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have a question of how a chain would play out in the following scenario. Opponent attacks with fortune lady dark. I play pinpoint guard, target superheavy samurai scales. He chains with call of the haunted and targets night's end sorcerer. Now here is the problem. As the chain resolves, opponent special summons nights end sorcerer. Does he immediately banish up to 2 targets from my graveyard(nights end sorcerer's effect when special summoned) before my pinpoint guard special summons my superheavy samurai scales from my graveyard? Or does night's end sorcerer's effect activate after the chain resolves and i use pinpoint guard to summon superheavy samurai scales? Seeing as nights end sorcerer wasnt apart of the original chain. Idk. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your time

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Me.    72

You resolve the entire chain and then look for trigger effects, I suggest studying the following flowchart as it answers a lot of common questions and pretty much describes the structure of the entire game



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Sophocles    2853



The last thing to happen is not nights end sorcerer being summoned but pin point guard resolving so nights end sorcerer misses timing.


Missing the timing and chain resolution are two very simple and important concepts in YGO mechanics so I can recommend familiarizing yourself with them.

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