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Strike on nasten or ixchel is a really big deal since they discard as cost and I was finding the situations where you could summon a darklord and search a trap and the level 9 that protects that weren't coming up as often as I'd like. Also since we were using the zoo part of the deck to unbrick the darklord part with giantrainer or kagutsuchi, it meant that barrier was still good against the deck when it normally wouldn't be against pure darklords. 


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One of the more interesting plays this deck has is being able to play Lullaby of Obedience, Wiseman's Chalice, or Autonomous Action Unit into Terrortop or Zoodiac Ratpier, because 1) you have the drawpower to dig for it, and you like LP loss cards, because it furthers a win condition: Ravenous Tarantula, and you can make it with Exodius, so you can have more recycling than the typical Zoodiac deck, beyond your own Terrortop and Ratpier.


LV 10 Tragoedia works as well with the drawpower, being LV 10, works with both the level modulation to XYZ with, and the stealing to stack with, and you have the drawpower to double Reckless Greed.


Maybe it's just because people don't expect those cards, but they are 1 card options that unbrick you.


I mean that #35 is crazy, Leeching the Light + Raigeki together, and Burn damage.




Advanced Draw can help when they DBarrier you, and you get more value out of Kristya and Superbia. You can play Amdusc better and use it to manipulate the grave to drop Kristya.


Stuff like Chaos Hunter works vs Infernoids and Invoked, and you can play Sword of Seven Stars with Nasten, and maybe something like Gorz? If there are better LV 7s? DAD?




Phantom of Chaos copies Darklord effects so it's cute, and it's a LV 4 for Norden. It's like a Normal Summon Darklord.




I've also noticed that Foolish Burial Goods adds to this deck.  You can toobox Darklord S/T.


You can also dump Toy Vendor to ROTA, and this deck can afford the Normal Summon for Dog, Bear, Wings, and Herald of Orange Light, dumps Fairies and gives the deck the edge over Maxx C and GoSR.  Also Kristya can be SSed via Toy Vendor.


The Polymerization aspect also ties into Starving Venom, etc. but not sure how far I'd want to take it.


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Bumping this up because Darklords are one of the better decks heading into this new format.


1) It is the uniquely positioned deck that can maindeck Denko Sekka as its Normal Summon (and dig for it), and in a format where Maxx C went to 1, a lot of Special Summon decks are getting a second look at life, only to be stunned by Vanity's Fiend. And Lost Wind is dead in that case, and they can't Marella since you can go without Extra Deck.


2) If Infernoids are also going to be popular, consider that this deck can play Chaos Hunter, and it being LV 7 DARK to coincide with Nasten, and Allure of Darkness, possibly even Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Kaiju Radian, being another LV 7 DARK fitting those criteria (and you can Enchant it back for a Rank 7). And that is besides the fact, that this deck can Normal Summon Barrier Statue of the Abyss, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, play Jinzo (Jector), and so on. You can double down on Paleozoic and Infernoid hate, and everything else is just an engine.

(Dark Illusion can provide targeting protection vs Paleo Traps or Drident).


3) But perhaps, most importantly, this deck is getting Darklord Ukoback and with Foolish Burial Goods, you have cards you didn't have before to toolbox your entire lineup, so playing that nontargeting Brain Control to steal/disrupt and stack/Tribute, is more consistent.


I half wonder if you could play 60 and play Grass Looks Greener with COTH for Kristya, Darklords and so on. Ukoback dumping a DL to revive and cycle S/T effects during both player's turns is something this deck didn't have before.


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So this card is a boost to Darklords.


It's a Turn 1 floodgate that shuts down Paleozoics, and the last effect lets you reuse Ixchel and make your draw cards live.


Destroying backrow and Stunning Extra Deck monsters are also worth mentioning.




Another point in favor of Darklords now, is Call of the Haunted on Superbia is live more often now, and that's significant because it lets you revive Superbia in Attack mode with 2900 ATK, backed by Kristya or Ixchel, and that extra damage on board makes a difference. I bet you could probably even play Card Trooper in here to make Contact and COTH live and it beats over Daigusto Emeral, works under DBarrier and beats Strike.




Concerning DD Crow, I think that Darklord Contact doesn't target so if even if they Crow one DL, you can still revive another (correct me if I'm wrong).


I was reading back on what I wrote months ago, and I think it's a lot more relevant now, because you can counterside/main them outright.

On 12/11/2016 at 0:04 PM, victor said:

Moreover, together with cards like Allure of Darkness, Gold Sarcophagus, Tribute Burial, and Dark Creator, you could play DDR, Miraculous Descent, and Escape from the Dark Dimension.

Either by playing LIGHT Dimensional Alchemist to retrieve what was Banished or Allure'd or because of:




This can be your Normal Summon.


I'm thinking you'd make it more LIGHT focused for Mechaba, Miraculous Descent Kristya, or play Ghost Ogre, Herald of Orange Light, etc.

Keep in mind that you can Banish Aleister for Tribute Burial and use Invocation to get it back to hand, so you can do things like Darklord Zerato, add Aleister (a DARK monster) to hand for Raigeki effect.


Caliga is double-edged, but the EARTH Invoked is LV 8 for Rank 8s (using their Zoodiacs), you can probably make the WIND one off Speedroids and so on.


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I've just been messing around with a Zoo variant recently, and it's shown good results. Zoo engine helps the darklord engine find its missing piece, and superbia bringing back Norden gives you two emerals. I like the idea of coth in this deck a lot. Especially if krystia is included.


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