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Little Witch Academia (2016)

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4 minutes ago, HououinKyouma said:

I thought they'd sell out and add fanservice and other for otaku shit, but the fact that there's none of that so far makes me so hopeful for this.

I mean well the reason that happens is because it sells and studios need/want the money to stay solvent. Idk what Trigger's financial backing is like, but it most be confidant it can take on projects given their budget based on quality of story and animation w/o needing the "side hustle."


Don't get me wrong. What they have produced is good and I'm sure generated a lot of revenue, but they have't made that landmark project that defines them as a Studio. 


Madhouse had Deathnote 


Sunrise had Gundam (and Code Geass which at this point I think we can say has gotten there given a revival 10 years later) 


I can't wait to see if this will be it for Trigger or what that series will be. A lot of promise based on what we have seen so far. 

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HououinKyouma    797

I mean I understand why studios add that garbage, but there's enough examples now where studios can get funding elsewhere. I'm not 100% sure but I've read that Trigger got some Netflix $$$ for this which is why there isn't panty shots every 10 seconds. Even some of Kyoani's stuff from like pre 2011 didn't rely on that shit so the ability to make these types of shows is out there.

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+JC.    4778

i have a cold so i am going to binge this

i am on like episode 2

there is a really interesting camera change to ursula when they start talking about chariot

if this is the series' big twist i am going to be really disappointed


edit: finished up to episode 20

still think lotte looks like a male /shrug

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Guru    735

Ending was pretty good.  Not the greatest since it didn't explain enough but still good.  Won't go into spoilers but ya.

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Just finishied it. Thoughts below: 


Trigger does a really impressive job of finding innovative ways to manipulate your emotions. The initial episodes were so cringe worthy it hurt too watch (but Trigger intended for them to be painfully cringe worthy). Really good job


By extension Trigger really excels in having their characters win you over. Nowhere is this more apparent than the sacrifice at the Samhain festival in episode 13. As Akko won over the classmates and other observers, I found Trigger winning me over as well. Youre almost at the point where you feel like you want to cheer for her to succeed as well. 


The storyline itself is pretty lackluster and run of the mill which is sad but expected. As others pointed out, it does leave something to desire in terms of resolving everything. However, I don't think that Trigger really ever cared for the storyline as this was more character drive and about the execution of a popular genre and in that regard Trigger succeeded. 


If you don't care about the story too much, its a fun ride and worth the watch. Still waiting for Trigger to do something serious and blow us away though, but i'll keep taking solid series after solid series. 


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