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The YGOrganization -[20AP] Halfway to Forever

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Yuma’s Trap Card named after the first Opening Theme of ZEXAL (Japan) and the second theme song of the English Version has its Real Life effect revealed.


20AP-JP057 マスター・ピース (OCG: Master Piece/TCG: Halfway to Forever)
Normal Trap Card
(1) Target 2  Monsters in your Graveyard; Special Summon both those targets, but their effects are negated. Immediately after this card resolves, Xyz Summon 1 LIGHT “Utopia” or “Utopic” Xyz Monster using those 2 monsters only.

As noted, the card takes its name in both versions of Yu-Gi-Oh! from a song:

Halfway to Forever, the theme song for the Barian arc

Master Piece, the theme song for the first 26 or so episodes of the first Season.

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