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1080p or go 1440p?

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Aaron    2047

Hi, I'm interested in buying a monitor because I want to play my PC games using a kb and mouse at a desk.


should i go 1440p or stay 1080p? 


I have a gtx 670, due an upgrade. can upgrade up to a gtx 1070 if needed... im looking to spare cash as in september i want to buy a 4k lg 65'' tv from the new range and go back to couch gaming @ 4k probably.



I am tempted by 21:9 gaming but the cost to run seems very very high end considering i don't game everyday to justify that price point. 


what do u guys think?  any sexy monitor links much apprciated. i love no bezels. 

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+rei+    34682

So the tech nerd in me is like "dawg 1440p more is better"


but people still dont notice the difference between 720p and 1080p, i feel like you'll get better resultso n 1080p as it'll still be fucking beautiful and your gpu will be taxed less for better overall performance. 



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