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Budget Metalfoes

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knives1990    261

I barely play anymore but when I do have the time between working 70+ hrs a week and life in general, I like to attend our local tournament. I've been experimenting with metalfoes and the cheaper options one would look at. I understand that the deck is not "optimal", I'm just looking for ways for it to still compete at the local level. My area is filled with meta decks and fully optimized versions of these decks. That's not to say I can't beat these players/decks with my current build. However, I still feel like I haven't quite gotten there yet in terms of being as comfortable with the build as a whole. I'll post the decklist followed by some thoughts


3 volflame

3 goldriver

3 silverd

3 steelen

3 bismugear

3 bunbuku

3 archfiend eccentrick

3 master pendulum

2 vector pendulum

2 gofu

1 luster pendulum

1 Kirin

1 rescue rabbit


2 painful decision

1 Draco faceoff

1 summoners art

1 fullmetalfoes fusion

1 metalfoes fusion

1 unexpected dai


1 counter

1 combo


What my original goal was as well as still being my goal, is to have plays outside of the pendulum summon. I've been floating between 1-3 unexpected dai as a way to go into dinoster before pendulum summoning, or to put a foe on board to make a fusion play before the summon. So far this is the best idea I've had to tackle the aforementioned problem. It also helps that vector is actually really good right now as a scale, but outside of that I'm hard pressed to find other concrete uses for him.


at first I was afraid that I was too lax on backrow removal in the main, but I've been surprised to see that as long as I'm not playing trap.dek game 1, I have a fairly good shot. If anyone could help me make this build into a better version of itself, I will take all ideas and criticism to heart

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