cardigans, turtle neck sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, skinny chino pants, skinny jeans, dress boots, converse sneakers, vans sneakers, a pea coat, a chesterfield coat, a parka, a bomber jacket, and a beret


i'm inspired by the fashion of the mods of the 1960s, the beatniks of the 1950s, and the punks of the 1970s







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tee and shorts/jeans, too hot here to wear anything else.
I need to redo much of my wardrobe due to dropping a lot of my weight. Being buying some supreme/palace stuff, figured i could drop money on some brands since i can fit (mostly) into normal sized clothes now.

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Aaron    2055




mannier de voir

topman (for skinny jeans, i find their range of fits and sizes is excellent even if the quality is a bit shitty) 



nike flyknit racers + rebook sales

zara shoes (incredibly weak shoe game) 





I am looking for some good fitting street wear but its really hard to find given most clothes aren't made for people that work out (and I'm not huge but very lean <10% bf... some mediums are perfect, some smalls look like im trying to show off like an 18 year old me hitting the club, some mediums can be quite unflattering) so I kind of want to show off my cuts for the sluts. Alpahlete has the perfect taper when they get their sizing right but its still a new company.  Also I find it hard to really pay for top range street given how disposable and shitty it is is compared to a nice suit jacket, a nice shirt etc. 


Suitsupply changed the game for me. All my other shirts/jackets are obsolete. The quality is phenomenal, fit is stylish and slim. For every 2-3 high street store jackets I bought, I could have bought one from suit supply. It is awfully expensive though.

I also wouldn't dress like this during university as its just overkill but once you're in the real world... its a means to get treated completely differently. kind of weirdly amazing tbh. 




I have a bulking and cutting wardrobe.  My cutting wardrobe involves dress shirts, waistcoats, suit jackets, pocket squares, but the street wear is lacking as its hard to find really good fitting clothes.  However when I'm bulking, I find street wear starts to look really nice. I find i waistcoats only look nice when shredded. when fat, i feel like the kingpin/a bit old. 





Recently bought:


Pretty much that jacket with the waistcoat hes wearing and a white shirt plus new pocket square.  I thought it makes a nice change from blue/black and the colour can be spring or autumn. 


My aim is to buy a new jacket every 1-2 seasons from now on. I think smart dress wear in your 20s/30s is a really strong investment rather than shitty street wear. 

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Aaron    2055

I'm really lacking in summer clothes though. I have shitty calves and can never find nice fitting shorts/loafers/casual shirts. Its something I really should be looking into. 


Although the weather in England is so fucking horrible that its not really a problem. And if the weather is good, I'll usually live in my gym shit. 

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+rei+    34986

I wear business casual golf shirts and elasto-waist black chinos every day because I like being comfortable at work


I wear sweat pants and novelty tshirts at the gym, I switch to jeans or elastowaste chinos on weekends. 

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