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Silent Heroes

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So I saw R2 at Bochum and this guy was against Metalfoes with Destiny Heroes and Silent Swordsman. He actually won 2-0 that match. I done some digging and this is the guy and his post from reddit.

I'm quite a big fan of Destiny Heroes so have tried to optimize it and make the Dark Law / Silent as quickly as possible. 

I'm still not sold on the idea of running 1 Decision / Drill / Celestial but they have their uses and are fodder for the Swordsman. Drill helps empty the hand for Bubble, while giving you another monster on the field to send with Silent. Celstial also has the quirk of popping a face-up spell when declaring. What's nifty with this you can proc his effect then Mask Change to Dark Law to banish it. Then if you have another D-Hero in grave next turn / no hand. You can draw 2. Decision can stall vs BE decks and when summoned, will get you a Hero back in the End-Phase from your graveyard. Overall with the inclusion of the new D-Heroes it gives you the synergy and has some nice draw power.


As for cards that didn't make it was the biggest not to get on the list, with no way to regain the resource and multiple A Hero Lives I can't fit it in here sadly :(. I also tried adding the Resonator engine but that just became too much for the deck to handle and bricked a lot. Ties is another suggestion but just leaving 3 Monsters on the field with nothing else to play in game isn't ideal and then it's another 2000lp. I wouldn't feel comfortable going into T2 with 3 Warriors that can't negate and a facedown Mask Change at the moment. Too easy to make S39 Lightning and attack for game.


I've been testing this out on Percy just to see what hands are like / how it plays out. It actually seemed quite consistent and what I liked about, it wasn't just going for the same combo. With the different D-Heroes it gives you different ways to approach the state of the game. While popping scales with Celestial. Opponents will also become worried about killing the Silent and you going into LV7 as they lose all their spells while you can potentially have Silent Sword for protection. My favourite board so far is having Tzolkin / Void / Bahumant / Toad, just negating one of the opponents spells/traps with Toad and then using that for Tzolkin in their turn is pretty funny in my books.


This decks initial weakness g1 will be Paleozoic though. Silent Swordsman is a bit redundant there but with Dark Law / Jinzo / Decree. They are going to have one hell of a hard time games 2 and 3. With Mali / A Hero Lives - you should be fine tribute summoning the Jinzo to.


18 - 21 - 1

|3| Destiny Hero - Malicious
|3| Silent Swordsman
|2| Elemental Hero Bubbleman
|2| Elemental Hero Shadow Mist
|2| Summoner Monk
|1| Blackluster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
|1| Destiny Hero - Celestial
|1| Destiny Hero - Decision
|1| Destiny Hero - Drilldark
|1| Plaguespreader Zombie
|1| Silent Swordsman LV7


|3| A Hero Lives
|3| Allure of Darkness
|3| Destiny Draw
|3| Silent Sword
|2| Instant Fusion
|2| Mask Change
|2| Twin Twisters
|1| Foolish Burial
|1| Reinforcement of the Army
|1| Upstart Goblin


|1| Vanity's Emptiness


|2| Masked HERO Dark Law
|1| Elder Entity Norden
|1| Coral Dragon
|1| Stardust Charge Warrior
|1| Ultimaya Tzolkin
|1| Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
|1| Void Ogre Dragon
|1| PSY-Framelord Omega
|1| Bahumat Shark
|1| Toadally Awesome
|1| Abyss Dweller
|1| Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
|1| Number 39: Utopia
|1| Number S39: Utopia the Lightning


|2| Jinzo
|2| Maxx "C"
|3| System Down
|2| Dark Hole
|1| Raigeki
|1| Twin Twisters
|2| Anti-Spell Fragrance
|2| Royal Decree


And lastly, thank you for reading.


Here's the vid of the player from YCS Bochum vs Metalfoe





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