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2017 super bowl pick them

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Lykos    3

Since picking only 11 games isn't a whole lot, we will also pick an over/under on game stats based on season averages. Previously we've done only one category per round... but this year let's spice it up a bit and do all four for every matchup ever round.

Get the winner right: 6 points.
Get the over/under right: 1 point each (Penalties, Turnovers, Total Yards, Points)
Total: 10 points per matchup

If you chose the correct winner of the Super Bowl at the beginning of the playoffs, you get 5 bonus points.

Picks are due before the start of each game. Super Bowl pick due before the start of the first game.



Saturday, January 7

Oakland v Houston - 4:35 PM
Penalties - 14.6
Turnovers - 2.4
Total Yards - 688.1
Points - 43.4

Detroit v Seattle - 8:15PM
Penalties - 13.5
Turnovers - 2.1
Total Yards - 696.1
Points - 43.7

Sunday, January 8

Miami v Pittsburgh - 1:05PM
Penalties - 14.8
Turnovers - 2.5
Total Yards - 705.4
Points - 47.6

New York v Green Bay - 4:40PM
Penalties - 11.7
Turnovers - 2.8
Total Yards - 699.5
Points - 46.4


*All times are in Eastern Time

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Lykos    3

I'm realy sorry about the tripple topics i posted. My internet conection keep miss up and ruin everything i try to post here..

Can someone please remove them. I'm not a spammer, didn't plan to be one.

Edited by Lykos

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