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Burn Strategy Discussion

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This thread will serve all Burn deck discussion (for PvP / tournament etc. purposes, not for beating Ai). A more throrough guide will be added within a few days, but for now we can use this to discuss anything about the deck.


There are multiple types of Burn decks, the main ones being used currently are:

Stall burn

Stall burn combines defensive strategies with continuous effect that will deal burn damage over a long period of time: Mask of Accursed is symbolic for this kind of deck, since it serves both purposes at the same time: it prevents your opponent's monster from attacking, while it also deals 500 damage during each of your turns. 

Parasite Skill

Cocoon of Evolution

Big Shield Gardna

Mask of the Accursed

Burning Land

Tea Turbo burn
The Tea build uses the skill 'Standbye draw', and combines it with cards such as 'Cup of Ace' and 'Card of Sanctity' to fill your hand with burncards as soon as possible. To make up for your opponent drawing cards as well, they play 'Restruction Revolution', which can deal around 1400 damage quite easily. It can potentially finish your opponent within 1 or 2 turns, depening on your draws, whether you go first or second, and your Cup of Ace flips. When going second, your Restruction Revolution will be a lot weaker, since your opponent has probably set all his Spell and Trap cards so he may only have 1 or 2 cards left in hand.

Joey Turbo burn


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