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Mr Dragon

"Konami Digital Entertainment introduces World Qualifying Points to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME"

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Mascis    4426

i will continue to not play yugioh


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Me.    72
13 minutes ago, Mascis said:

so, hypothetically, if i go to a regional every weekend and i finish first in the event each time i would be the only person to get a worlds invite via this method? there is no stated threshold of points to be able to qualify for worlds?


the reason i ask is because the way TCPI (pokemon) runs qualifiers is that all events are open except for worlds, and you earn points by doing well at events (in addition to prizes that may be rewarded). you need 500 points to compete at worlds in this game.

The only one from your region to qualify via this method, yes. Assuming that you live in one of the specified regions, otherwise this chance was just strictly negative EV for you.

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Some thoughts I had on this.


- they prob. should have made winning significantly more important than topping (as in the diff. between 1st/2nd/Top 4/etc. being greater than 1 point)


- More points for bigger events 


- Also making WCQ's different from YCS's/Regs/Nats

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Odin_21    9

I think the change is good, because variance isnt a factor any more and really good players get rewarded for their play and understanding of the game and cant be sacked by an opponent in the top 8. 

But I think its a bad that you can get more points by topping a national, then by topping a ycs, because its just much more harder to top a ycs then nationals. And I speak from the perspective of a european player, in america its another thing.

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